Saturn, Age, And Humbling

I was talking to my friend, Ben, the other day. He was telling me about a man he’s known for about twenty years or so. This man compares himself to others.

Apparently he was born to privilege so he’s never had to work. Ben said he’d done nothing all his life but look at others and feel himself superior.

“If you do that, you have to keep doing that,” Ben explained. “The only way to feel good is to feel you’re better than everyone else, which is what he’d done all his life. There is no substance,” he explained. “But now age is catching up with him. He goes on and on about his big dick – well no one wants that anymore,” Ben said. I laughed. You really do need more than a dick or your looks when you’re fifty.

I got off the phone thinking that no one escapes Saturn. Eventually, you will be humbled.

Your experiences?

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  1. Yeah, its like the saying in psychology; all superiority complexes are a compensation for an inferiority complex. Maybe deep down this guy feels hes lower than the people that have to work and earn their wealth, so he feels hes not authentic that way.
    I wonder if its easier having an inferiority complex; if you can be closer to humility that way. Ive always felt inferior rather than superior, but its still a big trap.

  2. I have Saturn Conj ASC so I think I was born grounded. Saturn is in the 12th, so even if I do think I’m better than someone else, I can keep it to myself!

  3. I’ve known a few people like this, notably my mother. She spent a very lonely old age, drinking too much to maintain her Neptunian illusions, and driving away people who might have cared about her

  4. It’s difficult to watch this happening. Especially with people who maintain a happy-go-lucky facade for decades, refusing all and any responsibilities. It eventually hits. The worst of it when they become incapable of receiving love and care because they have shielded themselves from it for so long, for fear of getting tied down. It’s hurtful what they do to the ones who reach out to them when it starts hitting the fan, but what they do to themselves is even harder.

  5. For some reason, now that life has a forward feel as I let go of some stuff, I seem to be doing a review of some kind.

    Things started changing for me in the late 90s around my uranus opp uranus transit. Up till then I ran to meet the world. But then it started not working. Well, my bio unit fiasco was miserable, but I had my work. Well, my work tanked out on me, but I still had my relationship. . . . Well then that tanked out . . . etc. etc. Slowly I ended up not knowing what I was doing, which I was not accustomed to.

    The only thing I’ve read that has made sense of it all, is what Robert Hand wrote about the uranus opp uranus transit. Something like the external drivers have to be replaced by internal purpose. No more life lite. I wonder where saturn was in all that. Like when did it progress into sag, or when did cap progress to 1st house?

    If I go back to that time and look at that chart period, would it be considered Zombie Astrology?

  6. I think it’s humbling all the time, and I do err on the side of feeling inferior and not good enough, but even when you’re humble, life is humbling because people can still heap things on you based on odd perception that has no relation to the truth of the matter.

    The way I see it is you just keep going, and you live and learn as much as you can. Sometimes nothing gets in though, if it’s too bad…I just shut down and no one can reach me. It’s pure overload. I also think that it hurts when people expect their love to be returned in all circumstances, without looking at the person’s situation. Sometimes, it’s not a reflection on anyone, just a phase. I strive for patience as much as possible.

  7. I think by the time you’re 45 or 50, you’d better have something more than your looks, ’cause it’s all downhill from there! LOL.

  8. I think that is absolutely true that no one escapes Saturn. Some of us get humbled when we’re younger and we have to watch and wait for others to get the same comeuppance.

  9. I think it happens in small increments to all of us (in our own best interest) but some people are able to stave it for a variety of reasons. Denial is one, but also if you’re a celeb, surrounded by sycophants, you can avoid reality / harsh things in a variety of ways. It may be cliche, but it’s so important to “keep it real”. Hard to do when everyone around you kisses your ass, incessantly. 🙂

  10. I’d like to comment on Conoco’s post because I disagree about the statement that from 45 or 50 “it’s all downhill from there”.
    I suggest reading Alexander Ruperti’s amazing book “Cycles of Becoming” to better understand the meaning and purpose of each phase of life. Women who still dress like adolescents in their seventies are also good examples of persons who cannot cope with the aging process, and thus miss the wisdom that is imparted in the process and the transmission process (which can be extremely rewarding).
    I have a strong Saturn presence in my chart, and I feel like many Capricorns that it gets better during the 2nd part of life.
    Notice also how there are some really elderly people running marathons these days? Old age is what you make of it and that is Saturn’s gift or curse.
    I believe one of the key turning points for a happy old age is to prepare for retirement with an activity that makes life worthwhile and interesting on the side.

  11. My experiences with Saturn have been consistent throughout my life. I have been routinely humbled, as befits my chart (Capricorn Moon; Saturn aspects every planet in my chart).

    With Saturn/Leo/8th square Sun/5th I have really struggled to let myself shine. As an artist, I struggle every day to let the light out. I had to go to art school. I needed the formal structure, to push myself OUT.

    Great comment, Jeanne B:) My partner and I were talking about this very thing last night (about aging).

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