Sagittarius Woman Wants Her Virgo Man To Tell Her What Is In His Head

Sagittarius2Dear Elsa,

I have been in love with a Virgo man for two years and we have been talking about living together because we have had a great relationship until now. The only way we can afford to live together is if we move to the East coast, near my family where rent is cheaper. He tells me that he is going to move with me but when I try to make plans and discuss dates and details he acts like he’s not going to move .

This is very frustrating because I am a dedicated Sadge and I feel like he’s not being honest with me about his feelings on moving. How can I get this Virgo to let me know what going on in his head? Or should I just break up and move as hard as that would be?

United States

Dear Sagittarian,

It sounds to me as if he is telling you what is in his head but in a passive aggressive way that is not your preference.

You have Saturn conjunct your Sun which indicates your serious nature and your desire to plan towards a goal. It does not sound as if this man has a goal in common with yours so yeah. If you are looking for a live in relationship, I think you’d do best to move on.

I’m sorry and good luck.


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  1. My ex-husband, a Virgo man, well, I don’t think he wanted to get married (way back then) not like I did anyway, (something about your letter reminds me of that situation, the kind of passive aggressive foot dragging) but after a year of slow pressuring we did get married. But, truth be told, I never did ‘get into his head,’ he remained a little depressive, always distant, eventually admitted to me that he has always been a little depressed…it was boring, lonely. It didn’t last, yet it lasted way too long.

    I have since lived with another, and dated several, all of which has had ups and downs as all of life will do… but it has all been better than that was living with the Virgo who really didn’t want it. In fact it is actually more fun to live alone than it ended up being living with him.

    So all I’m saying is watch out what you pray for as you just might get it and then regret it. Virgo tends to eventually cave into the pressure, feeling compelled to “do the right thing” so you could end up getting what you want so be careful, and that is my 2 cents worth on your Virgo situation.

    Good luck

  2. I too have had an excrutiating time with a Virgo man. I’m a Virgo woman. Even though I understood him on a level most would not, he would just not marry me and I was too stupid in love to leave him when I should have.

    Even though they can be charming, witty and oh, so sexy, Virgo men on the inside are the timid, little old ladies of the zodiac and they will string you along as long as they can get away with it. Based on my own experiences with them I would not go near another Virgo man (for a long-term relationship) with a 10 foot pole.

    Now where are all those Cappy/Scorpio mixes I’m trying to root out of their lairs? Come to Mama.

    Good luck Sadge.

    1. wow, all this talk of the characteristics of virgo man. my ex wasn’t a virgo sun, but virgo moon, and he was the eternal bachelor. My father in law is a double virgo and he didnt marry gemini step mother-inlaw for YEARS. Not until cancer hit him, and he realized how precious it is, that he may die someday and his devoted gemini lady love is there by his side through old age too. Sagittarius sis also is with a virgo man (2nd decan) and they’re not married technically, just living together with having a family, a baby and a house. (he’s still brother in law to us) But i dont think he’ll ask her to marry him for years or ever. Although she doesn’t mind this arrangement it seems.

  3. Hi I am a sagittarius woman,who fell inlove with a virgo man our relationship did notlast long because of his mother.Will we ever end up together?Our we a good match as a couple because he said he did love me but because his mother did’t like me he just left me…

  4. i also had a relationship with a virgo man. im a sadge. wen we were together he never really cared like i did. i was madly in love with him. it was a painful time but then i left the city coz of my job and gradually i lost my feelings for him and that was too much for his ego so he came back to me and begged me for months. im so happy i moved on. anyways best of luck to u.

  5. I am sadge too, was madly in love with a Virgo Man who played me to the bottom first he told me he was separated wanted us to move in together next he said he had to take care of his family and make sure they were provided for, then he told me so many things,,bottom line he made me believe he was truly separated from his wife. He lied. So I walked. He had too many games. We were together for 5 months. I am glad I am gone, he was not worth it in the long run.

    1. I think that would work for any sign who does that to you. Speration is usually not 100% too much drama, hope you found someone much more worth your time

  6. I am a fellow Sag who fell in love for a Virgo. It has been 8 months with him. He was passionate for the first three months then he became too comfortable. He has a not biological “daughter” from the previous relationship (No marriage). That added so much troubles. He became overly sensitive with the topic of her and hid somethings from me because (him being the passive aggressive type) wanted to avoid confrontation. It was opposite for me really. He wanted to spend all his time with me and over my house while at the same time living with his mom and going to his ex’s to pick up the “daughter”. We are in our early 30’s i am more independent and have my life together compared to him but i didnt want a guy to move in with me unless we are married plus no kids which he knew. I enjoy my space/freedom. He used to invite himself to everything i was doing and took interest but now he wants nothing to do with getting to know my family or friends.I feel invisible when i am around him. He disregards my feeling and cant even show he cares. But when i tell him what ways he says he used to do that to his ex. Allot of times i feel like the rebound or even the girl whose getting the wrath his ex should have gotten. For me its been 4 years since i found a guy i am interested in and its because he was chasing me actively. I wasn’t keen on dating him in the beginning and he eventually changed my mind but now i should have followed my gut because i am the one that’s hurt Anyway every time i try to break up with him now and days i dont have the heart to say its over even though we both know it is. He keeps telling me he has to hear it for it to be over. This type of behavior makes me crazy. He is the strictly facts type guy while i use logic and reasoning. He suggested couples counseling and we went to a mediator but he is so stubborn to change his ways even though the therapist told him what he needs to do if he wants to keep me. Keep in mind i kept my part of the bargain. There is never a way to change or convince a Virgo.

  7. Hi,
    I am also in love with a virgo man.He is very very good but not have intention to marry me.But for me that’s fine.if you love a virgo man ,don’t expect much from them but they are loving you truly,He can’t express emotions

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