Looking Ahead At Saturn In Pisces

pisces water fairySaturn will ingress into Pisces in March of 2023. This may seem to be off in the distance but Saturn rules time which marches on!

Pisces can sneak up on a person. It morphs, conceals and disappears. Don’t be surprised when you wake up under this transit thinking, where did the time go?

Saturn with Neptune (Pisces) is a difficult combination.  I’ve battled it my entire life so I can tell you this for sure.

It’s okay if you don’t mind your reality distorted or if you think it sounds fun to spend time wondering it you’re crazy, or trying be taken seriously when others think you’re crazy.

There’s misdiagnosis on every level. People think what is real about you is fake, which allows what is fake about you to seem real but you don’t even need the other guy. You can think what is real about you is fake and what is fake is real. It’s called self-undoing which is something you must guard against with Saturn in Pisces.

Boundaries are permeable assuming they don’t disappear all together.  And if you’re not confused yet – nuance (Pisces) rules (Saturn)!  It also undermines the rules!

Satori and I plan to have workshop on this topic, beginning in August, most likely.  Saturn plans! We plan the class. You plan to attend it. It will help to know what you’re wading into here, that’s for sure.

I’ve written a lot about this mash-up, over the years. The topic is not just vast; it’s endless. Endless faith or endless fear and everything in between.

Here are a few posts, chosen because they show a (small) range of endless manifestations of Saturn Neptune energy…

Humility (Saturn) can help with clarity.

Arrogance Affects Your Perception Of Reality

Confused if not flat-out delusional reality.

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How about avoiding (Pisces) commitment (Saturn)?

Slippery People: Pisces, Neptune…

Learn by absorbing.

Edgar Cayce’s Learning By Osmosis

How do you feel about Saturn in Pisces?  Are you looking forward to this transit?


23 thoughts on “Looking Ahead At Saturn In Pisces”

    1. Big question! It’s sextile so that’s good. There’s potential to melt away fears and blocks but you may also be disabled by fears.

      Go for the instruction book. That’s my advice. There isn’t a day in my life untouched by this mashup. I’ve had to master it… or drown! 🙂

      1. Hi Elsa, how do you judge this transit in Placidus, I mean Saturn might be changing signs, but depending upon cusp degrees it would stay in the same house.

        1. Regardinging Placidus, the same situation exists with Equal houses. You may be thinking of “Whole sign houses”?

          When I made the comment above, I was responding to Jana, in regards to Capricorn being Saturn-ruled.

  1. Avatar

    Looks like there’s a lot going on March of 2023! I recall clustered planets and Pluto into Aquarius too

  2. Eek. Just as I get away from 12 house pluto on my ascendant. This is coming?

    Since have Saturn in 12th Natal. Will this help?

  3. I’m a Saturn in Pisces at the midheaven and also have Neptune in opposition to a Taurus stellium is Sun Mercury mars moon… people seem to see in me what they want to see.. I’ve also noticed that I fall into other peoples rhythms, accents, etc w/out thinking… I’ve found working for causes suits me and I attribute part of that to my Sat/Nep midheaven… I’m definitely interested in this offering.

  4. I don’t know if I’m looking forward to this as a Pisces Moon with my natal Saturn in Virgo. Looking back to the last time Saturn was in Pisces, I was going through a difficult patch, but I also experienced a lot of liberation – I was in my teens and learning to fly!

  5. Yes. I need that class. Saturn will oppose 0.35 degree Virgo sun and square Mars in Gemini at 0.22 and hit Uranus at 8 degrees before it opposes Venus 19 R in Virgo and squares moon 19 and Saturn 22 degrees in Gemini. Will there be anything left of me?

  6. At least Saturn will trine my Sun, Venus, Mercury and Jupiter during this transit, as they are all in Scorpio.

    As Saturn made a square to them from his transit of my 1st house in Aquarius, he squared them – and that square forced a psychological diagnosis, treatment/therapy – as well as a misguided diagnosis.

    So, even if this transit will be in my 1st house again, I think it could either manifest (among other things) as a time when my creativity got structured. Or, it could Rob me of my creative juices until I find out what the issues are and do something about them.

    Either way…. I was not fond of Saturn travelling my 12th house in Cap back in the years.

    Now, at least, the issues will be a bit more clear, and in a more productive way, if I am not mistaken 😉

  7. Well that’s funny, I just commented on another of your posts about my Saturn-Neptune and here this is! 🙂

    All I can think with Saturn in Pisces is “I don’t wanna!” I have a Neptune transit going on as well right now, plus the aspect in my own chart, and I just want to know what is true and what isn’t. Kinda frustrating.

  8. Keen for the class!! Saturn in Pisces 11th house and stressed about it. I swear I can feel it already. Mental health. Freak or genius? Chiron and moon in Virgo. 12th house in Aries xx

  9. Count me in!! I also have Saturn in Pisces and can relate
    It’s okay if you don’t mind your reality distorted or if you think it sounds fun to spend time wondering it you’re crazy, or trying be taken seriously when others think you’re crazy. Love it thankyou Elsa

  10. I’m rather excited even if a little weary. Natal Saturn in Pisces in the 8th house. I feel I’ll be able to put some pieces together. I’ve got a heavy saturn/Neptune signature and a chart comprised of mostly Capricorn. I’m hoping to be freed from the small asylum I’ve built in my head over the past 20ish years. Indeed very excited for this class.

  11. Saturn opposite Neptune here with Neptune on my Midheaven and having a Virgo stellium makes me dread the Saturn in Pisces transit. Last time around in 1995,I was dressing up as a Gypsy for a Halloween party when I dropped a large mirror on my foot and required stitches. The doctor kept telling me that I did not feel pain.

    I wanted to hit him with a crutch. How’s this for a Saturn transiting Pisces story?

  12. Saturn is about getting serious and being focused. That can be challenging but ultimately the investment in your maturity pays off. The transit all depends on the house and any planets aspected.

  13. I just deleted my almost entire collection of tweets and posts from my profile, and I have done the same on Facebook, (manually) deleting all content from my profile and timeline. Took a while, but worth the trouble.
    I have a nickname on both platforms, and changed my unique last name to a more generic last summer.

    And now I read this post, LOL!

    Sometimes I do things I don’t know the reason for… But I think it was the best decision for me. If ever there was a place where people judge who they or you think you are, it’s on social media.

    It sounds extreme, but I had Saturn transmitting my Neptune some years ago, on its way into my 12th house.

    I don’t want to be someone running around yelling “The Sky is falling! The sky is falling!” in a panicky way, but ai want to do what I think is best for me

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