Saturn Aspecting Personal Planets

gavelSaturn is responsibility, slow-down, restriction, “do the right thing,” and judgement. Saturn in the houses will show where we have responsibility, but it doesn’t necessarily show how we treat that responsibility or how we feel about it. Do you have Saturn aspecting a personal planet? Do you judge yourself?

Saturn to any personal planet, Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, among other things can create an energy where you judge yourself. If it’s a soft aspect like a trine or a sextile you probably have an easier time of it. You may find that your judgments are less harsh as you’re more able to see the positive side. Squares, oppositions and even conjunctions can be harder to deal with. With a square the judgement can be harsh as the energy is in conflicting signs; oppositions, well they’re opposite but they contain a missing counterpart. In conjunction, sometimes you can be too close to the problem and miss seeing the forest for the trees.

Sometimes you have to take a moment, time (Saturn), and consider that there are no perfect beings, or if there are it’s not you. Perfection is an unrealistic expectation. Sometimes the remedy is to look not at your imperfections and shortcomings but at what you DO do well. Sometimes we need to shore up our confidence in order to overcome that blockage (Saturn) that keeps us from really mining that challenge to do better, to BE better.

Do you have a Saturn challenge in your chart? By transit? Do you judge yourself harshly?

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  1. I am a Sag Sun which is trined by Jupiter/Pluto. My Jupiter/Pluto is squared by Saturn in Scorpio in the 8th. Yes at times I feel like I have been blocked from transforming and expanding my life by the hard dark side of life. My cappy moon doesn’t help much either.

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    Using only the major aspects sat opposes my moon and conj my ASC as well as sextil my merc all orbs if 1 degree it less

  3. T saturn is conjunct natal uranus in the 7th. Right. Now.

    Yeah. I judge. Have alot of regret how i handled something. so. long. ago. Currently obsessed….with a 14 year old relationship wound….obsessed. blech.

  4. Saturn in Cap. in the 6th. It squares my mercury and is opposite my ascendant. I love work, but I’m really hard on myself.

  5. Saturn in Capricorn, conjunct Mercury and Square Libra moon. I judge my feelings a whole lot, my thoughts, and the thoughts and feelings are at war. It’s exhausting! I often just not feel and not think, but of course, this exacerbates the problem. I can’t avoid the conflict as much as I try. On the flip-side, I usually know what the right (Saturn) thing to do is, and can usually work up a Libra compromise between the 2. Sometimes the “compromise” is just understanding why everything feels so difficult sometimes.

    Also I have Saturn conjunct my North node, which I read is supposed to bring rewards for past life efforts.

  6. Hard Saturn aspects to Venus and Mercury are bad enough, but it’s the Saturn square Cappy Moon that’s the mega critic. Focus on my good points? What good points? Meh, i can always do better.

  7. Great post! Saturn sextiles sun and it makes a sqaure to my moon and mercury. The saturn mercury square l’ve learned to live with that, the Saturn moon square l don’t know yet…tough one.
    but it’s true l have a big problem with imperfection my own or other people’s. need to think about that!

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    Great article SATORI! i love my Leo Saturn.

    12th Saturn opposition 6th Moon
    my forced isolation, restrains me from work.

    12th Saturn square 9th Mars… mega critics over my aggression, lack of initiative, and much more.

  9. Saturn/1st has been squaring my natal Mercury in the 10th for some time, will continue to do so through September, and it has been just completely asstastic. I hate it. I really wish I could be all evolved and “find the lesson” but really I just want it to back off. Baby suddenly found herself in a corner surrounded by wet paint, to say nothing of the shysters, looters and toadies on the scene.

    When I’m not completely invisible, I’m rather unpopular at work, responsible for everything with control of nothing. For someone who lives (lived?) mostly for the job and is unused to being disliked, THAT has been quite a lesson in and of itself.

    I think I can handle the upcoming squares to my Sun and my Moon, because then it’s challenging me, and I have a natal square anyway, but when it harshes on my job, that hits me where it hurts. But both Saturn and I know that I’ve been there about 3 years too long and it’s coming to an end. But I still have to rearrange the deck chairs and that’s just chapping my heiney big time.

    Well, that was some bile. *hiccup*

    As I reread your post, perhaps I need to ease up on the despair a little, lol.

  10. I very much agree. My only point is that sometimes Saturn sextiles and trines are not any better. Because the energy flows more easily, sometimes responsibilities can come in such an overwhelming way, that it can crush you if not prepared.

    Meticulous preparation is also a keyword for Saturn, as long as you do your homework, live without unrealistic expectations, and the more one grows older, one can survive the toughness of Saturn.

  11. I have hard Saturn aspects to Mercury and Mars. Saturn also trines my Taurus Sun. I guess I’m an old hand at these difficult aspects.

    Saturn transiting Scorpio will hit my chart – with its abundance of planets in fixed signs Leo, Taurus, Scorpio – hard. It will oppose my Sun and square my Leo Ascendent, conjunct my Neptune and Jupiter.

    To help sort out what I need to do to prepare, I had a Tarot reading yesterday. One helpful suggestion that came out of the reading was FIND YOUR TRIBE. Nice 🙂

    This post is appreciated. Thank you.

  12. To get you out of that funk I’d recommend any of Laura Berman Fortgang’s books, Neva. Her writing is exceptional, and she doesn’t pull any punches. I discovered her while on retreat two weeks ago, and bought her book Take Yourself to the Top. Speaking as someone who’s had one in the past, I say she’s as valuable as a Career Consultant, minus all the hand holding.

  13. Yes, Saturn squares my cap moon and is apart of my stellium conjunction in which the sun, venus pluto and saturn are withing 6 degrees of each other. I used to think I was never good enough especially when I was young but as Im getting older im getting better. I have more self confidence, Saturn always gets better with the aga and time 😉

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    lucky me I have saturn aspecting my moon ..square my moon cancer Pluto is opposing my moon ..a degree off of. being exact..Saturn return in my seventh house..saturn went retro exact degree in conjunction of my natal saturn so im getting tasked and asked to look for a few months more of this deep transformation

  15. “Sometimes the remedy is to look not at your imperfections and shortcomings but at what you DO do well.”

    But what if you don’t do anything well? I have Saturn square the sun, ascendent, Venus and Jupiter and opposing the Midheaven. It’s like insta-regret on everything I think, say, fell, do because it’s wrong, awkward, stupid or insane. Saturn is such a drag, I’m starting to stoop frealsies.

  16. Also, to shore up that last point I would really love an “edit” or better yet a “delete” button on comments. :p

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    Neva! I keep getting, squashed, eclipsed, pushed out, (fired/let go,all actions judged- nothing is done well… and the rest of the time persona non grata.
    Doing meditation and with onset of anxiety (from all of the above) doing tapping (in the bathroom) and deep breathing focusing on the breath (my personal ‘way out’ or back to self).
    Elsa keeps pointing to these in her daily writings, kept me (fairly)stable.But no solutions. Saturn in 1’st. A bit surprised tho’ am able to still stand upright.

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    How can Saturn ‘teach’ a person to strive when they already ‘put out’. ‘Putting out’ too much, lesson must be TO NOT PUT OUT! Everything done is wrong, so do nothing? A life time of ‘putting out’ hahaha …then judge the self. (Can’t trust self observations?) I’d rather. Ask the universe to let me learn to allow it all. (even if I’m a jackass-nothing to show for anything [put out]) Decided to base action on day to day decision, plug my nose and dive in. Take stock at the end of each day-best I can do

  19. when you get to the point where you cannot do this for yourself, think of the good, it’s time to ask for help. a friend, a relative, or even a therapist. I’m going to quote a hokey dental-office type sentiment here, so prepare yourself: “a friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and can sing it back for you when you have forgotten the words.”

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    Thank you all. For me, Satori, I guess it will be 2’nd return (this is just the rehearsal) and preparations have begun. (I have never heard that ‘dental office sentiment’ and I love it – its beautiful! Am I hokey? lol) – thx for it!

  21. Libra Saturn sqaure Cancer Venus… I’m over trying to be nice and sweet to everyone around me… Now it’s time to focus on being good to myself!

    In the famous words of RuPaul.. “if you can’t love yourself,how in the HELL are you gonna love somebody else?! Can a AMEN??” 😉

  22. Phew, i’m under the notion that nobody knows the song in my heart but me, which means i need to be a very good friend to myself.

    Saturn in Cancer in the 1st, conjunct my ascendant and as far as personal planets go in hard aspect to Venus, Mercury and Jupiter and in soft aspect to the Moon.

    Much Saturnal sadness to work with, but now that i’ve started working with it it feels better. Much better than having it work against me anyway.

  23. With Saturn in the 10th I never got along and will never get along with my parents.

    They were some hard-headed people and expected everyone to kiss their feet. Um, not my kind of people to be around!

  24. Saturn in Leo/8th square 5th House Sun, Chiron, Mercury. I’m a master at self-execution. It’s actually perverse–a form of egotism. A dark Leo just isn’t RIGHT.

  25. Hard aspect to sun/ascendant and moon (conjunct, opposite). Transiting, nothing at the moment, but anything transiting early (2-9) degrees of mutables sets off the opposition.

  26. “Saturn to any personal planet, Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, among other things can create an energy where you judge yourself.”

    Bingo! That’s why I’ve been feeling critical the last few months. Saturn and Sun are opposed. Soon, it’s squaring my Moon. I’ve been extra judgmental with myself. Harsh harsh harsh!

    Thanks for this, Satori.

  27. I have saturn conjunct sun, mercury and venus; also opposite moon. To make things worse, my mercury & venus & mars is either detriment or fall.
    Ya, life sucks. I often judge myself harshly and is constantly feeling something is lack of in my life. And yes, I have grown to believe no one is there for me in the world. Especially after many disappointed relationships that I had experienced.
    I am still trying to figure out how to live my life. Many times I thought of ending it because I feel so tired. I don’t see the point for me to go through so much.

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