Saturn In Pisces: Compassionate People Set Boundaries

pisces bubbleIn an ideal world there are no limits to compassion. In the real world, limits exist. This is a primary thing we’ll learn during Saturn’s transit of Pisces.

During this transit, Pisces will suffer until and unless they overcome the block the prevents them from creating boundaries with people who routinely drain their energy.  This is true for others who struggle in a similar way.

Keep in mind the idea “boundaries” applies to interactions between you and others but they also apply to you as an individual.  Did you say you weren’t going to eat that cake? What’s it doing in your hand?

I had a client this morning in a situation like this. I explained, the sooner they placed the boundary, the better. The minute they got it done, reality (Saturn) would shift (Pisces) as they would in line with and on top of their transit.  It’s a really good feeling, you can only get by facing your fear and doing what you need to do.

It’s also the way to stop the suffering, which can seem limitless. It can actually be limitless, if you don’t find a way to check your situation. If you can’t manage, I can help. It seems, yesterday’s story illustrates not only how this can be done, but just how hard it can be. Obi Wan Kenobi, PhD.

Do you need to place a boundary at this time?

21 thoughts on “Saturn In Pisces: Compassionate People Set Boundaries”

  1. Very useful to be looking at the Saturn Neptune midpoint in our individual charts. It describes what we are here to make real and manifest from that other worldly Piscean realm…

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  3. impeccably timed advice, Elsa… setting boundaries with those who seem neediest can be the most difficult. i have to set a boundary with my mother due to her alcoholism and emotional vampirism, but it’s complicated — due to current circumstances, i have to live with her. she views me alternately as an emotional support animal and as a human stress ball, but i have four children and my plate is full. i have to set an example for them also and not let her normalize the kind of things she normalized in my childhood. guess i needed to get that off my chest :’)

    she is an aquarius sun and i have fourth house saturn in aquarius, if that tells you anything.

      1. you absolutely nailed the dynamic — however i resent it because she is also abusive, and i have no power to change her. thank you for your insight<3

  4. Totally agree. Moon Venus sq Neptune… I’ve had to learn this the hard, long way. But, it’s life (reality) changing.

  5. this explains so much. it’s become clear it’s something i need to do. also rebuild my spiritual practice. they both kind of tie in together, in respecting my internal equilibrium…

  6. A great analysis. I’m also hoping that this is the time overly-Piscean people have Saturnian boundaries set for them, if they can’t set them for themselves. I can think of a few of them…

  7. Thinking about this, with Saturn in Pisces, it flows both ways, so boundaries are both formed and dissolved.

    It doesn’t seem to be predictable which or where such boundaries will develop, strengthen or weaken. It’s also possible to apply them but they may then dissolve and vice versa.

    I kind of like this unpredictability because it requests me to find zen, in the midst of hair raising energy.

    1. I like this.

      It could be that if one has become overly rigid in their ways, unbending or uncompromising, too high walls around them, then Saturn Pisces will diffuse and dissolve the boundaries.

      Likewise, if one is too flexible, malleable, lacks boundaries altogether, puts their needs last, then Saturn Pisces will ensure strong boundaries are set and implemented.

      Pisces = boundaries of all kinds. Too much or too little.

  8. Don’s got me thinking about Neptune-Saturn configurations people might have nataly … anyone got any ideas on how these may increase/ decrease ease with this transit … like if you gave them square or trine in natal chart, or would it not be significant as Saturn is just in pisces … it’s not like it’s an aspect in itself … or not yet until they will have the conjunction.

  9. with a natal Saturn in Pisces in the 10H, I’m not sure how to apply this. there are painfully obvious correlations to my social sphere, but career? notsomuch. yes, there’s phase of life stuff but, paying work isn’t applicable to me and my career left me long ago. I need action steps, I’m exhausted trying to suss out clues, and I don’t feel there’s time left to waste.

    1. Ourside career, isn’t 10H also just ‘how you are known’ in your community… what your ‘role’ is e.g if you were a fulltime ‘mum’ it would be in that realm, if you are known to be married to Y, or known to be single, or known to be a good person …like your reputation … etc … with the Saturn return could mean some sort of change in how you are known? Might link into your social sphere that you mention?

      1. thanks for your reply!
        oh yes, absolutely those changes are part of it as this is my midlife return. turns out I did what I was born to do, but that’s easy to see in hindsight, right? 😄 sure would be nice to clearly see best next steps before I have to take them. should I enter my villain era? 🤣

        1. Lol!!! Most definitely time for Villan era 😂 sounds good re have done what was meant to do, you are on course, Saturn should reward this?! Maybe no need to ‘know’ just do pisces ‘flow’?!😁

  10. Avatar
    Irmi1969 / Char555

    Saturn-Neptune midpoint in later degrees of Leo – about 26 or 27 or so, in the 9th house.
    I’ve learned to set boundaries (Scorpio-ho-ho rising!!).
    But my boyfriend’s Sun-Venus midpoint is at 26 Leo… hmmm … now what??

  11. This is so f*****g true!!! Having a Pisces Asc on the 1st degree, and a natal Moon also at 1st degree of Libra, I spent the first 27 yrs of my life doing what made everyone else happy. But good ol’ Ron, was he happy? Hell, no! All because I did everything to please others instead of myself. Ha ha! What a shock for everyone else to suddenly find that I set up definite boundaries and I was NOT going to put up with their demands anymore. Whew! What a relief!

      1. Thanks, Witchy1 Another thing I learned is that when I was accused of “burning bridges”, I immediately said, “NO!” There’s a difference between burning bridges, and refusing to lower your vibrations in order to be “accepted” by others. And I told them that.
        I’m curious about your name “Witchy1”. . . were you motivated by the Eagle’s song, “Witchy Woman”? The sheep and normies are afraid of women who express strong personality. I’ve been an astrologer for 44 years, and nobody in my birth family cares to hear about it. That and other subject, like being able to talk with my dead wife. She hasn’t said much lately, but I know she is there.

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