Pluto Transit Your 6th House: Freaking Interesting!

progressed stellium in ScorpioThere is not much out there in regards to Pluto transiting the 6th house. What you do find is generic and in many cases, stupid.

I try to fill these voids and in fact, this is a Pluto / 6th house activity.  Pluto represents the dead space, where the 6th house helps!

People see Pluto and tend to think they are going to die.  Pluto in the 6th house (health), means you get sick and die.  Ha ha ha ha, no!  When you read that, back away from the website!

The 6th house is concerned with all things Virgo. Health, yes. But also communication so lets just look at that angle to give you an idea of the vast alternatives here.

When Pluto transits your 6th house, you’ll think deeply. You’ll also see through communications of all kinds, potentially. I say, this because you may miss this if you are obsessed (Pluto) with worry about your health (6th).  I hope you can see the two choices but the 6th is a Mutable house; there are endless options here.

I can really speak to this right now, because that picture is my current Progressed chart.
Am I dying? No.
Can I discern, down to the bone? Yes!  And it’s satisfying!

How about communication?  A person says one thing, but your gut tells you otherwise. So long as you don’t succumb to paranoia, you’re gut is going to have the right answer.  You’re also going to be able to figure things out, in a near supernatural way.  Just think of how compatible Virgo and Scorpio are.  This is a boon!

I’m a pinochle player from way back.  Pluto in the 6th can read you. They’re the person at the table who can see you’ve not got the cards.  If a person can marry their intellect with their instinct, yer ded!

This transit is also concerned with secret and/or potent information. Items; bits of information that can empower you, slay you and change your life.  Little but big, like a caper.

The kind of stuff, where life was one way, but then you found out, xyz. Wipes out your mental hardrive, to be replaced with the actual. Intense, yes.  You want to refine your mental processes. What do you store vs what gets tossed.  Deep cleaning for the mind. Mental focus!

When Pluto transits your 6th house, you’ll eventually perceive things which previously eluded you. For example, mass media is broadcasting a level of complexity hardly anyone can understand.  Most independent media is actually also mass media.  This is a transit, likely to reveal this to you.

You’re developing the skill to see or access information that’s “out of this world”.  Outer planet info, right? Double meanings, layered stories, lots of mocking; fun or malicious. Manipulation.

It’s one thing on the surface, something very different underneath and under the underneath, there’s more underneath! Pluto in the 6th has the capacity to grasp this. Doesn’t matter if the person standing next to you says there is nothing there. You’ve got the base facts.

With Pluto transiting your 6th, you can become a code-cracker.  You’ll know a person is lying, before the words leave their mouth.  You’ll notice what isn’t said and what was really said. You’ll tend to know things, in general. Things that are hidden

Does this sound like, “get sick and die?” NO.
May you discern that someone is going to die. YES.

If you’re getting that message about this transit, back away from the dummy and go deeper.  There is no need to suffer fools as your time is important.

Do you have Pluto transiting your 6th house? How’s it going?


53 thoughts on “Pluto Transit Your 6th House: Freaking Interesting!”

  1. Pluto will transit my 6th house, as I have Aquarius on the cusp at 20 degree. I believe it will not hit that degree until 2037, and at that time I will be 86. I think it may concern my health after all.

      1. Hi Elsa,
        I have reading your articles and really enjoy it…..This artical is a little opposite another one which you wrote I guess last year or 2022 am not sure but there is a point where you said,Pluto in the sixth house can cause accidents,make one loose body parts like leg cut etc….This one sounds different…

        1. I think you have me mixed up with someone else. I have never told anyone, anywhere, in any way, that they would lose a body part.
          I also don’t associate the 6th house Or Pluto with accidents, so no this is was not me.

  2. My natal Pluto is in Virgo in the 6 th house. I can definitely see through people and situations. It helps that I have a Scorpio stellium in the 8th. I am an accurate psychic and remote viewer. I worked in forensic and acute psych units for years before I retired. I had a very difficult life, which I kept quiet about. My health crises have been a constant issue all my life. I have revived myself from health challenges that my doctors considered as permanently disabling. Pluto in the 6th house is not easy!

    1. Stella 56 Thanks for sharing your experiences with the 6th House. I appreciate it from my 76 years perspective with a different outer planet natal occupant: Uranus.

      Not to steer the thread off track, but the point here is that solid, thoughtful interpretation is why this is the only website
      I frequent, daily for 15 years. 6th House Virgo infused, for a Scorpio like me with Mercury and Chiron with South Node entanglement , Uranus retrograde there natally offers quirky unpredictable solutions to health challenges all the time. And I need them!

      Not an easy world but with astrology I can extrapolate; Virgo earthy service really is a 6th House bonus I did not factor, Thanks Elsa.

    2. Me too Stella 56, Pluto in Virgo 6th cojunct Dsc. Health issues too that are on going. On more than one occasion l did not follow mainstream medical advice because l knew it was wrong for me and was proved right (this was acknowledged my my Dr).
      Similar interests too. I value this examination of Pluto in the 6th Elsa and you are right the 6th house is often badly done in the cookbooks.

      1. I want to mention psychosomatic disorders too esp. with the 12th…questions about the underlying causes of illness very important Diet.Holist healing.And the old healing takes time…somtime unheard in this quick world. Sun Taurus 24 sq Moon Leo and trans Uranus. I changed my whole sleeping pattern and l have tweaked diet. Dreams give clues…before stuff happens.
        Pluto quintrux my Pluto atm adjustments must be made…not sure what yet.

      1. Yes, that’s right. According to the internet pluto automatically means death. People needed to hear a meaty one about this transit! This post was a good read. It’s vastly different from the one liner death sentence computer generated astro blurb hot garbage from behind our small screens.

          1. Just from a quick search it went – transit pluto in 6th house brings you face to face with life or death circumstances, another one- pluto transiting 6th it speaks of loss, loss of health, loss of routine, Oh and a new one, be prepared to be fired unjustly. So people would be afraid of these things if this is what they read about it. But there were also some sane ones mixed among them.

            1. in my experience mostly internal, IF you work on things, rather than ignore stuff. at least for me, as i work on healing my issues. i recommend michael mirdad’s heart and soul healing. immensely effective. i’ve worked through so much trauma with that.

              1. Thank you! My natal pluto is not in 6th nor will I ever live to see it progressed or transiting my 6th but it sounds like it would be good to read this book.

  3. I understand what you are saying, it’s happening and it feels out of this world- the layers omg. It’s like being privy to something and it’s growing, morphing quickly. It’s big. Maybe I’m some kind of conduit? Uranus is near my Mc @27 Taurus conjunct Lillith in Gemini. My sun,Venus,moon in 12th in Leo. Merc./Mars conj. in cancer. I’ve been in pain many,many years and now I’m healing. I have a sense of divine intervention. Jeni

  4. Thank you so much for this Elsa. I have been experiencing this “deep learning mode” code cracking for a few years leading up to this transit. My mind has been almost hyperactive, specifically looking at patterns connecting many different subjects I have dived into throughout my life. I do not mind, since my mind is always active with a Mercury/Mars conjunction in Cancer in the 11th widely trining Saturn.

    The last transit had challenged my health/fertility and I ended up needing several surgeries throughout. Pluto transiting my 5th house in Capricorn, opposite my Sun in Cancer in the 11th house, squaring my natal Pluto in Libra. I was told I would never have children. Yet I persevered and was able to have one rainbow. However, I have anxiety ever needing to go to a hospital or surgery again and was dreading the possibility.

    This is my first time posting, but have read your blog for years. I’m sure I’m not the only one. Still gathering my thoughts on your post over two weeks ago regarding Mercury/Mars conjunction and abuse. Deep mental cleaning indeed.

    Despite knowing a life lived in fear is a life half-lived, I really needed to hear this perspective on this transit. I cannot thank you enough beyond buying you a coffee today and sending positive energy. Blessings.

    1. Welcome!
      I understand you can possibly get deathly ill, it just that you probably won’t! I just thought I needed to write this, as people are already being undone by fear with Saturn in Pisces.

      1. fear, not useful, is it?! i’ve had saturn transit everything these last 6 years, going through 8 now, con sun/op pluto just over/ish.
        ditto uranus sq.
        pluto through 6, sq mc, now con mars/venus.
        it’s been hard.
        i’ve had that saturn cycle between 1 – 7 years.
        i just realised.
        explains a lot.

        other lives have been coming up lately to, for me.
        also explains a lot.

        i’ve incarnated to heal, though i’ve dragged my feet, why i’m so late with clearing this.

        i did not want to incarnate, i was told that i had a duty to life, i used to see that as punishment, now i realise the duty is to heal myself

        ”When I am healed I am not healed alone”.

        part of being a lightworker.

    2. i’ve sat, mars, venus in 6. pluto now con mars/venus. i’ve had heath issues for most of my life. as i’ve been working through old trauma, including other lives, i’ve come to the conclusion that they’re indeed psychosomatic, still very real pain ectr.
      but i’m hopeful about clearing at least some of that as well, along with my fairly intense abandonment/and fear of being trapped issues.
      i’m 64 next month.
      maybe i will be dancing jigs when i’m 80.
      i hope do 🙂

  5. “ What you do find is generic and in many cases, stupid.”

    I love that. It’s so true. Pluto will be going into my 6H at 6° and change. In the nearish future.

    Me: Ok. Whatever.

    I have moon Pluto natal in my 1H. I have had Pluto on my Mercury and Venus and it’s now on my sun.

    Ok 🤷🏻‍♀️ I’m taking notes and I appreciate this blog and that’s probably all I can do now ☺️

    1. be not afraid!
      not saying it’s easy. see my other comments. i’ve it con mars/venus now.
      sure put fire under me, after thinking i was done with men/sex/RS.
      how was it for you ? 😉

      1. Thanks. I’m not afraid. Pluto on my sun is showing me deeper insights and in variety, too. Plus I just had my second Saturn return 😌

  6. I’m right in the middle of Pluto in my 6th and this was so helpful. I’m losing my job in May and have had some health issues but this all makes so much more sense and I’m excited realize the real potential of this transit. SO HELPFUL

  7. I am just finishing this transit. I am Leo rising…having pluto go thru my 6th house of Capricorn. I will say I tried to get all of my health tests etc up to date and done at the beginning… And they were all good. Then I did have a few dental/root canal/implant items along the way…but in 2022 my daughter was diagnosed with breast cancer. She had just moved for a job and was basically living in a new state alone. My husband and I went to her ..helped her move into a house and then I stayed with her thru out the cancer journey (which she worked thru .. she is amazing). She was finished with treatment in June so the years of ’22 and ’23 were years of love and service. Pluto did its thing but in a way I never saw coming. Aqua is my 7th and im hoping Pluto there is all about my husband retiring and all that goes along with that (fingers crossed)

  8. Not long in mine but can concur. Feel like I’m tuned in on another deeper clearer frequency. Bizarre. Love this interpretation. Excellent writing, excellent read, Elsa 🧡

  9. Pluto is about smack dab in the middle of my 6th right now. I had some minor health issues, nothing major. Nothing a lot of people didn’t experience with the long cvd stuff. Minor stuff so far. I definitely dove deep into holistic and alternative methods of healing.

    I hadn’t thought about it before, but after reading this post, I think Pluto through my 6th has helped me with discernment quite a bit.

  10. I’m about to have pluto transit my 6th house which is at 1º aquarius, all I have been able to piece together so far is illness/transformation around health and transformation of daily routine etc. To hear your interpretation is very welcome!! I hadn’t thought of it like that. I hope this may mean I will finally be able to get a grasp on my astrology studies. I feel like I will never understand it properly, and I have pluto-mercury so I’m obsessive about it!

  11. Awesome. What an interesting perspective. That’s why I come here. You offer divergent viewpoints found nowhere else ! Thank you 😀

    Pluto has been transiting my Saturn ruled 6th for several years. Brought a chronic digestive illness that means following a restricted diet. I retired. I will keep this post in mind as Pluto slowly makes its way towards my Aqua DC.


  12. Thank you for this. Aquarius is my 6th house. I’ve been anxious about Pluto transiting there. I’m also hopeful about new medical technologies or innovations while Pluto is transiting Aquarius.

  13. i’ve had pluto in 6 for years, now con mars/venus, which along with p sq mc, and sat through 8, con sun ,op pluto is quite something. idk how pluto through 6 affects me as i’ve had sat transit every planet /angle these last few years, and also just realised that it did this, including the fun 8th/con sun/op pluto between 1 – 6 years old. idk how i survived childhood. it’s bee hard now, but the pluto, and uranus sq wasn’t going then.

  14. I have Pluto there conjunct Venus, all in Virgo no less. 😉 This is the best explanation I saw in 30+ years of studying astrology.

    I definitely have the intellect with instinct and terrific research abilities. After reading this, I cracked another piece of my puzzle. People are deeply unsettled by this, which is why I had so much trouble at work settings over the years. This doesn’t play well with office politics or willfully stupidity.

    I always hated cookbook astrology, which is why I’m glad I found my way here. 😊

  15. When Pluto went through my 6th, way back when it was in Scorpio, it did affect my health. It didn’t kill me, but it did break a finger, give me whiplash, tear some ligaments, cause some bad dental work and all of this broke me financially one thing after the other – Saturn natally in the 6th square Venus. I did physical work, so couldn’t do it in casts. I had to move several times (natal Pluto in 4th (Leo, so it squared itself at one point)). Walking on crutches to the food bank in a slightly rough part of town remains one of the lowest parts and worst memories of my life.

  16. Just finishing up this transit and here to say i loved it! It was very much health relates but in a good way! Learned sooo much about alternative health and healing. Was able to “cure” an autoimmune disease with diet and some alternative therapies. Also completely transformed my day to day work life- from commuting (in NYC) to work from home and some job changes – not always easy but better in the end. Don’t be afraid! It can be very positive!

  17. I have Pluto in Scorpio at 0.04 degrees in my 6th house natal chart! It is also opposite my mercury in aries 29 degrees. I agree with everything you wrote. I went to school for print journalism. I am a day younger than Mark Zuckerberg so I have been turned off my media completely. It’s either fake or intrusive. I am slowly regaining interest in journalism but perhaps broadcasting. I do see beyond what is spoken and have a knack for research and investigation.

  18. Thank you so much! Exactly what I needed to hear right now, especially the part about listening to your gut. I am headed to Pluto in the 6th and it’s starting off early! So far I have had 2 vet emergencies for the cat, an unexpected health issue for myself that has poleaxed me, & plumbing issues for the house (this has got to be my mom, Pluto transiting her 4th) that luckily did not amount to anything financially. I keep thinking about trying to transmute these energies in a different channel, so I can control how they manifest.

  19. Well, I beg to differ! Classic manifestation for me! Pluto is half way through my 6th house, and although my personal health is being addressed and supported by excellent health insurance, I’ve lost BOTH parents and have spent the last 6 years being of SERVICE to my husband who suffered a debilitating stroke right on schedule. “Serve or Suffer”, my astrologer father used to say of the 6th house. I have chosen to serve, although there is not much fun in that role. Pluto’s movement into Aquarius may teach me a new and better way to serve without the heavy Cap sense of restriction and duty.
    Definitely a lesson in mortality.

  20. I laughed the other day when you posted the picture of the water bearer’s bucket! In the last two weeks, my eyes have been tearing up for no discernible emotional reason. My daughter’s water heater needed to be replaced and my son and his wife live in Portland. During their cold snap he was working in the Midwest and their power went out at home with snow and ice obstructing everything and a pipe burst. He got home, found help from a neighbor who is a plumber. Then an 80 year old tree took out his backyard fence and his neighbor’s fence. Ok…. Water do your thing! Somewhere else, please. I have cap on the cusp of H7 squaring natal sun at 29Libra, and conj natal Chiron at 28 Sag in the 6th. My dental implant failed and was replaced this week. I’m$5k into the first iteration of the failed implant and looking at another $5-6k. Fun times! Maybe this is why my eyes are watering!
    I love this blog, have had a couple sessions to with Elsa. Fantastic help with results! I don’t go to the BS sites any more. This is all I need! Thank you Elsa!

  21. Pluto transiting the 6th house presented in a classical way too in my life, although I really prayed the end result was different.
    My husband passed away in August 2020 after a year fighting an aggressive autoimmune disorder. He didn’t have a good diagnosis for quite a few months
    He had Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto in Capricorn transiting his 6th house when he died. I know there were probably many other aspects besides these, but I saw for a year how his illness and healing crisis went in cycles. It was so exhausting for him and us, both.

    1. Dear Tiffani, Big hugs to you and yours! I am sorry you are suffering so! Believe me, it will transform into something that creates tremendous value…. Take all the time and space you need!

  22. Avatar
    the laughing goat

    I feel like I became a “code cracker” when Pluto transited my Natal Sun and Mercury in Cap 12H. I mean people are really full of shit! This transit also trined my 7H Virgo Natal Pluto and Uranus. I could really relate to this post even though it wasn’t in my 6H… however it was opposite…

    Not enough coffee in me yet for that deep dive. 😉

  23. I have had Pluto progressing into my 6th. Your words are like… SPOT ON!

    I hadn’t thought of it this way before, but so many things suddenly makes perfect (haha, a true Virgo word…) sense to me.

    To this I will add some sort of psychic powers… But it might be due to P natally communicating with my 4 Scorpio planets and my 12th house placements. He, there it was again. Communication. Virgo.

    You are great for these insights, Elsa. Also, in regards to the health stuff, I am being analyzed for hypermagnesia (a state of taking too much magnesium). It’s fairly incredible we don’t talk about this – it can LITERALLY kill you if it gets out of hand (hello, obsession with vitamins and health!) by making your heart stop.

    That’s Death right there!

  24. Oh yes. My Mercury is 28° cap in the 6th sextile natal Pluto in the 4th. Pluto ran over my mars,neptune, Mercury, and Uranus in the last few years. I handled until Mercury. I was losing my grip until recently. I literally had a moment of feeling the layers and finally seeing through the haze a bit. I’m doing better now. Also feel that my natural acts of service/care taking persona went into overdrive. Took care of my mom through several major surgeries for cancer. Again foggy.. but we’re coming through it. 6th house content delights me!

  25. soon. (in about ten degrees. i’m training up.) this explains so much about the sixth house… fitting together the structure of things, visible and invisible…

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