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I’m serious about puzzling out what to do about this blog. I appreciate everyone offered their comments on What Would Type Content Would You Like To See Here? I want to respond and continue the discussion.

Several people asked about my old astro advice posts. You might be interested to know, when I launched blog, it was called ElsaElsa – The Advice Blog.  I like writing that stuff; the problem is it’s very hard to get (useable) questions.  People just don’t send them and this was the case, back when I had fifty times the traffic!  I like it but I’m not sure the idea is viable.

I do call for questions (about anything)  a couple times a year.  I like this and if I could survive off it, I’d do it!  By that I mean, there would have to be a supply of questions.

People may not realize but a lot of content like that is fabricated, meaning the questions are made up.  I’m not going to do that, due to being an authentic person, so to make it work, I’d requires the energy of others (my 8th house and Libra). We co-create but I can only work my end.

This is a bit stupid as a follow on to that, but I am thinking of reading charts for pay, on the blog.  We’ve actually done them before, but it’s been many years.  It’s a chance to have your chart read, publicly, for an audience who can participate in delineating your chart.  Very similar to what happens in my classes.

I think it would be interesting and people would learn a lot as I do not stick to merely astrology when consulting.  It’s because I’m focused on delivering what the customer is asking for. If astrology can do it, fine, but if I have to tap other things I know about or have learned over the years, I don’t hesitate.  Viable for the blog? I don’t know.  Perhaps I can offer this as a new consultation option.

Stories! Hands down, I love stories the most.  If I could write them all day, I would, but I can’t make a living that way and now I have another problem.  Depending on who you are, you get email from search regarding what you can and can’t have on your site.  Swearing became taboo a few weeks back. My stories tend to have lots of swearing – I had to remove them from the site.

You don’t have to tell me how awful this is.  I don’t have a choice on this; there’s a monopoly.  I do think I can and should incorporate more anecdotes into my… whatever. Forecasts. I will try!

Videos. I’m sorry but I have come to hate making videos. I am pretty sure I was the first astrologer to start making them in 2006 – one minute videos?  Way before TikTok, and I had a blast.  But now there are legions of people making them, all clamoring to be seen and honestly, it’s just not any fun at all.  I also can’t get any traction on any platform. I know this is true, even if you believe otherwise.

Beginners? I wrote a bunch of posts, intended to address common questions beginners ask.  The kind of things that have you “stuck” until you figure them out. I tried to make these posts UN-boring. Here’s the tag – Beginners.

For people who enjoy my candor, it will continue.  Mercury Mars in the 9th. Does that sound flaccid to you?

I think I’m happy so long as I have a challenge.  A writing or thinking challenge that pushes me beyond.

So what next?

12 thoughts on “Responding To People Who Commented On The Content Post”

  1. As a test I googled “astrology” and astrology advice and astrology blog– and yeah, you didn’t show up on the first page for any of them. Have you tried doing any search engine optimization? There are pay services that do that, but it might also be something you can improve on your site.

      1. I love your website and everything you are doing. I’m right there with you on doing videos, live streaming etc. I found you google searching a topic several years ago…. One of my specialties in the world of online and offline marketing is SEO (search engine optimization). SEO does NOT have to cost money once you get the basics down, nor is it necessary to pay a monthly fee for some of the big box search entities

        At the end of the day, though, it’s about scale. How big, or not, you want to be determines the best strategy. Paying for advertising to increase exposure is where money comes into play, but again, only necessary depending on the strategy that best suits your growth desires.

        All social media outlets are not equal (demographics, demographics, demographics ) and it isn’t necessary to be plastered all over them.

        Am happy to share my expertise by either giving you, and/or your team, a brief 411 2-hourish convo of the bullet points or take more time to hear your hopes and dreams to cater specifically. Either way, you’ve enriched my life with “free” information and I’m happy to do the same… of course if it starts to consume my billable time then I would create a better boundary that works for the both of us.

        Note: The two hourish convo mentioned was not due to that being all of the time I would give you, but to suggest that there are very very simple things you can do, and doubtful it would take me more than a couple of hours to explain/ teach you.

      2. p.s….. My post was inspired by this: ” I think I’m happy so long as I have a challenge….” All I want to help you to grasp is a fun challenge that may actually enhance your writing and thinking!

  2. I enjoyed the video you did with Robert Phoenix. Kind of off the cuff dialogue. It would be good to hear you in discussion/chat with other astrologers, either a video or podcast. Even if just occasional, 1/2 times a year or quarterly. Like an astro weather check in which could also touch on the social/collective themes that come up on the blog.

  3. Have you considered Substack, a subscription/email newsletter option? I haven’t spent a lot of time looking for astrology content on Substack but the few things I’ve run across have struck me as very blah, very anemic. It seems to me with your unique voice & talent at storytelling, it might be a good fit for you.

    1. I figure my newsletter is serving in this capacity… and substack is no different than any other platform. Real people write and the people they draw are redirected to the ai content which you are currently reading.

      I mean, I write here and you can be notified when there are new posts, same as substack.

      People still feel the machine sends traffic to people but this is not the case. The people direct people to the machine!

      1. Yes, of course, I didn’t mean there was anything revolutionary about the form (tho I do think it might reach a slightly different audience that the one you reach now, idk.) I should have been clearer: it occurred to me because of your comment about censoring your language on the blog for search reasons. Maybe your newsletter isn’t part of the blog so that isn’t actually an issue, but I know you can say whatever you want on Substack — I subscribe to one particularly sweary writer, so I’ve seen it — & that’s why I mentioned it.

  4. My Mercury/Mars in Scorpio in the 9th would LOVE to hear whatever you want to share, discuss, reveal! Your honesty, directness and lack of BS are wonderful and appreciated all the time. My nickname is the Buddha Who Swears (Venus in Sag)! I am so disappointed that people take offence at spice. Oh well f*** em if they can’t take a joke!

  5. I like very much the idea of people sending in their charts and maybe posing one problem or question that they are dealing with and having you dissect the chart for a solution.

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