Do Transits From The Chart Ruler Warrant Special Consideration?

planetsThere is a theory out there; transits of the planet the rules the chart are always beneficial.  This was innovative at the time I heard of it, because I have Capricorn rising. The widely held wisdom at the time was that you were uniformly up a creek when Saturn came ’round.

The basis of the theory is that the individual is naturally attuned to the energy of the chart ruler so they have little problem aligning with it. This makes logical sense but I have never been able to draw a firm conclusion, even though I always benefit from Saturn transits.

D o I benefit because this theory is true? Or is it because I have Saturn strongly placed and well aspected?  In other words, if Saturn were trashed in my chart would I still fare as well?  What do you think?

Is the chart ruler friendly to the chart… Period?

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  1. My chart ruler is the Sun and I don’t notice transits from the sun except for solar returns.

    However I have a nicely aspected Jupiter and Uranus (not aspecting my sun but trine my Asc) and transits from those planets to my chart have always been favorable.

  2. No. The chart ruler natal aspects reflect in the transit. If one has overcome,learn to work with or transcends the difficult natal placement chances are this disharmony will surface again. But with right awareness an opportunity is given to perhaps see through it. That’s y view anyway.

  3. It would make sense even if the planet had its struggles with other birth planets, to catch support either way.

    I’m pisces rising and Neptune’s transiting my 12th House; I feel like I’m losing my God given marbles everyday for the past 3 years. ?

  4. Hi Elsa on losing my way I’m hoping a Saturn transit to a saturn ruled chart would help. Love all your work, love all you’ve done to help pick ourselves up! Hugs

  5. my chart ruler (mercury) is not exactly well aspected (in a tsquare with saturn and uranus) but i seem to be pretty in tune with it. it is, however, trine my ascendant. sort of like double mercury ruled?

  6. I also have Cap rising and love Saturn transits.

    It’s almost a new notebook feeling at the beginning of a school year.

    I tend to think this is true because people’s rising is not just how they appear, but in some ways what they admire. So the planet that rules this is going to be something they care about, want to work with, and are interested in.

    So even if the transit is bad, they are likely to have a good attitude about it.

    That’s my take.

  7. Well I’m an cancer rising and the moon is transiting my first house and I’ve been having these headaches like crazy for the past couple days

  8. I am also Capricorn rising and have had very good, fulfilling experiences with recent Saturn transits that I have paid attention to. Like culminating, achieving things, making them real. But I have a Capricorn Moon and Saturn in the first house too so I really get Saturn I think!

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