Saturn in Scorpio: Anchor Deep

ship anchorI know someone who was in Florida during Hurricane David in 1979. This was one of the deadliest hurricanes to occur in my lifetime, over 2000 people were killed.

With a category 5 hurricane on the way, he and his family and friends scrambled to do everything they could to prepare. Someone had a houseboat.

He said people give each other advice at times like this.  They try to help each other out. Someone who had been in a number of hurricanes told the person with the houseboat that their only chance was to “anchor deep”. They were to go way down, and anchor as deeply as possible if they wanted to have any chance of the boat surviving the storm.

As it turned out, the hurricane changed directions and Florida was spared. But this advice stayed with this man throughout his life.

With Uranus squaring Pluto and Saturn in Scorpio, now is a time you want to be anchored deep.

Are you?

Need help with this? Here it is – Saturn in Scorpio Workshop Transcript

18 thoughts on “Saturn in Scorpio: Anchor Deep”

  1. Knowing it was headed my way months in advance I did anchor down. I still have that anchor buried deep. I believe that its the only reason things haven’t gone completely crazy…of course I had to ask for help and advice ahead of time (Elsa) or I probably would be in family mess right now.

    My hurricane did change directions but I know in the right conditions it could be headed this way again. My eyes are wide open! It’s not over!

  2. yes, too deeply anchored, it feels confining…the same old same old for too long now.I know I should be happy with long term marriage (31 yrs)good job now(5 yrs) and happy family but it always so same, old same old..need some excitement now and then!

  3. I want to. I try hard to. But Pluto opposing my mars and trining my Venus, Uranus opposing my Saturn-Jupiter conjunction, Saturn squaring my sun and sextiling my Venus and Neptune sitting on my DC, all at the same time, doesn’t leave much ground under my feet..Only endurance. I guess I’ll have to learn to fly..(bitter laugh). Fortunately, my Moon is left alone.

  4. I, too, need to break free. Always the stable, reliable one. As Pluto inches closer to my IC, and Uranus is almost touching my Desc. perhaps I need to deeply anchor my convictions to forge ahead.

  5. It’s important where we anchor, I anchored deeply in moving sands and nearly lost my head. . . I’ve recently reanchored deeply but this time in more stable earth. It feels good and reliable and my anchor could grow a few roots. Time for new, solid, deep growth.

  6. Yes, it’s sounds OK, but I don’t know how. Anchor deep to save … what? Anchor what and anchor to what?
    I need help.

  7. Naw. I’ve gone the complete opposite way. Complete surrender to the elements, to the forces greater than me. I now live one breath at a time.

  8. Thank you Elsa, for writing this. My Saturn is in Scorpio in my chart. I had a hard life, I told you this before. Saturn in Scorpio, house 2 gives me strength, together with Mars in Capricorn and Aries on house 8. Pluto in Leo.
    All the strong animals came to help me in my life…..:-)

  9. It’s really important to find the right spot to anchor deep. I anchored deep in s*** not so long ago and things swung pretty much out of control. Now after the hard lessons learned I’ve find my spot and my anchor is going down deeper now than ever before. . . it feels solid, safe and true.

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