Sagittarius Men Of The Peter Pan Syndrome, Never Grow Up Variety…

jester-1.jpg“First, the guy is a joke as in a jester and in he pleases the court which in this case was you. Jesters serve a function but it is not deep. They have limited power (and prowess) and no hope to rise up in rank or status…”

That’s me describing a drunken world traveling Sagittarius man to a client. I just thought you guys would enjoy a laugh.

Know anyone like this? There are women like this too, you know…

17 thoughts on “Sagittarius Men Of The Peter Pan Syndrome, Never Grow Up Variety…”

  1. Wow!! I do know a few people like this. Two gals come to mind, fliting through life putting on their little act. They love attention that they get but over time this too shall pass. These types don’t seem aware that they will get older and security will be an issue. Hmmm… very interesting thought.

  2. I have am drawn to men who are like this on the the surface but who have a Scorpio soul — twinkly on the outside, brooding and thoughtful on the inside.

  3. “Puer Eternis” by Maria Von Franz (a collaborator with Jung) was recommended to me by a therapist about a decade ago. I think the title translates as eternal youth. The book examines the story “Le Petit Prince,” among other things. My therapist had no idea I was a Virgo with a Sag rising. Anyway, I’ve got to go practice my act before taking off for (yet) another foreign country. And oh, BTW, I’m 60 and I wish I had thought more about security in my old age!

  4. Jesters also served an important function, in that they were one of the few who were allowed to tell kings difficult truths they didn’t want to hear. If it comes from the mouth of a fool the king can laugh it off as a joke in public, but sometimes kings need a reality check that anyone else would have been executed for delivering.

  5. I was going to mention the function of the jester too, as in exposing truth through satire– funny though, isn’t it, as an example of the (truth-telling)entertaining and galivanting Sadge?

  6. oh gosh, yes that sounds like the friend i messed around with for eight months before i got tired and found my present SO (going on a year now…?)
    very fond of him, but after awhile i realized i was wasting my time….

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    Little Miss Hermit

    I know someone who constantly is mistaken for a jester. He has Sag rising! Is in reality a loyal and sweet and kind Taurus w/ Moon in Cancer and a member of Mensa:) If only he could sit still for two minutes (Venus conjunct Mars in Aries) and accomplish something with his considerable resources, maybe people would take him more seriously;)

  8. Do I know anyone like this? yeah, me, lol. It’s not a coincidence that I have 3 very very important people in my life who are Sagittarius ASC (as am I).
    I also attribute this to my 5th House Sun, Mercury, and Chiron. Play is incredibly important to me and keeps me from spiralling down (as my Cap Moon square Pluto has a tendency to do).

    My partner is very serious but has Gemini ASC and I find that just as fun 🙂

  9. Ha ha LittleMiss, I have Taurus Sun, Sag ASC, AND Venus/Mars conjunct in Aries as well! (except moon in Cap). That last line strikes uncomfortably close to home 😮

  10. This sounds alot like me and the men I’ve been attracted to in the past. Two peter pan types generate a ton of fun and excitement but boy does it end badly. I say it’s because of my sun conjunct neptune in sagittarius. talk a bout fantasy lala land. 🙂

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