Astro Today: Stepping From The Fog Onto A Hard Surface

miasmaThe Mars Neptune Sadge, Gemini moon miasma will clear over over the next few days. Many have been mistakenly pummeled by this thing. I can’t think of anyone who will miss it! Anger and disillusion is a bad combo!

Amid the distraction, the planets have been clustering up on one side of the zodiac as we’ve been seen this time of year, since the pandemic. As of today, we are officially lopsided. As months pass, the cluster will tighten up.

If you’re a Jupiter moon / Sagittarius type, like me, you might feel tight in your chest just reading that. We don’t like to be confined. But don’t fall down and die just yet!

We’re also heading into a three month period where all planets will be direct. This is an obvious good time to push ahead. It begins in January. Details here: All Planets Direct.

On other fronts, Mercury has ingressed into Capricorn. Venus will enter Capricorn tomorrow. I see this like downshifting, slowing down but I think it’s positive because this fog stuff stuff is out of control. Touching base with reality and/or general grounding may actually be relieving.

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