Saturn In Pisces: To Become A Sentient Human Being

sentiencesentient adjective
1 : capable of sensing or feeling : conscious of or responsive to the sensations of seeing, hearing, feeling, tasting, or smelling
sentient beings
2 : AWARE sentient of the danger posed by the approaching hurricane
3 : finely sensitive in perception or feeling
– from Merriam Webster

Here I go with another idea that may be hard to convey. I’m including the definition of the word “sentient”,  because many relate it to the idea of a machine becoming sentient / feeling or human-like. That’s not what I’m talking about. I am talking about human beings becoming sentient because at the moment, it’s as if our senses are crusted over, slimed and socially engineered out of us.

You may be mad but I am going to continue. This stuff comes directly from my own observations.  These are my ideas for good or ill. At this point, your dog is likely to be more sensitive to emotion and undercurrent then the person sitting next to you – why?

I think it’s because we tend to copy what we’re exposed to.  Again, I apologize, but it’s “monkey see, monkey do.”  So what do we see?

Every character on every show is deeply flawed. If they display any morals at all, you can bet it’s a matter of time before the veil drops on the character and you learn they are hiding some type of depravity.  Never mind our senses are assaulted (with out consent), round the clock. It overwhelms your “logic board”.

Day and night, it is always about chasing money which has nothing to do with being a decent person. Many plan to be a decent person when and if they get rich, which they are trying do.  Like you’re drowning, gurgling down into the water – this person you know, will be back to save you once they get their bag (of money).  Does that sound like a sentient person to you?

People all over world strive to be a garish as possible, in order to get attention and gain a following.  They’ve been seduced… and reduced in the process. Sentient? I don’t think so. Pretending to be sentient? Maybe. Let’s cry for the camera, y’all.

Saturn in Pisces comes into this when we think about feeling other people’s feelings and more.  The boundary disappears.

This can be disastrous if you’re not used to such a thing. You wind up crying a river of tears, not sure why. You wonder if you’ve gone crazy.  We cover how and why this happens, in our guide, along with remedies..

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This post is focused on another angle; it’s about connecting with the people and things around you.   For example, let’s say you live in the city. You check the weather report – it’s going to be sunny.  That’s all you know, it’s all you need to know.

If you become a sentient human being, you feel the sun. You feel the warmth on whatever side of your body. You’re connected to it, which you actually are, otherwise your skin would not be turning brown!

You see the leaves of trees, moving in the breeze, and you know this life.  There is a grand design and you’re part of it.

Maybe you’ll rolling down the highway and you hit detour.  Does it mean something? Probably. I mean, it’s doesn’t mean anything to a dense brick but to a human being?

Saturn is always concerned with goals. My goal for this transit is to become more sentient.  I feel my senses are somewhat grimed over like the film on the headlamps of my car.  I do and say too many things by rote, because it’s expected of me. I’m addressing this now.

How sensitive are you to life around you?  How dense brick are you?

12 thoughts on “Saturn In Pisces: To Become A Sentient Human Being”

  1. Great thoughts Elsa. My Saturn in Pisces is in the sixth, coming upon my north node at 7 degrees, squaring my Gemini Sun in the ninth. I think I’ve always been tearfully lacking in boundaries and I’m hopeful Saturn will structure these tendencies in for better outcomes.

  2. Sensitive to the things and people that matter these days… I’ve disconnected from mainstream Social Media for almost 2 years now. On the other hand, feels like my curiosity and empathy’s grown, especially for peering into what other people think and feel about the world today particularly online news sites. I can literally spend hours (not all at once) reading the comments page, rather like a sociological study observing human behavior and function. This – plus keeping things as simple as possible helps me stay “sensitive” and true to myself. Second Saturn return 🙂

  3. Becoming sentient is also connected to the elimination and ending of that which disembodies us and cuts us off from feeling.
    Saturn in Pisces and Pluto in Aquarius are symbiotic and moving us towards sentience.

    1. Love this Don, I too think both can be very supportive towards this route and Love Elsa’s “it’s as if our senses are crusted over, slimed and socially engineered out of us” … lets get off this train!!!! we need to reconnect with our humanity & sentience at all costs! it’s a lifesaver!!! literally.

  4. Maybe our lives are going to have to shrink back to “reality” and we’ll stop living on the interwebs.Maybe we will realize we need to hang out with the real people on our block, in our church, at the art group, at the coffee shop .SEEING each other in person will remind us what real humans look like without filters or AI manipulations. We will remember that real people have wrinkles, freckles,they fart and burp, they snort and they laugh.. We will start remembering how to be a good neighbor, spouse, friend. Maybe we will start to sacrifice quantity of interaction with quality.. maybe the pace of life will have to slow down, we will take walks by rivers and through woods so we can connect with REAL life and not go down the AI rabbit hole..

  5. This post is very insightful. There was a Danny DeVito movie a long time ago about a Nielson ratings mishap which caused most consumers in the country turn turn into crude, course, ignoramuses. Ratings drive the consumer culture. The outcome in that movie’s script, in my opinion, has actually come to pass. It explains a lot about the violence in our daily headlines and the sorry state of our politics over the last 7 years or so. Idiocracy is another film of the same sort. My personal solution is to refuse to participate. Pop culture, once seen as kind of cute, has become a poison. I just don’t go there anymore. Keeping my thoughts kind and staying curious have become a good refuge for me. I’m hoping there are others who feel the same way…

  6. This reminds me of a time years ago that I was out in the backyard working in my garden and was so ‘in the zone’ I didn’t realize the neighbor’s house behind me was on fire until a bunch of fire trucks rolled up with sirens blaring. I felt so bad.

  7. This throws up the issue of vulnerability. If we strive to be sentient beings, with the stress on the word ‘being’ rather than ‘doing’, then we are moving away from defenses, defensiveness, ego-based operations and towards experiencing more of our innate vulnerability (could also say moving away from illusion about ourselves, what we are, to more of a sense of reality – we are vulnerable, but in this opening lies new knowledge and experience).

    The challenge seems to be learning to be more open, when in the midst of collective fear, anxiety, perceived threat, intense at times. But I think some of that perceived threat is the ego over-reacting defensively (on a collective level also) to increased feelings and emotions (thus spiritual knowledge) ‘leaking’ through – the ego fears its own death, but really it’s a transformation – towards accepting more emotion, more life force, and more reality (biological death exists, but so does spiritual life). You could look at it as a Cancer-Capricorn balancing act, but also Leo-Aquarius, with the heart-mind dilemma, and throw in some Taurus-Scorpio too, because in our experience of vulnerability there lies the shadow of wounding, trauma, loss of self. I would guess that all polarity signs have something of this passage involved.

    One thing I’m noticing in myself is that in progressively living less through a defensive ego, I feel I lack confidence, because I was using the ego defensively to create this, which is the social norm. Re-learning confidence (a sense of power), which seems to now be heart based is the growth area, and that confidence has to come from learning trust – trust of self i.e., the true self sourced in consciousness, and trust of the universe that this consciousness derives from (different principles, supportive not hostile and creative to self, not self-destructive).

    We’re thus discussing two very different operating systems and the transition is very challenging due to our conditioning which is erroneous regarding the nature of consciousness. On one side vulnerability is deemed weak, on the other vulnerability leads to truth and power through experiencing integrity.

    The exciting thing is we’re working this all out as we go along. This means going for periods without any context/meaning, and that’s when it’s most stressful for the mind/ego. In my experience, consciousness will provide the context exactly when needed but not when expected! It can feel very tiring, but again, that’s the ego not letting go and relaxing into the flow of consciousness.

    1. Absolutely love this! brings together a lot… I think vulnerability is linked to authenticity and that there is a lot of strength in that. Love the last paragraph re timing! Thank you!

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