Sun Venus Square Pluto – Pressure Building – USE IT!

steam boilerThe sun and Venus are conjunct in the late degrees of Libra right now. If you have planets in Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn), I’m sure you’re involved in a serious operation at this time.

The sun and Venus will spill into Scorpio in a week. Early degree Fixed sign people are in on this well.  Taurus, Leo, Scorpio Aquarius.

I missed my weekly video this week due to this square. I’m sorry!  But I’ve been called on by clients who have been knocked for a loop. The kind of stuff, when you hear it, you have to stop what you’re doing to offer assistance.

In this process, I’m reminded how valuable painful experience can wind up being. Specifically, I’ve been through so much, when I hear about something, I’m able to say, yes!  I know this movie… here is how it’s likely to go and here is how you can likely help yourself and the other people involved.

I admit, I’m pragmatic. I recall periods where people like me have been devalued but this is not one of them. We’re all getting taken down at this time in one way or the other. You may like to see people in a good mood and can’t find any! That alone will hit a person!

Here’s the theme that runs through every recent situation: Can you avoid the process or arduous path you are facing?


Maybe, no?
No, it’s a no, no.

The reason is because imagined magic fairyland has dried up now. Platitudes look like platitudes! No, you can’t chant your way out of this.

Right now, it’s commitment that empowers a person.  Push through and do what you have to do. Believe it or not, this will probably work!

This message is for anyone who is thinking along these lines, already, consciously or otherwise. May it get you off the fence (Libra) over this next week!

This may help.

Doing Exactly What You Don’t Want To Do In Order To Be Free

That’s a steam boiler, pictured. Lot of pressure, put to good use. You probably don’t want to be a steam boiler but if you’re feeling this way, you see what to do. Funnel the energy into something productive.

You’ll be amazed at the progress you can make once you shut down all the (energy) sinks in your life. Then pick up the load lying at your feet with your name on it and get on with it. Clean energy / no distractions. Keep going until you’re clear.

Are you in a crisis?  Or is it your friends or family?

22 thoughts on “Sun Venus Square Pluto – Pressure Building – USE IT!”

  1. I have a meeting with a customer tomorrow to clarify and idea. I almost rescheduled because it’s the last thing I wanted to do this Monday. However, I had this overwhelming feeling that I should just face it head on and get it done now. I just finished 2 hours of meeting prep and feeling accomplished and ready to tackle this. I’ve also read Monday is a horrible day for meetings. I hope I made the right choice!

      1. 🙂
        Big Week for me. I have Libra on the IC. Ghost of boyfriend past seem to be haunting me – I am not contacting them. But, at this old age I am so grateful that relationship did not work out. So grateful. I was protected. So, there you go. Dreamt of a woman I co owned a house in Boston with (you own a floor – condo’s triple decker) on Monday. Would not let up this dream. Found her Obituary. She died suddenly at 60. I think she wanted me and the other co-owner to know. She will always be young and beautiful now. Not a bad way to go, the way she went. Thanks again for this post.

  2. I started a huge declutter project in Virgo season, which was on track to be done until my mom went into the hospital and two my cats died.

    It seems like the way I was going to organize everything is no longer relevant and so everything is just piled up in a huge mess and the Virgo energy isn’t around for support anymore.

    It’s bugging me that it’s all in limbo! Also, I have some new business and it’s time to get back to work finally after my family stuff and the pandemic so now I have to juggle work and a messy living space.

    I don’t know where the days go, it’s really strange. It’s like they have no structure anymore.

    I just do as much as I can and remind myself that eventually this time is going to pass. The best thing about astrology is that you learn about cycles and realize these weird energetic cycles eventually end.

    1. Christine, I totally lived through that 2 years ago. It took a long time to get my house and my affairs back in order because they were neglected for months. I opened my Christmas cards in April ha ha. My best advice to you is only do the little you can , just organize on a big scale, try to keep notes and lists in places you can find them later, pay bills on time, and you will drill down to the details later. I am finally getting to the place where my home is organized and I’m getting my affairs in order again… Two years later. And it’s very satisfying. You might try asking the cosmos for help to o!

      1. Thanks! It feels like Saturn direct is bringing some direction for me. As it moves forward it forms a trine to my 4th house which is good after a very long period of destruction from the opposition from Pluto, and my now-waning Pluto opposite Sun. There were some breakthroughs in terms of a direction and it feels like it will all come together now. Probably not all at once, but in some measured steps. 🙂

  3. I’m in the process of moving right now. I’m in my new hometown for a week. Meeting with my prospective employer on Wednesday. Despite all this stress, I’m a Libra Moon, so I know this is right for me.

    (The Sun and Venus recently passed over my Moon and are headed to my Jupiter, in a wide conjunction with my Moon.)

  4. I got a job offer Friday and today they are setting up my schedule. But! I have a second interview tomorrow for a different place. I don’t know which job to pick and it will be awkward quitting the first job for the second which I kinda want more. DSC at 27 Cap and Venus at 17 Cap. My Virgo moon is nervous I’ll make the wrong choice also.

  5. Wow. I am feeling this, especially today I live with a Cardinal Grand Cross in the 23-25 range. Plus my natal Sun Pluto Mercury Haumea stellium seems triggered (by A Saturn opposition). I am starting a major project that directly challenges Plutocrats. It’s daunting.

  6. I suspect I hear it but have no invite to offer a shoulder, sometimes I think many afraid to cry because it might get all Niagara Falls, and the anticipation of drowning,
    So I am close but still not a thought or phrase to have ,when asked, agape!
    Me I find myself in tiny prayer,I pray to my parents who know loved, even though
    They were the ones lost in Niagara Falls

  7. My dad has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

    He is not only Alzheimers… He is also ADHD (undiagnosed and untreated), an alcoholic and someone with emotional dysfunctions galore.

    I am probably the only daughter that can help in his case.
    But he will not accept that the doctor has taken away his driver’s license and will fight it tooth and nail. His rage fuels his drinking and he gets so very toxic.

    When he is in that mood, I go Grey Rock on him. I am a daughter. My responsibility is not to take care of him or be responsible. He has destroyed some part of my soul during my childhood and youth, so I am not going to be the “typical” child of an Alzheimers patient.

    My responsibility is to inform the caretakers what needs to be done.
    I can not and will not be his economic assistant, his caregiver, his medicine checkup or whatever else.

    I am aware that some people is very provoked by this. But my most important lesson from him is to protect myself against his toxic behaviour. Not the victim of it anymore.

    I have figured this out the past month or two. It will influence the choices I take, and may bring some guiltrips from him and myself. But in reality – I am not dealing with Alzheimer’s. I am dealing with a man with several mental illnesses and untreated/unrecognized diagnoses. Alzheimer’s is “just” an addition to all of that.

    Last time I spoke to my dad about his driver’s license, he threatened me that if anyone tried to hinder his driving, they would be expelled.

    I am not going to take any responsibility for his actions. If goes against the doctor’s orders, I am not going to save him. I am going to be his daughter, not his parent.

    So yeah, pressure?
    Well, I think I have found a way to channel it somehow.

    1. I am going through something similar with my Mom and I totally empathize!

      My best suggestions are 1) to protect yourself with cameras and receipts and CYA — in retrospect I was pretty naive about how far my Mom was willing to go to torture me until she called Adult Protective Services on me. Then I realized, “This b*tch is coming for me!” And then I got serious about protecting myself — I installed cameras, took videos of her doing ridiculous stuff like waving knives around, recording conversations, documenting stuff around the house with videos, etc. They can’t gaslight evidence!

      You might think they are harmless or wouldn’t do that because you are family, but my family would all throw me under the bus if it meant they felt powerful. These people are sick and cold hearted and it does not matter that you are related.

      2)Iron-clad boundaries with them AND the healthcare system. They jsut want patients out of the hospital. There are some good social workers but they will dump your Dad on you if you allow it. If you are not able to care for him or don’t want to care for him, don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself. You are not responsible for your father and your life is important too.

      3) You might feel like the Bad Daughter for saying no. There is a lot of pressure on daughters to sacrifice for others. I was codependent and when I broke free from that, I realized how manipulative people are. The bad feelings will pass.

      There’s a lot more I could write but I’ll stop here. So many lessons and so much growth from her, though. I have Pluto square Sun and this is like a life sentence! But I saw an astrologer somewhere who wrote, “Control or be controlled” and that is my motto now when it comes to Pluto. When I see someone starting trouble, I take steps to nip it in the bud. I’m not getting pushed off my chosen timeline.

      I hope that helps! I hope you have some support.

  8. Good for you, Anette!

    As a survivor of an abusive family, I am no contact with the ones still alive. You absolutely have to take care of yourself, and it looks like you are doing a great job of that!

    As for pressure – I’ve got Libra Sun, Moon, Jupiter and Mars. I’ve had to repeatedly, firmly deal with authority figures. Insurance, lawyers, doctors. I’ve been on the phone constantly to get what I need and want. I’m not a fan of pushing so hard, but I’ve been doing it, and I’m getting what I want and need.

  9. I have trepidations for the week to come. Having some extensive and expensive work done at my home on Friday, and the owner of the company is like oil and I’m water. He’s extremely brusque and doesn’t respect women. Never goes over well with me. I feel a lot of pressure between getting things done as I want them, but not offending with my own sharp words when someone’s being a dick. (I didn’t hire him, the spouse did.)

    And three times now in the past month, complete strangers have approached me in stores asking me for advice on their purchases. Not banal stuff, but items for serious events like a job interview and funeral mementos for friends/family of a recently deceased relative. They tell me so many details, it’s wild. I’m used to that sort of thing (happened most of my life), but it’s been a while because of the pandemic isolation.

    Strangers talk to me, but I am feeling my closer ones closed off, and I don’t feel heard AT ALL when I need an ear. IF I can even get them to respond to a text or call. I do most social activities solo, and i feel CONSTANTLY out of sync with everyone. It’s really bumming me out.

      1. Thanks so much, Elsa, for that acknowledgment. Self-empowerment and compassion are the best tools in the box, so I’m choosing to be as informed as I can, shore up boundaries, and wield kindness. Seeing my contributions, good or ill, and addressing as needed.

        1. “Seeing my contributions, good or ill, and addressing as needed.”

          This seems smart. It’s akin to what I’m doing as well. Trying to contribute while avoiding causing harm.

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