Saturn In Pisces Stations: Dates and Degrees

pisces fishSaturn is currently at 0 degrees Pisces. It will run all the way to 19 Pisces before turning retrograde in June of 2024.

Here are the other dates you may be looking for.

Jun 29, 2024 – Sat Rx @ 19 Pisces
Nov 15, 2024 – Sat Direct @ 12 Pisces
May 26, 2025 – Saturn -> Aries
Jul 13, 2025 – Sat Rx @ 1 Aries
Nov 28, 2025 -Sat Direct @ 25 Pisces
Feb 14, 2026 – Saturn -> Aries

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7 thoughts on “Saturn In Pisces Stations: Dates and Degrees”

  1. I hear your despair about Saturn in Pisces, Elsa. BUT imagine my despair of living with a Pisces 6th house…as much as I want to rather work like a Virgo or, for that matter nearly every other sign, I am floating in bubbles expecting that work ‘comes to me’…lol….and it does, but sometimes in drops and sometimes as a deluge. If Saturn helps me to build some structure that withstands the elements and works like a channel (with a lever for regulation) I am most grateful. BTW I looked back on the last time Saturn travelled Pisces and wow…no more of that, this time I will use Saturn and not be whipped up and down by the current. For sure.

    1. I’ve found Saturn in the six house great for creating structure in your life, particularly in health matters but also your daily routine. Pisces is notorious for blurring lines and not having boundaries so Saturn here is good in that way. But Saturn lessons are hard to take as we resist them until the end. Mutable pisces knows when to give in and if you work with Saturn, the results will be sustained and long lasting. It just won’t feel good AT ALL at the time. Just know this transit too shall pass. A Pisces with Saturn currently transiting her sixth house.

  2. Having studied the matter, I think Pisces is the sign where you go your own way, march to the beat of a different drummer, and don’t care very much what people think..a Sigma type person when Saturn is involved..

  3. My natal Saturn lives at 19° Pisces in the 8th house. I’ve been putting off a consultation for quite some time now. I feel I can wait no longer.

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