Sagittarius / Capricorn Types Can Be Such Flakes!

Jupiter SaturnIt’s usually a good sign, when you see strong Sagittarius and Capricorn (or Jupiter/Saturn) signatures in a single chart. These energies balance each other. The combination generally describes a “teacher/preacher”.

You get things like “cautious optimism”. You get a visionary who will work towards a future goal, or someone who lives their beliefs for real.  My grandfather, Henry, is an excellent example.

However, some people with this combination are complete flakes.  They come in with their Capricorn, planing to take on projects, run the show and do the right thing.

But the minute they run up against resistance, or the inability to control every aspect, or a ::coughs:: better offer, the Sadge kicks in and they leave.

It’s hilarious, really. People like this take themselves seriously. They see themselves as heavy-hitters, and they probably would be if they didn’t leave the moment another horizon came into view!

“I was going to meet your parents, marry you, pay for the wedding, but I’m not going to now because of this and this and this. I know you bought that ring and all…”

Know anyone like this? I do.  I marvel at her antics, but I don’t have the heart to say anything.

I also continue to like her for some reason.  Probably because I understand cowlicks in a person’s psychology.

Do you know someone who promises BIG but delivers little?

38 thoughts on “Sagittarius / Capricorn Types Can Be Such Flakes!”

  1. Ha! This is me! I am a workaholic that achieves the goals I put my mind to. However, sometimes I say yes or overcommit and burn out before I can do it. I’m lucky beyond belief to have friends who love me despite my sometimes flaky instances. I’ve learned to temper this quality since I do not like to disappoint! I mean well I swear 🙂

    1. “I mean well I swear.”

      That is exactly how I feel about this gal. She’s is so totally committed…right before she’s not.
      I have seen her do a 180 in 10 minutes time! 🙂

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    curious wanderer

    This is me, to a degree. I have Cap Sun opposite Jupiter, and Sag Venus square Saturn.

    I rarely flake out on anyone else, but I flake out on myself constantly. I was going to work out tonight, I swear! When my flakiness has the potential to affect others, I have the ability to pull a rabbit out of a hat at last minute, and nobody knows what a close thing it was but me.

    I’m not proud of this, and struggle constantly to get myself under tighter discipline.

  3. Guilty as charged! I have Sun, Asc, Mercury, Saturn, Venus & Uranus all in Sagittarius with Jupiter in Aquarius. I have such big dreams & want to be super involved & I can be until I feel over committed, stretched too thin & burnt out. Then its just me hitting cancel buttons at every chance I get…but then I feel like a failure & super guilty. What’s the remedy for this conundrum?

    1. “What’s the remedy for this conundrum?”

      I was thinking about this. If a parent caught it when a kid was young, this would be something to correct, early.
      If you figure this out as an adult, then you’re on your own.
      I would just check myself.

      “Don’t write checks with your mouth, that your ass can’t cover,” is what my husband likes to say.

  4. I do that sometimes now that I’m disabled. I try not to but sometimes someone asks me if i can do x thing for them and i go sure! thinking, Because I’ve done X thing a lot of times before, for decades. Of course I can do that X thing for you. I guess its like a merc Neptune 50 first dates thing or something.

  5. sounds so much like me HAHAHA
    i have venus, neptune and uranus in house 8 capricorn
    mercury (chart ruler) in house 7 sagittarius, also moon in libra conjunct jupiter if it counts

  6. Avatar

    I’m the opposite. Jupiter in cap. I stay not just till the thing is dead but rotting. I wish I was a little more like the gal you describe.

  7. This is me to some degree. I learnt early on never to make a promise I know I can’t keep and that’s a really good mantra for me.
    Also, I don’t generally bail but I do or did have a constant trigger. Tthe resistance that has triggered me to bail is my own lack of confidence/self-respect etc. Cap stamps on Sag’s little spark & then the vision seems ridiculous, it’s impossible; gone. It’s gotten better with age.

  8. Do I EVER!!!! HA! Really, in the long run, this is just terribly annoying. So thinking in terms of it being annoying and pointing the mirror in my own direction, I think I have cappy with a smidge of sag, but I work hard to stick things out, for better or worse sometimes.

  9. This is so me too…sigh. LOL I have Capricorn Sun and Mercury in my 5th House. But I have a packed 4th house in Sag with Moon, Uranus, Neptune, Lillith, Juno and Vesta all adding a bit of fiery flakiness to my usually grounded personality. Unfortunately my need to run most times arises when it comes to friendships, because family does come first for me. If I don’t feel like we connect on an intellectual level I will tend to slip away from the relationship on to another brain. However, when I’m with my long times friends I’m the biggest goofball around. Go figure! Let’s not even take into consideration my Ascendant in Virgo. Self analysis galore!

  10. it’s me also…how comes with no earth and saturn confined in identity-feelings-relationhips area(I don’t count virgo pluto)??
    could it be jupiter?opp.sun,merc, conj uranus, sex moon, conj south node

  11. This describes a good number of people in my family. Big Cap with the Sag Venus. My son, Mr. Cap, with Sun/Mercury conjunct square Jupiter and Venus conjunct Pluto in Sag. My daughter with Sun/Mercury/Pluto conjunct in Sag, opposite Saturn, and inconjunct Jupiter!

    I’ve seen both extremes with them…the visionary and the flake. I love them, but this stuff wears me out!

  12. hmmm….. saturn trine jupiter/sun: I over commit becuse everything works out easily ( jup-sun in 5th)- and then I am damn suprised and pissed at obstacles on the way….
    luckly my taurus moon- venus/pluto virgo keep me from walking away- and get things done 🙂
    nice post elsa!!

  13. Uh…yes, that would be me as well. Really working on it though and I do seem to be getting better at seeing things a little more realistically as I age. It is nice to be in new territory and no one knows me in my new district and no one expects anything . . . yet. But I am learning to let my yes mean yes and say no when I have to, even if it disappoints or sounds like fun.

  14. This is me all over.. I was about to leave to Canada, make a huge lifestyle change, getting family involved researched jobs, locations and schools. Then all of a sudden, I decided not to go, simply because I decided to do something different.

  15. im kind of like this, in the sense that i’ve started projects in the past and then not finished them. im a 24 degree sag rising, with capricorn intercepted in my 1H… so i can see why i have an issue with follow through, sometimes. i also have jupiter at 0 deg scorpio in my 10H, conj my pluto/moon at 24 and 28 degrees libra, and i have saturn conj my 9H mars and mc in libra. i wouldn’t consider myself to be a “flake” though. i dont give up on anything thats truly important to me (cancer sun). it reminds me of the billy joel song – oh, and she never gives up… and she never gives in… she just changes her mind.

  16. Guilty as charged – stellium in sag, mars in capricorn – I also have jupiter conjunct saturn in libra.
    I’ve learned a lot about setting realistic goals and try not to tell people my goals or plans until I am well on my way to accomplishing them. I hate the idea that someone might see me as unreliable though, and that ususally drives me to stick to my commitments where other people are concerned.

  17. Oh man, it just hurts to read this… Oh boy… That is soooo, so me.
    And me thinking I have been sort of depressed or something. But apparently it must be also in my personality (natal chart) makeup.

    Oooh maaaan! Er… Is there a “cure” for this? I know this has been asked, but is there a way to go around it, beyond just policing yourself everyday and hour? Before you end up alone in the world, because nobody is going to put up with this s*** and take you seriously any longer? Terribly annoying, yes, fact. And all my fault.

    I am a Sagittarius Sun, Mercury ‘n’ Uranus, with Jupiter in the 1st house, 6 degrees from Asc, both in Capricorn. Jupiter sextile Saturn (Saturn in Scorpio). Mars/Venus in Aquarius. And… Mars square Saturn in the 2nd. Moon/Pluto/Mc all conjunct in Scorpio.
    And let’s not forget Sun in the 12th conjunct Neptune (Neptune also sextiles Moon). I’m a fantasist, a daydreamer, an escapist, first and foremost, and consequently a procrastinator… And… I also get bored. Cute.

    Shouldn’t all the fixed energy in my chart keep me on course? Yeah… no… it doesn’t. Man!

  18. Not me at all nowadays, but I was flaky when in my teens and twenties. My fixed sign Asc (Taurus) helps to hold steadfast. I have sun in Sag, Jupiter in Aries, Moon in Leo….whoosh, big flaky potential. My Earth trine keeps me grounded, when I complete/meet major commitment/project (study/work), I wanna let loose in a big way, ‘n celebrate with dancing, drinking and tell vastly exaggerated/amusing, self depreciating stories (Clown). There is work first, reward self, secondly.

  19. Elsa asks: “What’s the remedy for this conundrum?”
    Walk the talk
    Delay the gratification
    Honour one’s word
    One can gain people’s trust (precious) with the follow through

    1. No, that Jannelle’s question.
      I make a point of delivering on my promises. I also tend to under-promise.

      There has to be a profound catastrophe for a circumstance to arise where I won’t/can’t keep my word.

  20. I’ve been trying to balance (sun Libra) this aspect of me for years! (ASC, moon, uranus, neptune in Sag; Saturn conjunct ASC). My Sag side gets so excited and always paints a bigger/better picture. But i really do mean it! (at that moment). I find under-promse and over-delivery is the best solution for me… just have to bite my tongue sometimes and reign in my grandiose visions!

  21. Avatar

    Ouch. That is me. =(
    I don’t like it one bit.

    I should start to underpromise too, as a habit. Saturn Return. Challenging boss picking out my flaws, and asking me to act better, shape up, giving me bad reviews. Kicking my puny “Virgo-y Scorpio-y Sun square MC” ass. I am appreciating it for the long term, listening to elders, and advice every chance I get. But, fighting with myself not to give up because it wasn’t perfect and messing up my reputation for quality work. Gotta move the eff on. We’ll see how I do… Yeah, Cappy Jupiter, 9th house Cappy planets, charged with Pluto taking a ticking time-bomb volcano to my habits. Good luck folks.

  22. ElsaElsa…I love your blog! Your wisdom & wit are refreshing. I am a fan for life…ha!

    Sag- moon

  23. Yep. My ex-boyfriend. Capricorn sun. Stellium including Saturn in Sagittarius. Jupiter in Libra conjunct his ascendant. He flaked on me for the last time last fall…offered to take me out for steak and ride rollercoasters. Then e-mailed that he had to work. I went off the deep end.

  24. My Daughter in law.

    Cap sun, Sag moon, Scorpio asc with a Sag stellium…

    I will give her this, over the last year she has really grown up. She used to point that Scorpio asc at me and trigger my Scorpio stellium. The fight was on. Today I get her and she gets me. She actually can be counted on now. Elsa told me to help her grow up and I have even when I wanted to strangle her….

    She ran away enough that I damn near raised her first child (Scorpio moon) she claimed all the love in the world from the highest mountain ~~~ when we could find her.

    I don’t want to give the wrong idea. I do love her. But for Christ sake it took forever for her to grow up!

    I just talked to her about this two weeks ago. I told her she had to stop pulling me in and then running off. I am going to help hold her up but she is going to have to stand still long enough so I can!!

    I will give her this, she has called and told me she will be at work with me next week as my hand is in a real mess. No one else offered! I will never forget her kind reciprocation. I hope she shows up LOL

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