Ruining Your Life By Running Your Mouth (Mercury Problems)

I am not the only one who struggle with Mercury problems. I wrote this for a client:

“Your mouth (Mercury) is in Capricorn so you can be very rejecting and with the planet squaring Uranus in Libra,  you can be downright anti-social (rebel against social manners).  I don’t say this to make you feel bad. It’s a SKILL you have or a tool but like a knife or a gun, you don’t want to wave the thing around without exercising control…..”

Can anyone relate to that? I am betting people can.

Things like this in a chart can be used for high purpose. As an example, in the case above this gal can defend herself with that mouth. I write this blog with my mouth-o-fire but if you have something like this in your chart, you have got to do something with it or I can tell you for sure, it will do you in.

Tell us how your mouth gets you in trouble.

20 thoughts on “Ruining Your Life By Running Your Mouth (Mercury Problems)”

  1. Easy. Express my (Conservative) political opinions on the Board…. especially when it goes against the majority (Liberal) political views.

  2. Mercury in Virgo. I am discerning, analytical, and concise and people always take offense to it; some even write me off. My default statement…”I always check my facts”

    They no likey. 🙁

  3. Saturn/Mercury/Uranus in T-square…people completely lose their minds when I say no to them, it’s weird. Thinking of work and stuff. Clients or dealing with telemarketers or whatever.

    If I tell a telemarketer I’m not interested, they immediately become belligerent and I immediately rip them a new asshole for being forceful, which is totally ridiculous and every.single.time. I am left why I answered the weird phone call from Kalamazoo in the first place. I mean, I am a really dummy about it!

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    I totally relate to this– I have these same planets squaring natally (Mercury in Aries, Uranus in Capricorn). But I have a hard time speaking up and defending myself. I think that springs from my Libra ascendant.

    That doesn’t mean that I’m not thinking of telling someone off when I feel ganged up on.

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    curious wanderer

    I have Mercury in Capricorn. I *know* how to cut a bitch verbally, and used the skill frequently in my youth. However, the trine from Virgo Saturn has mostly helped me to mind what I say. I also have square to Libra Pluto – a few times I have spoken the unadorned truth, and it wasn’t welcome. Overall, those aspects have helped me to keep my mouth in line, though I’m still learning the finer points of that. 😉

  6. With Sun/Jupiter in Gemini oppose Neptune I’m pretty sure I dont know what the F I’m saying half the time. Or it’s that I dont realize how what I’m saying is affecting or can affect people sometimes?
    I know that I FEEL it deeply (and subconsciously: 12th hse Pisces Moon) but have a hard time reconciling and sorting it out before it comes out of my mouth. I also have Merc in Taurus (1st hse), so I think that makes the process a little slower too…
    I constantly revisit conversations (and also posts I make here sometimes;-) and think “what the hell am I talking about?” It makes me very self-conscious about how I come across to people, fearing they won’t “get” what’s actually in my head.

  7. Mars conjunct Mercury in the 12th house square Uranus/Pluto. Sometimes things fly out of my mouth before the brain realizes whats going on. 🙁

  8. I can definitely relate to this. Sun/Venus/Moon/Asc all in Gemini making harsh aspects to my Virgo Mars in the 3rd, also making harsh aspects to Neptune in the 7th which conjuncts my descendant, not to mention Mercury Cancer in the 2nd making a harsh aspect to Pluto in Libra 5th.

    Man, when I’m angry I can cut someone to pieces with simple words and I seem to have this sense to know JUST what to say that will strike at the core of them. Very hard to control as it will just fly outa my mouth if I’m not uber careful and alert to my tendencies. I’m pretty good at witty comebacks tho, lol.

    Transiting Saturn squaring my natal Mercury has definitely helped I’d say. I learned it’s wholly better to just stfu sometimes and not say anything at all. I’ll still think the stuff, but it’s better to stay silent sometimes as I think that speaks volumes in itself (silence coming from a triple Gemini, imagine that, ha!).

  9. Merc in Scorpio, Mars in Virgo. I’m very careful about what I say, but if I speak (esp when angry) I can sting. Badly. I try very hard not to do this unless absolutely necessary.

  10. My Aries Mercury Saturn conjunction routinely pisses people off by telling the truth too bluntly and insensitively. Wah. My good friends actually value me for it.

  11. My Sun and Neptune are conjunct in the 8th house, Mercury and Mars are conjunct in Libra in the 8th house.
    I’m a very straight talker no frills no thrills and I like to be spoken to in that manner as well. I hate it when people throw hints at me or beat around the bush hoping I will get the undertone and know what they are wanting me to do or from me. Please just say it, lay it out there rarely does any thing a said will be that bad. Even if it is painful to hear at least I don’t have to sit around guessing and second guessing.

    My Cap mother with the Libra rising would get so frustrated with me because I refused to figure out what she was hinting at. I would make her tell me outright. Course that is how I learned hintting around irritated me to no end.

  12. I’ve Mercury conjunct Mars in Pisces. I can easily say just the thing that will injure that ubber-sensitive spot that ‘you thought’ nobody could see/know was there.

    I’ve had to learn how to be very sensitive to what I say/write. They are also conjunct Chiron, so I know my words can be hurtful/wounding if I’m not very careful.

  13. sentimental Cancer Mercury square Libra Pluto…
    trine Taurus Mars…
    trine Scorpio Uranus…
    it aspect all my splashed chart

    just dont hurt my feelings.

  14. Well, I’m
    My mouth gets me in trouble a lot because I have a tendency to say exactly what I’m thinking. And, that doesn’t always go over well. Also, I have a tendency to poke bears and not always intentionally. And what I mean by that is sometimes what I say is shocking even though I don’t mean it to be. It’s like, I know it, it’s obvious so I say it and the other gets offended or can’t believe such words would even come out of my mouth.
    Yes, my approach is off-putting and I know it. And sometimes there are better ways to phrase things and I’m really working on it. I told you my thoughts about how I used to admire those who could speak their minds but am now finding a whole new respect for those that can keep their mouths shut.

    I’ve got Scorp Merc in the 9th conjunct BML and in a biquintile to my Mars/Uranus conjunction in the 8th. So, if you see me blurting out stuff about being driven to talk about the drive to learn about the disturbing enlightenments that can be found when dealing with extreme transformations..then please excuse me. Sometimes Uranus even makes it come off like I have Tourettes or something. I can control this..Saturn also touches on that conjunction but sometimes I just don’t want to.

  15. Merc in Pisces… I sometimes have trouble getting to the point & in the Real World, I often won’t speak up about what I want or need until it’s too late =(

  16. Mercury on the Aries point in the 10th. I hate when it takes people forever to get around to their point or even worse when they never had a point! I hate small talk and I have some of that Capricorn tendency to reject people. If I really want to reject someone I tell them exactly why I am rejecting them. Sometimes, years later, people tell me they are grateful I told them the truth.

  17. Merc in Libra in the 8th house, conj the Sun and Pluto, opp Jupiter, sq my ASC.

    My mouth and communication skills all over the place! I can be very appropriate and professional in both written and verbal communications. I have worked in marketing and PR – thanks to the opp in Jupiter. I can also be raunchy and brash (comes from the sq ASC aspect I think). I can be very aggressive or shut down and be nothing but an observer. I guess the commonality here is that for the most part I communicate based on the person (people), the medium, and the situation. Makes sense given the Libra influence. I do have my moments though when something I say completely takes people by surprise. Sometimes it makes them feel awkward, sometimes embarassed, sometimes angry and I am always left saying “What? What did I say?”

  18. mercury/uranus. involving scorpio. i have an odd tendency of blurting out uncomfortable truths people don’t want to hear. in political science class, it works well. sometimes not so much at the family dinner table.

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