Mars Square Uranus: Danger, Accidents

blender bladeMars is currently squaring Uranus. This combination is well known to create conditions where accidents happen… fast and unexpected. The exact aspect will occur on March 9th which means this energy will be active for the next couple weeks.

Mars rules metal, machinery, weapons and anything with a sharp edge.
Uranus is associated with electricity.

I had an accident with the whirring blades of a blender one time, under this aspect.  Making baby food in my sleep, if you wonder.  The tip of my finger caught the blade; my blood was flung throughout my entire kitchen. Little speck on all the wall and also the ceiling. This happened in far less than the blink of an eye.

I’m not an alarmist but it really does make sense to pay attention at this time. Hunting accidents, lawnmower accidents… also car accident, involving hot heads or people in a rush.  This the “twisted metal” aspect. Bullets, spin and clearly qualify. So does a hoe, you step on, that pops up and hits you in the head.

While everyone is at risk, this clash take place between 14-24 degrees of the Fixed signs. If you have affected planets, I’d be particularly careful.  Same if you have these planets in aspect, natally, or if you’re just the type to rush around in general.

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What do you know about Mars square Uranus?

38 thoughts on “Mars Square Uranus: Danger, Accidents”

  1. Elsa I cannot believe you had a blender incident… I did too, I was prob 20 and was making a sauce for dessert, at one of my mom’s dinner parties.. wasn’t something I would recommend, def gave the guests something to think about….hmmmm I have my mars at 7 Leo and I am being careful… Next week:Open heart surg so hopefully it’s past by then!

  2. I have 3 planets including Mars in Leo in the natal 6th . This is a transit I will be careful with. I nearly always have accidents/mishaps with Mars in square or opposition, not always big ones but still annoying. Muscle strains, cuts and rushing too fast are often the result.

  3. Natally I have Mars in Leo at 20 deg in the 4th Asc is at 19 Taurus. My natal conjunction of Jupiter/Saturn 14 deg in the 12th H in Taurus I also noticed that just a few days beyond March 09, transiting Uranus moves to 20 Taurus. Will square my natal Mars at 20 Leo.My natal Uranus is at 25 Taurus in the 1st H. As I am typing this it makes me feel as if I am in the circle of a dodge ball game.Feel the need for a lot of deep breathing.

  4. I have Jupiter at 16 in Taurus, my 9H. I had to check to see what my husband has and he has nothing. He is traveling next week but will be home by the 9th. He’s already been shot 😒. I am traveling but not until the 11th.

    I don’t like this. My husband was always one to cut his hands on things but he hasn’t done that in a long time.

    Maybe I’m just tired at this moment but I feel like we should be wrapped in cotton.

  5. Oh boy, I’m a structural welder nowadays, who routinely works with dangerous machinery. I shall be particularly careful the next little while. Thanks for the heads up.

  6. I knew someone who had a fatal accident whilst transiting Uranus was square their Mars. I don’t like this energy at all. Be careful, everyone.

  7. This energy is building up already! Had an altercation with another driver yesterday, in which I totally lost my temper. The driver behind me was annoyed that I wasn’t moving forward and he was stuck behind me, and kept beeping.

    Yeah well, there were two large AMBULANCES in front of me, with paramedics picking up pieces of a dismembered car all over the place. I’m guessing they had already put pieces of a dismembered person in the ambulance by the time I got there. Looked rather horrific.

    So no, actually, I can’t move my car forward, suck it up 😡😡 What a dick.

  8. So this is a very serious post and it will be taken seriously as it happened with another dangerous mars transit post in here, I listened and acted accordingly and it went well. Even if it doesn’t seem I listen to a damn thing, I do. Now my fixed planets are between those exact degrees bracket point and I have natal mars square uranus so I will be cautious. But that stepping on a hoe made me 😄

  9. Eek. Next week I’m travelling by car, train, plane, and then car again.
    My 8th house Mars Aqua (!) at 16 degrees squares my 5th house Venus Scorpio at 21 degrees.
    So I am going to be extra careful, in particular because in the country I’m visiting, everyone will be driving on the opposite side of the road!

    1. Never mind, I re read and share see “next couple of years weeks”. Thanks for the heads up!
      I have Mars at 10 and Uranus at 9 degrees. I think I maybe will just miss a direct hit.

  10. I am so grateful for the care that you take to give us all a heads up when an aspect like this happens. I have Moon conjunct Mars in Scorpio and Pluto in Leo squared them and all within the range that you outlined. I will take extra care now thanks to you. On a funnier note, your humor about stepping on a hoe brought back a hilarious memory. Back in June of 1977 my husband and a friend were tearing off the old shingles on a porch roof and replacing them. Venus was conjunct Mars in Taurus and in opposition to Uranus in Scorpio at the time. The friend, Steve, bent over on the roof and his jeans split up the crotch and back. We all got a laugh over that one. My husband, who was much shorter than Steve, gave him a pair of his jeans. We went back outside and waited for Steve to change. He came outside wearing those jeans. They were halfway up his calves!!!! Well, that just added to our laughter and we were all running around giggling our asses off. Even Steve laughed. But the clincher was when my husband moved backwards on the lawn and stepped on a hoe that was laying there. It immediately came up and hit him in the head!! Talk about having a good laugh. It’s of my favorite “Laurel and Hardy” memories!!

  11. When Tr Uranus was in my Aries 2H while squaring Tr Mars and the Sun in my Cancer 6H, I seriously made the sudden decision to sell my house.

  12. Avatar
    Kelly Thompson

    Welp. Broke my right foot on 2/23. Slipped barefoot on liquid on hardwood floor while taking on phone. Sucks. Now I’m advocating for boot versus conservative cast RX which is backed up by my research. They see older woman and want to treat like a kid who won’t properly take care of a broken limb. This is nondisplaced simple diagonal fracture of 5th metatarsal midshaft. I walked on my heel (left side of heel) with one crutch easily and they want to immobilize my ankle when k have history of severe contracture? Nope. I will of course keep weight off it and not touch floor and wear a boot but no to a cast.

      1. Avatar
        Kelly Thompson

        Thanks! Saw a new doc and thrilled her to concurs with my gut and my research! Yay! Short boot. WB as tolerated. Good to go! I have a dancers fracture.

    1. Please keep pushing for the boot! That’s a much better option and it’s very secure as far as I can tell if you are careful to place it well and tie it well and ofc not putting the weight on your foot. Got very lucky with a physical therapist that advised me to use the boot after leg surgery instead of a full on leg cast in the middle of torrid summer and the doctor with archaic ideas initially wanted to push back against it but after one day with that pest of a cast he let me do my thing. The boot is a much better thing. Good luck & wishing you a speedy recovery!

      1. Avatar
        Kelly Thompson

        Thanks! Yes I dumped that doc and the new one affirmed my gut! Using a boot keeping weight off a few weeks then weight as tolerated.. free to sleep and shower bout free.
        So smart post surgery not to cast! I was casted post surgery for knee injury and ended up with severe contracture unable to walk for 2 years and 6 more surgeries. I should never have been casted and I should have been operated on within three days not the two weeks they waited. I learned! Then j didn’t know to question. Now I do! 💕

        1. Oh that sounds terrible. Don’t know what these type of doctors are thinking, or why they aren’t- to be more exact. A good recovery is as important as the surgery procedure. Hope you’ll feel better soon! Good that you found another doc and this one confirmed what you already knew and felt! 😊

  13. As a newbie I get my transits sent to me but I sometimes feel like it makes me more anxious knowing I will have challenging days. Anyone else?

  14. I have Pallas in Scorpio at 15 degrees and Venus in Taurus as 20. I was using a stapler remover to pull out Velcro dots.

    I had carefully and safety used them to removed dozens of dots until someone came in and waved. I waved back and cut my finger. Definitely wasn’t expecting that.

  15. Avatar
    Kelly Thompson

    I see Chiron in Aries c NN Aries is squaring my nodal axis. Hmmm that may be the aspect. Then with mars it will hit my fixed Leo moon Pluto in 8 and Scorpio Saturn as we head toward mid month.

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    Bob (in Australia)

    Thanks for the heads up Elsa 👌but 1st up, CONGRATULATIONS! on the new look & site. I’ll bet it was effortless 🥴😄.
    I’ll be extra cautious over the next fortnight but somehow this energy feels really natural to me so I’m going to take full advantage of it to clear some blockages that are long overdue attention.
    A timely reminder to harness it for purposeful work and creative pursuits whilst being mindful of it’s more combative and accident prone inclinations!
    Great new avatar too, by the way. I’m not sure how we do that as contributor to your comments however?

    1. Thanks, Bob! On the avatar, you can upload one through the forum. As an alternative, if you get a account, you can upload on there; it will be tied to your email address. Sites all over the internet will pull it in whenever you post.

  17. I have this aspect in my natal chart. Here is how it has played out in 70 years:

    I’ve been in five fairly major car/vehicle accidents. My Mars is in Libra and it squares Natal Uranus applying to a retro Ura so they are two degrees apart and racing towards each other.

    I’ve also been kicked by a horse in the leg, assaulted by a man who broke my jaw and assaulted by a woman who sexually assaulted me in the hospital while I was sedated somewhat.

    My life has been a lesson in slowing down and pain when I ignore the message.

    I’m listening to you, Elsa. I will try to slow down during the next several days. This aspect triggers my natal Mars with Transit Mars trine my natal Mars. Transit Uranus sextiles my natal Uranus and is applying toward it now, as well as opposes my natal Mercury/Venus conjunction on the Midheaven. I knew things were moving awfully fast recently in my life but didn’t see it so clearly until I took a look at what you are talking about here. I can see this in my head as a place of energy speeding me up and the speed bump I need to place just ahead to slow me down. Might need more than one speed bump. Thanks, Elsa.

    1. Avatar
      Bob (in Australia)

      Hi Paula
      It’s a wonderful gift from the Divine when the real benefits of the study of Astrology becomes evident.
      Trines and sextiles (current energy for you) are wonderful opportunities to assimilate the energy. Uranus in its purest form is intuition itself.
      With love.

  18. You called it! I cut my finger chopping veggies and had to go get it cauterized. Ugh. I don’t have many mid-fixed placements but my IC

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