I was talking to a regular client yesterday, I think she’s highly likeable. She’s a Gemini and she’s got this really pleasant, social voice. Never mind anything else about her. I’m just saying, she is extremely likeable and I feel like this is somewhat of a lost art.

It’s probably the Internet that did it in. Flaming people on the Internet became a way to show prowess and get attention but I think this gig is up. A person comes on the boards here, they’re new and they start slashin’, crashin’ and burnin’, and what I think is that as good as they may be a such a thing, they are not at all likable and likability is pretty important in my world.

Saturn will be leaving Libra, shortly. If you’ve yet learned to get along with others, there is still time.

Are you likable?

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  1. Yes, I am. But I hope I don’t sound arrogant saying it out loud.

    But, this was not always the case when I was a teen. I was a stubborn and selfish person in my teens. I hope started being more flexible around the age of 19.

  2. I’m not sure. I do have that Libra niceness/politeness in me.But I’m not a very popular person. I’m stubborn and I tell it like it is. Which doesn’t please many.

    I’m just not sure how I appear to people. I think whatever I say might be projection.

    1. @newsl4ng, on the chance you thought I was talking about you, I was not! I admire how you handled yourself the other day – thanks. 🙂

  3. I would say Im likeable, but thats very subjective. Im sure there are people in my past who would disagree.

    I do have Libra placements, moon and rising sign as well as pluto. Maybe the nice guy is slightly tainted with the darkness of moon libra conjunct pluto and pluto in libra in my first house. Im nice, calm, pleasing to be around…but dont upset me.

  4. I get two extreme reactions. You either really like me or you really can’t stand me. I find that most people that like me are very genuine people to begin with. Those that don’t like me seem to have “something to hide”. *shrugs*

  5. @Solaire, likeability and popularity might actually be very different things. I remember in my younger days I’d be super rude (ok, I still have a highly charged mercury/mars thing going on :D), but always got away with it. Why? Cuz people let me. So that’s not likeability, but more likely, popularity.

    I find, at least in my younger days (pre-work force days) that likeability was actually very different from popularity… very nice or sweet persons would not be very noticeable.

    Oops, I think I digressed from your actual point. I made a new point hehe…

  6. Yeah I have charm. There was a time when I didn’t and it was because I hated everyone. I genuinely like human beings now, so it is easy to be myself and be sociable at the same time.

  7. People at work have started being extremely nice to me. It’s a little worrying, but it must be Saturn in Libra going over all their charts.

  8. I can relate to Lunalie. I’ve been told (and happen to agree) that people either really really like me or they don’t. I have Libra rising and Venus in Gemini so I have a surface charm that gets me through social situations but my Pluto/Mars/Uranus squares to Venus, Moon and Mercury in Gemini eventually rears their heads in deeper relationships. I arouse a lot of competition/suspicion and sometimes jealousy from women. This is something I am attempting to work out while Saturn in Libra is going through my first house.

  9. Haha, as soon as I read this I thought: Caroline. 😛 I could be wrong, but that description fits her to a T, IMO. 😀

  10. I think I can be charming with my Venus-Jupiter conjunction. I think the Pluto opposition my ASC affects this and also my Cap MC because I think I tend to come off as standoffish just as easily… I think I am very likeable to some and very NOT to others. 🙂 For the most part I think I am likeable DESPITE myself. haha

  11. On the whole i seem to be likeable. virgo rising with pluto in 1st doesnt seem that way but I ‘ve become better at being tough when required.

  12. I agree on likeability, especially since first impressions are so important! I can only hope I come off as likeable here since it’s all written communication. In person I’m very quick to smile, but I’m sure I’m not always, every time, likeable due to my Cancer moods.

    1. I think pretty much everyone on this blog is likable. The other types don’t last ’round here. They move along because being an asshole pays no dividends here.

  13. No, people see the Gem and Sag and think I’m fun, but in the end I’m not a likeable person as I’m fairly unstable. But people tell me when they get to know me, past the storm, I’m likeable.

  14. Children, animals and Pisceans seem to like me. People with control issues hate me. People with an anal complex like to take a dunk on me. Criminals fear me. Most people are indifferent, but maintain a certain distance. Those who think they’re entitled to a special treatment, despise me. Fundamentally evil people want me dead, but are afraid to try their luck. Some individuals think I’m an angel. People with opinions will have firm and extreme opinions about me. Many people suspect there’s something seriously wrong with me. I suspect many people are seriously wrong about many people.

    Likeable is a relative concept, as far as I’m concerned. I have Neptune/Moon in the 1st, so I could be anything. If you can see with your heart, you can see through the Neptunian haze. Maybe you like what you see, maybe not. 90% of all people will simply project whatever image they need to project onto me and call it me. In some cases, the image is likeable.

  15. Yes . . . Venus in Sagittarius in the 1st & lots of Libra means I opt for pleasant & tactful rather than pushy & snarly. Makes life easier IMO ’cause I also have Mars-Mercury-ASC conj in Scorpio and can slice ’em off at the knees if necessary.

  16. Darn it, y’all, I’m downright charming.


    Well I manage to play nicely with others, anyway. And I’m cute, which is helpful.

  17. Yes, Venus in Gemini/3rd trine Jupiter in Libra/7th. Easygoing Taurus and this Saturn in Libra transit has helped me with my boundaries so I’m not taken advantage of.

  18. I think I have learned to get along with others better – I am learning to let go of alot of stuff that used to bug the crap out of me. Was that the point of Saturn in Libra? Mine is 11th house. So yes, I think I accomplished this. WAHOO! One thing accomplished in life.

    Btw, I LOVE that art print. I used to have that on my wall but can’t remember the artist. So, me – so Neptune. 🙂

  19. This is interesting because I have no idea. The people who know me like me but I wouldn’t say I’m easy to know. I have a busy 7th house; Venus conjunct descendant, mercury & Saturn. My sun is also in there. But I have Capricorn on the ascendant and Pluto squares my asc/des axis and all of the planets on it. I also have a 9th house moon in Virgo. I’m not married, no kids, too much school & I’ve been successful in a male dominated profession. I think I can be charming. It probably has very little to do with my actual personality but too many people have described me as intimidating. If I were a guy, I’d definitely be more likable. No one I know with Saturn rising/asc etc can successfully project “affable” initially. We get a lot of “guarded”, “intimidating”, “blunt”, “cool/cold”. I have a stellium in cancer but only small children, my blood relatives and my patients come to me to be nurtured. 🙂

  20. Hi Elsa – I had this thought last night – that with Neptune now in Pisces he is getting us to really feel – to be real with our emotions. All the time he was in Aquarius being social on the internet consumed our way of relating – short quick bursts, lots of clevernesses with the option of no comeback, internet dating where the profile is everything… very little meaningful exchange. Then with Neptune moving over the Pisces zero point he threated us with earthquakes to shake us up and get us to be absolutely true to how we feel no matter the quality of the feeling…and now I am experiencing this in my personal life. And so people are being nice by virtue of being more honest with what is going on in their emotional bodies – cause when things go out of control in the outer world all we do have is an ability to express ourselves with utmost authenticity and appreciate this in others.

  21. I’m not hard to get along with, and try to be pleasant, but wouldn’t say I make a great first impression… mostly because of shyness and reserve. Neptune square Ascendant — people who get to know me generally like me unless they’re the types to value superficial charm over substance.

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