Venus Conjunct Mars Interpretation

 I got some questions about this aspect on my Venus square Mars post, so here you go…

There are three main types of Venus conjunct Mars depending who has the upper hand.

When the pair is in Aries, Scorpio or Capricorn you get a Mars heavy type.  These are the warriors with an aesthetic sensibility.  These people put the “art” in martial arts. They are expressive, passionate, and see life as a fight to be won.  They love physical activity and handle physical challenges with real finesse.  Bruce Lee had the conjunction in Scorpio.  This is also true, but to a lesser extent when the pair is in Virgo.

When the pair is in Taurus, Libra, or Pisces you get a dominant Venus.  These are the forceful lovers.  They are sensual courtesans with a knife in their garter, always ready to cut you if you don’t pay up.  Their will is to love and they are not afraid to use their sexuality as a weapon. They are romance novel heroes who will lay down their lives for that which they truly love.  If you’ve got a date with one of these expect a little tussle in the bedroom.  Pat Benatar (who had the conjunction in Pisces) said it best “Love is a Battlefield.”  This is also true for the conjunction in Cancer, but it is not as obvious.

All the rest are neutrals. They have a natural zest for sure, but it is less pronounced. They shift from one type to the other depending on who they are paired with.  Often times the energies cancel out completely and you are left with boring married people.  These are the people who know “tonight is the night we’re gonna make love, because it’s Wedneday night and Wednesday night is the night we usually make love.” The energy is similar to the undersexed Venus square Mars variety except these people are pretty happy with the situation.

Of course, the whole chart does need to be taken into consideration.  For example, an Aries rising emphasizes the Mars. Having the conjunction in the seventh house emphasizes the Venus.  Having aspects to another planet shifts the balance depending on that other planet’s sign, etc., etc., etc.  Also having the conjunction out of sign or overlapping houses can make any of these issues more pressing, almost crises like.

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  1. Pegged it, baybee. 😀 (My conjunction’s in Libra — as if everyone is not aware as much as I talk about it. *snort*)

  2. That is so nail on the head Nota!! My Love Interest told me I should take Martial Arts as it would give me more confidence (My Mars is in the 12th and in his Fifth)and he has Venus Mars sextile in Virgo. Maybe not a hard an aspect as described above but he loves to rough house and they are in his 4th!!

  3. Thanks Nota! Have been looking for good info on Venus conjunct Mars for awhile. Your description is the best I’ve come across, whether it was the web or the dozens of astrology books I own.

  4. I think Leo energy is very passionate from my own experince… I have leo venus & mars conjunct (on leo rising) also scorpio moon squaring. My lovers have all said i was super passionate and sexually responsive… (I sound a bit like a leo rising don’t I, tooting my horn, sorry :>)

  5. 5 leo venus & uranus conjunct 6 leo rising conjunct 9 leo mars square 6 scorpio moon conjunct neptune… i have a trigger temper too which i’m reaaaaaalllly trying to work on… thanks :>

  6. I have Mars in Libra29º34′ conjunct Venus in Scorpio 1º21′, both in the 9th house (also both conjunct Sun, Uranus and Mercury, big stellium I’ve got). Jupiter in pisces trine Venus.
    I just know I am the type that is ready to run away if it doesn’t work (usually doesn’t) but that’s more my aquarius rising, I think.

  7. Venus/Mars conjunct in Aries. I’m very Marsy when it comes to romance…the conjunction is very busy (aspects Moon, Pluto, Saturn, Neptune, Jupiter). I just want to LOVE THE LIVING SHIT OUT OF YOU DAMMIT. And let’s get busy in the old sackaroo, tooooo.

  8. My conjunction is in Scorpio, 6th house, with neptune & jupiter in a stellium mix. Saturn opposing mars from the 12th.
    As a small person I was a competitive figure skater, now I coach. Was a lifeguard for many summers at a boy scout camp. Study aikido and iaido.
    Can be patient to a fault then unexpectedly (sometimes unconsciously) start breaking things. Crockery, bones, bank accounts, hearts, etc.
    Not quite sure if that part ties into my moon/pluto opposition.

  9. so the neutrals are scheduling sex in spreadsheets and happy about it? wow, that’s interesting, and totally opposite from what i would’ve naively assumed about anything venus-mars.

    i have venus loosely sextile mars so i dunno. but despite all my virgo planets my cancer mars would FREAK out about regularly scheduled sex. or maybe that’s just sag moon-neptune? i should really be more disciplined in my astro-thinking but i ramble…

  10. YAY!!!!! Thank you for that amazing explanation Nota;-)

    I’ve got them conj in Taurus, both at 1 deg (39′ & 52′), also conj with my ASC at 5 deg (Tau) and Chiron at 4 deg (Tau, in 12th hse)….all opposing Uranus on my DSC;-) Aries is also intercepted in that hse and my Moon is hanging out right at the very edge of Pisces there as well.

    Really dominant Venus….check. I’m ALL ABOUT anything ruled by Venus, especially if I can idealize it somehow, (Neptune packs a punch in this area of my life as well) and if there’s anything left over after that, Uranus flips the switch on it.
    Not exactly sure how Chiron fits into all of that yet, but overall, I guess I’m forcefully passionate about anything that’s beautifully unconventional, and then am usually very confused by it all;-)

  11. Ive got Venus conj mars in Gemini. It’s funny that my best friends all have Venus mars conjunctions as well. Scorpio, Cancer, Taurus, Cap and Pisces. We’re all intense, party all night types:) and we all seem to get along best with the opposite sex. I don’t agree with the “neutrals” and scheduling. Has not been my experience at all. Don’t think I could live long with “boring”.

  12. The other types do not ALWAYS cancel out. This is just something I have seen a lot of, especially in older people, so I had to mention it. I Should clarify that by “neutral” I mean not dominated by venus or mars, more of a balanced directness. Also, just because your conjunction is in one of those other signs does no mean I would categorize you as “a neutral” Remember, the whole chart must be considered.

  13. Hello Nota,

    Sun in Scorpio 3º51′.
    Mercury Libra 29º10′
    Uranus Libra 28º30′
    Mars Libra 29º34′
    Venus Scorpio 1º21′

    Jupiter in the 1st house Pisces 8º4′ trine all of them in the 9th house.

    reading your comments makes me wonder how I will be when I get older! 🙂 I’m a bit too much Uranian I believe.

  14. A couple of Pisceans I know are getting married this year, during Mars conjunct RETROGRADE Venus in Scorpio. Any thoughts?

  15. very interesting post.
    I have venus conjunct mars conjunct jupiter in leo in the 10th house squaring my pluto conjunct my ascendant.

    its definitely a strong energy, and love/sex is very important to me. But I think it can be too much for me sometimes.

  16. @Katy,
    the key word for H8 is “SELF-TRASCEND ONESELF WITH INTEGRITY”, can you follow this lead ?

    Me ? Guilty !

    Venus/Mars in late Pisces within a degree, H5th . . But hey, i have my Moon there too (not conjuncted), upsy 🙂 Neptune in H3 – so, sensual desorientation most of the time, mind you . . 🙂

    I´m trully a spiritualy androginous being, self-outcasted out of this world sexes battlefield. Contemplating gender issues a great deal. Martial § Arts, adore them both, cant immagine life without any of them !

    Regarding H5, and the Moon within it, i can barely carry the preassure of my own creative flow, keep it´s pace, the “club cant handle me” issue type, with due humility.

    Overgrown carnal appetites at young age, i cant deny it´s wild beauty, but far from liberating, it ties down, and boy, in heavy weight mode . . All in all, it dosnt deliver that motivational trigger with me as it happens to most. I walidate and integrate the flesh in reverse mode, from ´beyond´, burning to in-carnate the spirit within the material,

    in all it´s glory.

  17. Got the conjunction in Capricorn in the 9th house both square my aries moon (very wide orb with mars though) which is conjunct my aries rising… I also have an aries south node in the first house. Most definitely mars dominant!

  18. I read recently an astrologers take on natal Mars venus conjunction. She said her theory is that this is a “plutonic” ♇ aspect. Do you agree? Why or why not?

    I’m just not getting that vibe, other than the personal magnetism but energies don’t strike me as “Plutonic”

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