Saturn Chasing The Moon: The Sisyphus Syndrome

SISYPHUSThe image of Sisyphus relentlessly rolling a rock up a mountain, only to have to watch it roll back down, and start all over again, is pretty much ingrained in every one who has gone to grade school. In astrology, I personally think Sisyphus was undergoing the transit of Saturn chasing the Progressed Moon.

Saturn and the progressed Moon both take approximately 29 years to circle your chart. Saturn back-and-forths through direct and retrograde motion; however, the progressed Moon only moves forward, at different speeds throughout the 29 year cycle– some signs are “faster” than others as the Moon progresses through them. Thus, you can be born without Saturn and the Moon being aspected in your chart, but through the years, they may catch up with each other, and begin a dance. Usually it’s not a dance anyone jumps for joy about. Saturn and the progressed Moon can signify a time of hardship and endurance that completely tasks a person for all they are worth, especially if other outer planets are aspecting Saturn/Moon at the same time. The opposition of Saturn/Moon feels as if someone “out there” is denying you anything and everything you need in order to feel secure. The square is felt as a constrictive noose around your own neck. The conjunction may be the easiest of all the Saturn/Moon aspects, because you feel that you have some control over events.

There is an emotional desert to pass through here. There may be very, very little accolades for the hard work you’re putting out; in fact, they may just keep piling things up for you just because you CAN get it all done… until one day you find your well has run dry and you absolutely must stop carrying the boulder on your shoulders until you do some self-care. The mind-body connection is never so obvious. Saturn’s deep meaning is to stop looking for validation anywhere outside yourself. There will be no authority figure, parental figure, or partner that will give you permission to put the boulder down. You have to make the decision yourself. It’s an inside job.

Look at the houses that both Saturn and the Moon rule in your natal chart; these seem to be general themes for the transit, even while Saturn and progressed Moon transit elsewhere. The transit usually lasts between 4.5 years to 15 years, although I have seen it in effect for 29 years. Find yourself a Saturnian type (someone old, and wise) who can keep you from giving in to the negative voice of Saturn when you’re having a hard day. You’re more likely to trust someone who has trod the road you’re now on.

You emerge from this transit a true survivor. You’re stronger, you’re wiser. The dearth of support has caused you to be grateful to anyone who has stood by you through the years. You know who your true friends are, and most of all, you now know how to be a friend to yourself. This is the alchemical Gold of Saturn.


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    1. Thank you, Jayne! I’m actually a regular here on, not writing but on the forum under a different name. Elsa put out a post asking people wanted to write astrology articles, I took a chance and here it is. Elsa’s swellska!

  1. This sounds pretty much like my life from 2010 to 2013.

    I went through Life’s ringer for a good long time, going down with stress/depression and learning self care was an absolute must. At the same time Saturn transitted my natal moon in 8th house. When I reached the Saturn Return ((1st) in 2012, almost exact with the second Pluto-Uranus square – I lost pretty much everything. It was like a maximum factor earthquake.

    Some time later I learned that my – now ex – had been cheating with my friend and I only had my job, clothes – and luckily a friend of a friend at whom I could stay.

    I walked through my own inner version of Hell during these years. And I came out exactly as this: a true surviver. Stronger, wiser and with more clarity about who I was and who was on My Team than ever. I am deeply grateful for those who stood by me and I will never ever take any kindness for granted today. I’m deeply grateful for every one who has shown me kindness and oatience the past four years.

    1. ugggh, Anette, it sure does sound like Saturn/Moon. It strips off everything.. reminds me of my dogs when I give them a meaty bone… 15 minutes later, it’s totally clean— and all you’re left with is your clothes and job (if you’re lucky). I have seen people have the transit, keep their homes, relationships, etc. but then they go through terrible physical challenges. It’s just so personal, however it manifests.

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    I have natal Saturn in Gemini opposing my moon natal moon in Scorpio. Unbelievably difficult time with work-related stuff, repeatedly encountering clients who get angry that you expect actual payment for your services. Just absurdly bad. Saturn is also transiting my first house in Sagittarius. My entire life has broken down but I wouldn’t trade it because I needed to see the truth. Lost many friends who I realize now weren’t good friends. What I thought was my support system was really a network of covert detractors and crazymakers. Lots of dead wood swept away over the past 8 years and am glad for it.

    1. My moon’s in scorpio, too. Incredibly hard to let go of stuff. SFS, how old are you? Since you were born with the aspect of Saturn/moon, you had the Saturn/progressed moon transit for a number of years, maybe a decade or longer. Hopefully you’ve moved beyond it now, and brighter skies are ahead!

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        Hi Diane, thank you for the good wishes, hope you’re past this bottleneck if you’ve been dealing with it as well and are experiencing some brighter skies of your own.

        I’m in my 40s and things have been unbelievably hard for years and years, so hearing I’ve been under a prolonged harsh aspect doesn’t surprise me at all. Doors of opportunity seem to open up, then slam shut in my face. Over and over and over. Are you in your 40s as well?

        1. 58 years old, SFS, 58 years old. My own Saturn/p.Moon transit was for 4.5 years back in 2000ish, then again for 4.5 years in approx. 2011. The first one was about my marriage and reputation; the second focused on my home. Saturn rules my 10th and the Moon my 4th. I had the conjunction, so I know I fared better than some others; still, the losses were devastating to me at the time.

          I’m sorry things have been so hard for so many years for you. I hope the transit moves off soon, and one of those doors stays open. I used to say that Saturn only opens the doors that will lead to increased self-respect, but the doors may only be opened a sliver, and you have to work to eek them open little by little, until you can finally fit through. Doors that seems to fling open are usually red herrings.

  3. Welcome Diane! How nice to see you see, with a timely chunk of Saturn and rocks. Your perspective offers me just the advice I need. I too am nearly as Old as God, with a semi-square natal aspect of a 12th House Capricorn Moon to my Saturn-Mars conjunction in the 8th House Leo. External events, and hefting boulders has been a long time theme. Self-care and being open to be mentored by my even elder friends is precisely what I need to nurture. At this age, there are only one or two, but they are true blue.

    Thanks for this ‘maiden’ post, it’s wonderful Diane!

      1. Wow, by the string of comments and content your contribution’s just the right ring to the ElsaElsa bell. Nice mix with Elsa and Satori. Thanks Diane and Elsa!

  4. hmmm my prog Saturn went direct a couple weeks ago & prog Saturn & Moon will be conjunct next year. I have Saturn in the 4th (and Moon sextile Saturn) so not unfamiliar w the energy. Thanks for the prompt to look at my prog chart & realize this. 🙂

    1. Progressed Saturn doesn’t move much over a lifetime, and everyone gets the conjunction of the progressed Moon over their Saturn/progressed Saturn every 27-29 years. It’s usually a month of “grown up issues”, most Saturn/Moon transits are a “checkpoint” of how we’re dealing with the adult aspects of living life. I think the people that may have the hardest time with Saturn/Moon challenges are those with fire or air moons. Earth and water know what it feels like to get down and dirty in the trenches, while Air and Fire really don’t like the dirty trenches much. Earth and water seem to be able to adjust to long, dry spells a bit better.

  5. The trick is to go for the gold and not hang in with the grind over and over again!
    Thanks, great view to contemplate and you lightened my day….:)

      1. My daughter has this opposition now and will for a few years to come. Nataly her Saturn is exact on her asc (cancer) and her natal sun is 0 degree capricorn. So this is a strong transit dor her and I am really scared of it. First time the opposition happened was almost two years ago, she was 18 years old and went into deep depression (natal Neptune involved at the time). I did m best to help her – i offered to pay for therapy and it helped her. Later she told me she wanted to kill herself. It is happening now as well, exams and stress, burned her hand badly when transit moon joined. Makes me so sad, she is young Full of positive energy (natal moon in sagitarius) but this Saturn makes her feel Like she is fighting the wind. I hope something good comes out of it, she will have Many more of these, I followed until 2026 and couldnt do anymore as I started to cry, its too much, I really hope she dosn’t hurt herself. I will do my best to be there for her.

  6. Wow enjoyed this post very much. I’m having Saturn oppose my sun and feel like I’m being rejected from society at thirty. It may be juvenile but it hurts and I’m wondering if guys who aren’t geriatric will ever pay attention to me again.

    1. Oh, Kri… LOL, I totally understand. Saturn opposite Sun … let’s see, how can you turn that muck into gold? Maybe one of those old guys has a nugget of wisdom to offer you, not just a shrunken ol’ … nevermind. If you find yourself surrounded by critics under this opposition, mentally tell them: thank you so much, Saturn, for trying to bring my fears to my attention, but I think you can go sit in the corner for awhile now while I try to lighten up”. Then put Saturn in a corner in your mind. The trick is to not try to push him away completely, that never works. Any Saturn transit usually brings out our fears, like a worry-wart father who wants us to be *careful*. If we respect the message but put boundaries around the amount of fear we’re willing to suffer, Saturn usually quiets down a bit.

  7. Hi Diane! Nice piece and good advise. By virtue of being an oldster myself, I reckon it’s time to lay it down, and lean on that Old Rock for support.

    1. yeah, hulala, time to sit in that rocking chair a bit and pass on some of that good advice to the youngsters. It’s not all bad, this getting older stuff!!!

  8. dog8818 just looked at my progressed chart a couple of weeks ago when I posted it asking for help and mentioned that this is the hell I am living in right now. Its a blast. What a party. My natal Saturn is in the 6th… ‘dog’ said I am going through this right now. I have been so sick. An up and down kind of sick. Still, too sick to work. (at least at what I have been doing. Fun…getting ready to close my business – doing a few repairs and putting the building up for sale. I cant do it anymore. Sad… but no choice.

    1. I read that thread, Soup. You have certainly epitomized Saturn chasing the Progressed Moon. I’m glad it’s moving off soon. You’re so gold, it’s blinding. Imagine if you got spot gold prices, you’d be a millionaire!

  9. Hello, I have natal saturn in the fourth house. Is this similar to saturn moon energy? The transiting saturn is conjunct my moon and its a familiar depression, just a bit more exaggerated. I’ve already gone through a period of losing everything over the past few years, which happens at certain stages in my life. All that I have is taken and I must sustain myself. Probably pluto in my second house as well. Excellent article and I truly look forward to more!

    1. Yes, Mojo, you’re certainly used to Saturn/Moon energy, having natal Saturn in the 4th. When you said “it’s familiar”, I smiled. Some people have the innate ability to juggle those earthy emotions, and a Saturn/4th house person certainly has experience with it. Sometimes I think “depression” is just a way for the Universe to make us stop paying attention to what’s out there and go deep down inside ourselves for a self-examination. However, I always think it’s a good idea to get professional assistance with this, because we can get caught up in the shadow Saturn side of self-criticism, like a big stick that we beat ourselves with over and over… and that is absolutely NOT what a healthy Saturn is about. The older you get, the more you realize that YOU have to make the decision to put the stick down, YOU have to say “I’m not going to beat myself with this anymore” and YOU have to love yourself enough… there were times when I pretended I had a big sister and asked her what she thought. My “big sister” always thought I was too hard on myself. Somehow it was easier to take her advice than my own.

    1. Yup. Been there more than once. Wouldn’t be surprised if there’s more in store, but God willing, I’ll see that old man on the road and will drive around him instead of having to deal with him once again. And by that I mean, of course, that I hope I’ve learned my lesson. My biggest one has always been “seek validation from within”. Saturn rules my 10th.

  10. Welcome, Diane!- and what a great post! Timely, too, as almost everyone I know seem to be grinding through!
    My natal Saturn is in Aquarius – 11th – and moon in Scorpio – 8th. I don’t know how to figure my progressed moon, but I’m guessing these two are connected in my chart! And they certainly seem to be doing their push-me-pull-you on me these days – make that over the last few years!
    Thank you, and looking forward to reading more of your work!

    1. You’re welcome. If you go to and plug in your info, you can get a progressed chart there, just FYI. It may not be that you still have Saturn chasing your progressed Moon (it would be in square aspect, just like your natal, if you do still have it). All depends on how old you are now, and how fast the p. Moon has been since birth.

  11. This was a great reminder for me to check when the chasing is over (tr. Saturn opposing pr. Moon). 2019-2020 yay! It’s been ongoing since 2000. It was harsh only for the first 12 years (:D). Currently it’s not that bad, although I know that shit can hit the fan at any given time.

    And the trick is definitely to hang in there since you don’t really have a proper safety net to fall back on. If you go out of your way to “go for the gold”, you’ll fall. I have been through this so many times. Now I just try to do what needs to be done and save the gold for later.

  12. Thanks Diane that was a great article. After many years, my progressed moon just escaped progressed Saturn’s orb …..but transiting Saturn is now approaching a conjunction w/my Sag moon in 2017…so I guess it will be more of the same for awhile. I guess I’m conditioned for it though lol.

  13. Jana, I’m confused. Your progressed moon has escaped progressed saturn’s orb? Did you mean your progressed moon has escaped *transiting* Saturn’s orb?

    Progressed Moon conjunct progressed Saturn is a couple/three months of “growin’ up stuff” (how hard this will be depends on how your Saturn is aspected natally)

    Transit Saturn conjunct your Sag Moon also will depend on how your Moon is aspected natally. Example: you find an incredibly affordable, thrifty little abode to live in when Saturn hits your moon, which happens to have good aspects to other inner planets in your chart. If your moon is harshly aspected, well—- you had a flavor of how this transit goes every time Saturn makes a hard aspect to your Moon… think back 7 years, what was it like then?

  14. Saturn rules my 6th of work and health and the moon my 10th…not hard to figure out what has been going on in my life with this little nightmare I have been dealing with. Please baby Jesus let it be over soon. I am trying to hang on by threads to my business and my health.

    I just have to be near the end… or its going to be the end of me and I see myself normally as a Ninja Warrior that has come through some mighty horrifying moments!!!!

    Please Universe….I am begging you! I have stood up in this mudslide over and over…. can a gal get a year or two of sunshine? Nope…. next up for my viewing pleasure, my second Saturn return

    I would curse now, but its best I keep my wits LOL

  15. It scares me since my daughter is having An opposition for next few years and her sun is capricorne and cancer os rising. She has Saturn sitting exact on her asc, will that help or make it worst?

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