Venus in Scorpio In Love

scorpionThe female scorpion invites the male to her with the right vibes. Literally, she puts out oscillations that the male can detect with his tiny sensory hairs.

Reminds me of something a Scorpio once said to me as we locked eyes:

“It’s all about a feeling.”
“What is?”

The male Scorpion having identified the female, grasps her claws in his and strokes her gently with his stinger. He pulls and pushes her looking for the spot. They lean in and rub their chelicerae, their mouth parts together. They appear to be kissing.

This dance, known as the promenade a deux can last 10 minutes to 2 days. It’s all about finding the right spot.

I have Venus in Scorpio and the two most significant relationships of my life were with males with Venus in Scorpio as well. The first one took nearly a year to bed down. The second… We did it before our first date.

For me, the female it’s about finding someone who can read me and connect with the feeling that I’m putting out there without words. For him, it’s about getting comfortable, finding the most suitable rock to place his spermatophore.

The first one, he was out of his element. He wasn’t from here. He was trying to fit into a college town as a continuing student. He was 11 years older than me. There was a gap, but I was tenacious. I had that annoying “Hey, recognized you from a past life, need to be with you now” thing going on that people with a lot of Scorpio planets like to do. So I hung around him and put out my vibes until he eventually dropped some of his defenses. I was in. We stayed together for about three years after that.

The second one just happened in the right time, at the right place. I had just moved back to town. We had a lot of the same friends. We met in a coffee shop and discovered we had a lot in common. There was an instant sense of comfort and ease. Click. It just happened. We went back to my place and did the dance.

How about you? Do YOU have Venus in Scorpio? Have you ever been involved with someone with Venus in Scorpio? How long did it take you to “get comfortable?”

P.S. I’m still with the second guy.

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  1. I don’t have Venus in Scorpio but I’ve been seeing a guy on a casual basis (he has Mars in Sadge) for the past 5 years who does. The first time I met him for coffee I thought he seemed ok but I wasn’t overly interested… until he walked me back to my car and kissed me on the neck. I completely melted and have felt absolutely comfortable with him ever since. I have tried to break away several times since but, obviously, I haven’t tried hard enough… and deep down I don’t really want to 😉
    He has Scorpio Sun, Mercury AND Venus sitting in my 7th house in our synastry chart… and that Sadge Mars is sitting in my 8th house (actually conjunct his Sun) plus his Venus is trine my Pisces Sun.
    I’m doomed lol

  2. Great story Nota! l have venus in the 8th and l’ve been together with someone with Venus in Scorpio for 8 years almost…we did the dance and it was great.
    l love the depth and devotion of Venus Scopio people. l have juno in Scorpio conjunct moon. l definitly love the Scorpio dance.

  3. All of my long-term things are with people who either have Venus in Scorpio or a Venus-Pluto contact (like me). Usually Venus in Scorp, though.

    The two I remember for sure, since a lot of my charts have been scattered to the winds:

    The first I waited about a month to bed. I was trying something different and it was damned hard not to jump right in. I remember lots and lots of mental foreplay and lots of “dance” for the first three months.
    We were together eight years.

    The second tried the first night we hung out together. I put him off, though, since I was blowed out of my gourd (no, thanks; I prefer to be sober the first time). I jumped the second “date,” though. Why not? *smiles*

    Oddly, the second Venus-Scorp I mentioned went for my throat that first night. I wonder if that’s a “thing?” Interesting!

  4. Oh Von! The neck kiss! I melt for that too.

    I just remembered another guy I went out with who had Scorpio Venus. It was a brief relationship, but OOOOHHHHHH!!!!!! The neck kisses.

    He also had Scorpio Sun, Merc, and Mars. We had some “sexual healing.”

  5. I was in relationship with Venus Scorpio for many years. I was comfortable from the get-go, but as the years passed I became less so.

    You have a Venus Scorpio family! Pisces Baby must be in heaven:)

  6. I have Venus in Taurus (conj Mars, Chiron and ASC & oppose Uranus/DSC in Scorpio) but I FEEL SO MUCH SCORPIO in my life, especially the love/sex part of it, that it makes me wonder how that opposition to Scorp actually plays out/works….My Pluto in the 6th doesn’t even aspect Venus. All of my significant relationships have been uber deep, past-lifey/karmic, and super sexual….This is the one element in my chart that still doesn’t make astro sense to me:-0

  7. Your blog posts are a favorite of mine, Nota.

    To everyone–if you recognize the “shared past life” connection, is it on the spot or in hindsight?

  8. i’m involved with a venus in scorpio man who also has venus square pluto. i’m scorpio rising with venus sextile pluto. his venus falls in my twelfth house.

    it’s the most intense experience i’ve ever had with someone. i can’t imagine it ending in anything other than wrenching pain. i can’t have him to myself, which would normally make me run in the other direction (moon/mars/venus in leo). but instead i find myself waiting for him. putting out the vibes (laying them on thick!)

  9. Thanks for your responses, oanney and Nota.

    Personally, I recognize it in hindsight like oanney. My dreams tend to inform me more of the future.

    More on point to Nota’s original questions–I handle Venus in Scorpio with a combination of wide berth and solid boundaries. That tends to be pretty sustainable.

  10. Scorpio with Venus retrograde in the 8th. The retrograde doesn’t seem to affect the sex, I just have absolutely no fascination with bling. That part of the neck on a man drives me wild just looking at it – but on the opposite side, you physically threaten me and get too close, my hand is at your throat ready to rip out your windpipe. I think it’s a jugular thing.

  11. @Exalting Mars&Nota
    if l recall dreams do tell a story indeed..l was thinking more of the people you get the feeling you know them from past lives, they come in dreams and flashes of images. And then the feeling that strikes after like you JUST KNOW this is an important person and it will be a important relationship, whatever the relationship turns out to be, l just know.
    l had this especially with someone l met and liked some time passed and l realized how big the impact was going to took me about a week to tune in but then it hit me hard and it scared me, after that dreaming begun as well….l find those things fascinating.

  12. Oh sorry Nota, just saw this again….it’s in the 12th 🙂 Is that why?? Because there’s a “hidden” element to it??

    @Exalting Mars; now that I’m aware that past life connections even EXIST;-), I feel/understand them right away, but for most of my life I was so confused because I didn’t understand what it was I was feeling…(I was raised very Catholic, so no edumacation on it til I was able to discover it for myself;-)

  13. @Nota & Von–(big, warm eyes. gulp) Umm, with Taurus rising, my throat is highly sensitive to touch. The very thought….ohhh. (grabs scarf to wrap around neck) Ah, now it’s safe. ; )

    I can’t really say on Venus in Scorp men, as I haven’t been with one yet. But I have had close female friends that have this placement, and I really like the energy I pick up from them with my 12th house Venus self. It’s usually like…motherly, but Scorpio protective and loyal too, which makes me feel comfortable/safe with my Scorpio DC/Ceres in Scorpio.

    I have Venus opposite Pluto, and I can see the dark and light sides of this placement pretty easily, and strive for the white hot intensity of the light.

    Very interesting post though, I really like it Nota! And hopefully at some point I’ll call you for a night owl consult on some random thing in my chart. There’s plenty of material there. : )

  14. I’m with a Venus Scorpio in 8th house guy…
    and I’m a Venus in Aries in 11th house.
    Our Venus quincunx each other by 0 degree…
    He’s a Scorpio Sun, I’m an Aries Sun.

    We’ve been together for a while now and everything is an evolving journey full of connection and sense of comfort. We’re in our own world and getting stronger after three years together.

    I tend to scare people away with my NEED to connect, but he stays =) Now I understand that it’s cos he has Venus in Scorpio… I don’t know why I need it though… Venus in Aries isn’t supposed to beg for connection no?

    Anyway, he’s the one =)

    Awesome article, Nota! Thank you =)

  15. Ya… I might consider that, but actually I’m more curious about the interaction between Venus in Scorpio with the rest of the zodiac. How each feels.
    Yeah… Just a thought… 🙂

  16. i knew that there was someone i recognized with my husband. it felt so familiar, like a long lost lover, and like the most dearest family member i loved forever. that’s how it felt.

    1. its so beautiful in the beginning; then the pain will come; you suffer a lot. I guarantee there’s gonna be a lot of that. if u don’t understand suffering, and stick with them through thick and suffering, its extremely cruel and it feels like you have no life boat. my little air parts can’t take it, but my heavy earth and some water seem to no other way and find other types boring. there’s also a deeply interesting element, where if I make my husband suffer in anyway, he will get back at me the same way later on, and I end up suffering too. God, it’s awful. it’s not lighthearted venus for sure.

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