Your Gift & The Price You Pay For It

The Queen's GambitEvery gift is a curse in exact proportion. I’ve made this statement many times, feeling it’s true but understanding it would be hard to quantify.  I’ve made the statement anyway, because I think it’s broadly true. Today, I have a better statement to share.

We’ve been watching, The Queen’s Gambit. It’s about a chess prodigy.

At one point, the girl’s mentor shows her a coin, explaining there were two sides to every coin.  “There’s your gift,” he says, pointing to the coin, before he flips it.  “And there is price you pay for it.”

Much better, right?

Do you have a particular gift which you can associate with a particular price you pay for it? How would you see this, astrologically?

7 thoughts on “Your Gift & The Price You Pay For It”

    1. Garth Brooks said the same exact thing multiple times throughout the documentary. Everyone deals with this dichotomy on some level, but I imagine famous people have to deal with it more intensely.
      It’s kind of like choice demands a sacrifice. You can’t have it all.

    1. Interesting thought. 🤔

      As a highly Uranian person (Uranus on AC, aspecting luminaries, Merc and Mars), I have always considered my gifts to be of a Uranian nature. The price of that is losing people suddenly. 99.99% of the time, it’s because I am detached (I’ve been called cold) and have a tendency to eject from situations when I have had enough. Compounding matters is because I appear so detached, people can’t tell I’ve had enough until I tell them, and then it’s too late.

      However it does make sense to look to the 2nd for talents and the 8th for the price to pay. I have Neptune in my 2nd, so I suppose I can be all Eat Pray Love when it suits me. I get inspired flashes of insight from time to time, especially with 2nd ruler, Jupiter, essentially and accidentally dignified in the 9th. The price for this is that the many friendships I have are like flickering lightbulbs (Merc, L8, L11 square Uranus, conjunct Moon, Venus and Saturn) in that it’s a see you when I see you situation. I cannot maintain relationships with people who cannot accept this about me. If you keep the door open, I’ll always come back. 😁

  1. I know there are asteroids for many things under the sun but for fun only, there’s an asteroid called talent (33154).

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