Astrology Of Love and Money and Satisfaction

various currencyVenus rules love and money. Venus in your chart show how you feel about these things, as well your experiences in these realms.

I made some videos on the concept of what I call “currency” when it comes to love. All people do not love the same thing! What you do love can be considered to be your currency. 

Just imagine someone showing up to court you to try and win your love. Their success depends on what currency they have to offer.

Some people are looking for money. If you have some, the person will consider loving you.
Others (like me) are looking for a thrill. If you can provide one, I will consider loving you.
Others want safety. If you come around offering loyalty and permanence, they will consider loving you… and so on.

People tend to assume that others value what they value. Consequently, they offer what they like to other people. They often become confused or even distraught when the thing they give is not valued.

As a example, I dated a string of millionaires when I was young (back when that was a lot of money). They just couldn’t function on why I was not interested in them, especially because I was poor.

I couldn’t function on why they couldn’t function, but the answer to the puzzle is simple. People have different values!

If you love someone… say if those men really loved me, they might have taken the time to discover what I did like and want. They might have tried to discern my currency was. But that didn’t happen and so there was a parting… many of them.

It’s pretty easy to discover a person’s currency if you want to. You can use astrology or you can just observe them. A person’s attitude towards love and money is something to note!

For example, some people are never satisfied with either (love or money). Some people are almost always satisfied with both. I am in the latter group. It’s odd when I hang around someone in the first group but when I’m with someone with an attitude similar to mine it’s very easy to get along.

I think this is stuff is interesting and also phenomenally helpful to understand.

What is your currency? What will win your love? 


62 thoughts on “Astrology Of Love and Money and Satisfaction”

  1. Loyalty, admiration, verbal expressions of affection, and quirks will get me every time. But then, I’ve got Venus in Leo conjunct Mercury and trine Uranus.

  2. Venus in Leo – I need to know that you are crazy about me.

    My husband lets me know that every day – hooray for me 🙂

  3. Leo rules my 6th house (pets) with the sun in the second (values)

    to me freedom is not a currency but something I already own that no one can give or take away from me other than the law, I guess (and then they’d have to catch me first, lol)

  4. Lots of affection, lots of touch – Venus in Taurus
    Lots of sex – Venus conj Mars
    Good communication, lots of laughter – Venus in 3rd
    A little bit of drama & heavy on the emotion is also good – Venus trine Moon/Pluto conjunction 😉

  5. venus scorpio in 12th house, trine jupiter

    i need to know that you can’t live/function without me, but at the same time, you can’t suffocate me with attention (1st house moon conj uranus). Basically, you have to be cool and reserved on the outside (mar aquarius) and fucking crazy about me on the inside.

  6. Venus in Virgo in the 7th house. I enjoy feeling cared for in service-oriented ways. Make my coffee for me? You LOVE me. Or, rather, I feel loved. Keep your eye out for a certain type of coffee mug that you know that I like for twelve years, and then buy it when you finally find it on sale, like my husband did a few years back? Oh, man, you’re gonna get lucky!!!! 😉 I’m almost always satisfied in love because I chose well and in money because I don’t want a lot of things, and have a very generous father (packed 8th house, other people’s resources).

  7. I feel like I’m in a revision process on this.

    My currency?
    I need lots of affection and lots of emotion. The sex has to be intense and at least weekly (although usually I’d like more). I need, need, neeeeeeed communication like the air I breathe and I need it to be intelligent. If I can’t talk to someone, I can’t love them. Period.

    Mars-Venus-Pluto conjunct in Libra, trine Moon in Aquarius, sextile Neptune in Sag.

  8. listen to me… let me bounce of my ideas, theories, etc off of you. You’ve gotta talk back too though. I absolutely love when people share the things that are important to them with me. Good, no, Great communication needs to exist before I fall in love.

    Sun and Venus Aquarius, Moon Gemini, Sun conjunct Mercury

  9. SaDiablo, you said it exactly the way I feel!

    “I need, need, neeeeeeed communication like the air I breathe and I need it to be intelligent. If I can’t talk to someone, I can’t love them. Period.”

    Venus in Aries conjunct 8th house cusp, Mars in Gemini conjunct the Midheaven.

  10. I have a very tight Venus/Uranus conjunct in the 3rd house and Scorpio (preceeded by the North Node a couple of degrees apart). The relationships are, for me, all about communication. Not just talking, but finding the way of knowing the other almost the way one does oneself. I do tend to go for men who only aren’t really communicative, but also very perceptive. However, the Uranus and the strong Pluto also mean that abusing of this knowledge by trying to change me to something I’m not is the surest way to loose my love.

  11. i value honesty tremendously. i don’t demand someone share everything, but what you share must be real. I’m earthy, so phyical touch is very healing to me. I absorb emotion, so stability and harmony is a very big deal to my happiness.

    Venus in 3rd house Scorp, trine Saturn in 7th house Pisces.

  12. I need to have someone who loves the living shit out of me. And physical. I need a very physical kind of love.

    Oh, and misogynists need not apply.

  13. My husband has nailed my currency… Make life fun and passionate. (Venus in Aries)- Trine Uranus- he actually can read my mind, and reads between the lines, he’s paying attention!

  14. venus in Taurus here. Well, they better be good in bed…sensuality/skillz… 🙂

    Money doesn’t hurt, but it’s not essential. I don’t know if that’s my house placement (12th) because I’m supposed to be more venal.

    They do have to have a job (in this economy if they were laid off I wouldn’t hold that against them). Lazy slackers? Absolutely zero attraction.

    If you can make my home beautiful? Love, love, love…happy humming, back rubs, cooking, and spontaneous sex…

    I feel very shallow sometimes because it’s sex and beauty that nail me. I know you’re supposed to accept who you are but geez…

  15. Very interesting post. I’ve been contemplating my Venus lately and I’ve come to the realization that my currency is completely divided.

    I have a split currency which not only keeps me satisfied in some areas and dissatisfied in others, but it causes a great deal of projection as well.

    I have Venus opposite Saturn and Pluto and trine Neptune- the opposition is obviously what causes the split. See, I NEED (Saturn/Pluto near IC) loyalty and security and stability BUT once I get this through my partner, I move to the opposite pole and start pining for something sublime…some absolute unconditional love that is perfect in my own way…this is the Venus trine Neptune. And this is a major MAJOR problem because it creates an imbalance in my life where I’m stuck in a perpetual state of blaming the other for oppressing me, even though I NEED a Saturnian partner. And as you would expect, this internal split causes weird triangles in my life that are pathological.

    Now that I understand this, I’m trying to heal this problem but it is no easy task.

    1. And actually, the more I think about it, the more I realise that the issue goes way deeper than what I can consciously grasp, and I know this is the plutonian influence in the configuration- this is the deeply pathological part of it.

      There is something that I need to understand in order to transform, but I can’t grasp where it comes from, due to it being so deeply unconscious, so my progress can only go so far at a time.

      I can only manage to garner bits at a time. I go deep inside to find some small gem that makes me go “ah ha!” an epiphany, and then I realize there are so many more gems to find and I don’t know how I’ll ever dig to the bottom…if I’ll ever be able to completely fix myself.

  16. LOL!!!! I once loved a man with Venus in Leo. I have Venus in Virgo. He needed to hear every single day that he was a HERO AND A STUD AND ‘DA MAN!!!

    Virgo CHOKES on that shit. There’s no way I could keep that up. “OH THANK YOU HONEY FOR TAKING OUT THE GARBAGE, YOU ARE SUCH A STRONG MANLY MAN!!”

    I throw up a little in my mouth just thinking about it.

    1. Diane, I am also a 7H Virgo Venus. I need a man who will stand by me through thick and thin (think “wedding vows”). Venus house placement is also a good indicator of the types of gifts a person might like. My Virgo Venus loves practical gifts – I’m hoping Santa Claus will bring me a Dyson vacuum cleaner this Christmas! lol. My boyfriend has a 2H Aquarius Venus/Jupiter conjunction (conjunct my Aquarius ASC). The first meaningful question he asked me when we met was, “What nonprofit groups do you volunteer for?”

  17. anonymoushermit

    Venus in Aquarius, in the 5th house. Dramatic and not boring, please! Also, Aquarius. Not too normal and has a social life! I can understand if they go through a cycle where they have no friends, but I like people who like other people.

    And for the air quality, please be extroverted and talk. I don’t like quiet men.

  18. Funny, I just had an experience like that. What I value and what he does I could see did not match at all. He’s confused as to my”holding back”. No way could I tell him how I saw things. Such wisdom to know your values and not be ashamed of them. When I got into trouble was when I tried to ignore them out of some kind of view that I wasn’t open enough. Now with good fit it could be just as thrilling. This doesn’t mean I am stuck in my head. Just looking for a good fit.

  19. merge with me into one; mind, body and soul; otherwise stay away. Need family, security, friends, house, status, money, privacy or personal space find someone else. Thats my currency.

    1. @anand that’s mine too. I need family, security, home, status, privacy and lots of love, and money always helps, personal space, all perfect.

  20. This took me a fairly long time to learn. The definition of this. I dont know about the ‘winning my love’ part. I know that i crave emotional support and words of validation and compassion. Or people verbally showing me they understand me. My friend with a Scorpio moon has been there during some dark feelings I unloaded. A guy with a stellium in Scorpio told me, “you know, you really are funny and interesting.” He was not attracted to me. But that fed me. My friend with a Pisces moon needs to be physically touched when upset. I bristle when he does it to me instead of saying stuff. It makes me feel alien that I dont like it, but I was often hugged as a kid and fairly touchy feely.
    Im usually very touched when guys make or give me food. A guy I was on the fence about waited at my hotel with a smoothie and texted me ‘dont eat, i have a surprise’ and took me on a picnic (Mars in cancer.) I was very touched. And intrigued. He was real batshit so..
    I have Sun Chiron and tend to praise people. I wasnt praised the way I wanted.

      1. Ive thought about this because the idea surprised me. The large percentage of what i mentioned was male friends who had no interest in me. Ive also had many not wonderful experiences. The guy who gave me food also said a couple things that kind of stung more than any food favor and was a poor match for me
        But yeah, food played a part in my past relationships

  21. It’s funny how many people expect men to make their life fun. I always worried on depending on them to do that. Like.. I thought life makes your life fun. It kind of made me shy away from relationships because comedians portrayed them as boring. But in real life, my relationships were argumentative but not boring (Venus opposition Mars.) I also was taught not to tell men my emotions or depend on them, so I leaned heavily on others. Perhaps my beliefs make it harder to meet anyone…

    1. Avatar

      Must have an intense mutual physical attraction and great companionship with a stable, driven man who’s super masculine, nurturing by nature, and eats and breathes music like I do. I also love a dark twisted sense of humor to match my own. I have Venus in Capricorn in the 12th.

  22. They have to love God, church, music,(venus in 10th sextile moon, saturn, vesta stellium in 12th house aries, 8 house sun and merc) They have to smile, to be passionate, love kids and fun-to-do things (pluto, jupiter conjunct uranus and south node in 5th house square cappy 8 house sun)They have to like me singing and listening to my music (merc in 8 house capricorn square moon saturn vesta in 12 aries) – I love sad, emotional, music. I like freedom to be myself, venus in aquarius (Husband has venus in aries and it works out well) 🙂

  23. Transiting Pluto conjunct my Cap venus:Bought (mortgage)my own flat in the city,while my husband prefers to stay in the country.No third parties.I feel old and fat, but I took the step.He’s still my friend and I care for him though.
    I wonder if someone could tell me more about this transit

  24. Your idea of love currency is brilliant and genius! I wish I’d known about this before. It might’ve helped to avoid wasting time with the wrong people for the wrong reasons.
    However, I’m not too sure what my Cancer Venus in 9th is actually looking for. Not looking for money, that’s for sure. The result is rather the other way around – Venus square Neptune has often attracted guys who were looking for financial support, guys who wanted to move in with me, or both… I didn’t especally mind this, but these stories always ended, for other reasons.
    I don’t know how this fits in with the currency, but I realize that I think I mainly appreciate someone who accepts me as I am, just validates my existence.
    I can do without a lot of things (I don’t need to be too close to people), but if I feel I don’t exist beyond being used for sex and money, then what am I doing in the effing relationship??? The answer is: getting screwed.
    Unfortuantely it usuaaly takes me a lot of time to realize this and do something about it, but that’s another story. (Mars in Libra)
    Suddenly by lightbulb effect realized that I was probably using “money” to feel useful/accepted/appreciated… barf. Bleccchhh

    1. Avatar

      “I want to spread the news, if it feels this good getting used, keep on using me, ’til you use me up…” One of my favorite Bill Withers songs. My Venus in Capricorn/Mars in Pisces self thinks there are far worse things in life than this situation.

  25. Venus-conj-Neptune in Scorp 12th. Square Leo Mars. Square Aqua Saturn;
    Currency? What is sexy/worthy loving to me? Now I am in middle age I know it is this:
    1. Loyalty/fidelity: have any beefs you have with me out with ME – never make our dirty laundry public, and defend me to the rest of the world (even when I’m wrong) as fiercely as I will defend you/protect your reputation. (OK, so Leo Mars opp Aqua Saturn in 3rd)
    2. Compassion/kindness: if you can’t put yourself in someone else’s shoes and act accordingly towards them, you won’t turn me on for more than 5 minutes.
    3. Integrity and courage: Integrity to be true to your values most of the time (OK, so we all fall down. I’ll love you if you feel troubled and admit it when you do). Courage enough to fearlessly probe/attempt to transform your dark side (and if you have 1 2 and 3 you’ll have my eternal respect and will probably help me transform mine).
    4. Go out/get involved with your own hobbies as much as you want – I NEED time to myself – lots of it. Crowd me and we’re dead. But if you spoon me at night when you come home – casual like, not boa constrictor, and without a word….yes.
    5. You have to be deeply moved by and have wonderful taste in music…and let me be the household DJ most of the time.

  26. Not everyone would be willing to admit this but stable financial situation is important to me. I’ve never had that myself nor have I had a safety net who’d help me when shit hits the fan. It doesn’t have to be a lot of money as long as I can be fairly certain I don’t have to look for food in dumpsters and as long as we can do stuff other than always sit at home. Also I like them to like me even if I fall ill or gain weight etc. And currently my SO does. He knows I gained weight because of hormonal contraception. There are a bunch of men who would dump my ass because I got fat even though it was a sacrifice for their pleasure’s sake.

    Venus in Capricorn aspecting Saturn, textbook.

  27. I love Jesus (the Living Christ) and singing, so I guess that’s why I ended up leaving my home country and living permanently in Poland, going to Catholic Mass every morning, attending the beautiful masses with the singing Polish clergy and organists. Simply beautiful!

  28. See this is confusing to me. Every women will hve almost exactly the same needs when it comes to feel loved! Stuff like “he has to understand me, praise me, support me nthis and that. Be a provider, kind, funny, emotional support, touchy etc et etc”. You would never see a woman say “I don’t nedd touch” or “I don’t need emotional support or feel that I’m being understood”.

    I mean, all this is BASIC NEDS all women has to get and have to feel loved!

    What about that? Maybe venus is what we “believe” we need?

    I have 8th house Venus in Aries conj jupiter and n.node.
    Trine Saturn. Square Neptune and Inconj Pluto 3rd house.

  29. Great question especially now ,as I think valuables are under microscope
    I am with you on the money thing almost always a turn off”look what I got”blah, I am turned on by eyes
    I am attracted to direct questions , someone who seems to be looking in
    I guess liars get auto delete.
    And now ,not yesterday, twice have
    Been in company of men who immediately pulled out pictures when they were in 20’s ok there are fun pictures but first date?only dated 6? Guys in past 6 years (divorceD 6 years ) none made the
    Cut, I know I put the bar high but
    I am 61 not sure I have time to invest yet, have 16 years old grandson living with me no license yet.So love
    Well I am an outside girl I cook and fish I am not every guys cup of tea
    I don’t do alcohol, so I love someone
    Who is concerned with their health
    Oh and being in construction 40 years if they can’t tell difference between 5/8 and inch and a quarter stone might not see how much I love
    The permanence of stone, my Venus in Aquarius ,don’t think I am looking but definitely listening

  30. Elsa, this is brilliant! I wonder how progressions affect our needs because I see how mine have evolved over the years.

  31. Venus in Sag,,Make me laugh, have fun and be optimistic.If not engage my mind in philosophy and psychology and sensuality.

  32. I have Venus in Leo, along with Mars and Mercury. Anyone who wants a relationship with me has to stroke my ego first for me to get into it. Not a whole lot, just a little bit. Does that sound bad? Maybe it does, but it’s just how I’m wired. It’s unlikely to change.

    I think this is part of why despite being bisexual, I’ve overwhelmingly dated more men, because women are more conditioned to being chased and having their egos stroked first…I’m not going to do that for them without getting anything in return, and if they’re too shy to be upfront about their desire then it’s just not going to work out.

  33. I have natal Venus in Sag but progressed Venus is in Pisces. How I express myself has evolved over time. Pisces is so intuitive and absorbs so much…that I am still learning each day. This Venus retrograde is in my 5th-6th house so ought to clarify some things.

  34. Venus in Virgo, conjunct Pluto and Mars (last degrees of Leo), all in the 12th house.
    It is all hidden and bursts like a volcano as needed!!

  35. Intelligence, humor, kindness but not soppy, good cook, loving but not cloying (likes to be apart of a couple but can have independent wants/hobbies/friends) likes to do road trips and is artistic/creative and fairly sensible. (Venus in a Capricorn). I try to be loving, engaging, fun but also need respect for my privacy. (Double Scorpio, Virgo Moon) and they will let me be myself as I themselves. Big money not important- integrity is!

  36. Avatar
    Hildegarde's Noviciate

    Taurus moon in 8th. Stable dependable, loyal, unafraid of going deep, being intimate, dealing with death and both his and my emotions. Will stick thick or thin. Responsible with the money he has. Good work ethic.
    Of course my venus scorpio in 2nd likes intense, creative, passionate and very sweet(my kryptonite). And a little eccentric. I love someone whose sees things from a different bend.outside the box but still within the circle.

  37. That’s why you don’t overlook venus and 2nd house stuff. Your set of values make and break a relationship. It’s a pillar.

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