Is Your Chart Primarily Yin, Yang Or Mixed?

Today I was walking into the gym and ran into my counterpart, a gal who loves the cross-trainer as much as I do. We are connoisseurs of the machine and the other day she was off and I was getting on and knowing she would know, I asked her, “Which is the good one?”

See, I hadn’t been to the gym in awhile and the machines are in various states of disrepair. I hate when they click or they are sluggish or under perform in anyway and I know she feels same and the “best machine” is variable as weeks pass.

“Third one from the end,” she said with her trademark grin.

So I got on that machine that day and then this morning we hit the gym at the same time so you know what that means? It means only one of us get the good machine and to my mild shock and chagrin I realized I would defer and give it to her. I would sacrifice, see and I can’t say I was all that happy about. Why does it have to be this way? How come she gets the good machine just because she’s a boy-girl?

But then I remembered the airplane… here is a little Pluto in Sagittarius, travel psychology for you: It is simple fact, when people sit next to each other on a plane whoever is dominant will take the shared armrest and the person like me… the person with the yin chart will keep their elbows in so consequently I am forever flying scrunched.

Do you take the shared armrest on a plane, or do you allow the other person to dominate? How’s this jibe up with your chart?

23 thoughts on “Is Your Chart Primarily Yin, Yang Or Mixed?”

  1. Well, my chart is yang but I have a LOT of Libra so I usually yield in that type of situation . . . unless it’s someone who responds to Libra charm, and then they offer to trade! =smirk=

  2. I’m not sure…I think yang? You know what though? After years of flying, this year I took 10 flights (cripes, can you tell I’m Sag ASC) and I ONLY take the aisle. That way I will for sure have one, no questions asked.
    Thank goodness for checking in online!
    All this control makes my Cap Moon so happy. Ha ha.

  3. This is what manners used to be for, but I never really thought about it in terms of YIN and YANG. In the past, when people still had manners (I’m being tongue in cheek here, just in case people didn’t realize) YANG deferred to YIN. YANG knew he was stronger so he didn’t have to seize the armrest, he could yield it to YIN. And open doors, stand up when she needed a seat, etc.

    But what do we do now, with women flying all the time unaccompanied by a protector I just do not know. 🙂

    Anyway I’m so tall and broad-shouldered (yes, I’m a woman) that I usually cannot help but take the armrest. My shoulders are as broad if not broader than most of the men I know. So it isn’t really a choice. I do always try to get an aisle seat so I can stretch out my long legs and arms without bothering seatmates.

  4. I’m pretty assertive about my space and I figure that sucker is mine.

    I have five planets in air and fire, three in earth and one in water. I will however be considerate about it, if I’m on the outside I figure I can spend a fair amount of flight time with my legs in the aisle so I’ve got plenty of space and can be noble about the arm rest, I still insist on enough of it for my elbow but I’ll share. If I’m on the inside though, I’ve found that if I don’t up and assert about the arm rest people just keep flowing further and further into my space and I HATE that. Last time I didn’t assert I woke up with the legs of the person beside me on top of my right leg! ON my side! And then they tried to edge onto my tray table! GRR!

  5. Like kashmiri, but the opposite: I only fly window seat. That way I get one armrest and psychologically have a greater feeling of control over the flight (I do whatever I can to avoid panicking during takeoff and landing). Gotta please that Cappy Moon.

  6. I give it up and fly scrunched. That’s ok though cause in a few years I’ll be in the pilot’s seat and all those suckers in the back can eat my dust! 😉

  7. Despite my chart being very Yang, I’d probably let other people dominate. Maybe I’m being influenced by what Neith said, but it can only be my Mars in Libra that can explain this…I should take BOTH seats if it wasn’t for that 😉

  8. I think yin and yang although I use mostly yang. I do prefer the window seat and always sit there. I dont care about the arm rest so I dont care who uses it.

  9. Rarely do I dominate unless I have to, I prefer the yin way. “Nothing as strong as gentleness, nothing as gentle as real strength”. Yin over time always conquers yang. But often what appears as yin is in fact only covering hard, rigid yang.

  10. YANG all caps excluding saturn and uranus i am all fire and air and LEO STELLIUM AT THAT which means i am pretty much always taking that window seat arm rest corner table center spot in the theatre and SHOTGUN! … SORRY! (but i still do it like a lady.)

  11. I have a lot of yang in my chart, but with a nice dose of yin. I don’t usually have to bother with fighting for my space in public spaces, because I’m petite, and in some cases I can either stare people down, or they just give it to me because I have that type of aura that says… I’m a nice person… you want to be nice to me too.

  12. I always prefer to take the window seat but it does not stop me from using the shared armrest. It just feels comfortable 🙂

  13. I would think both yin and yang….I prefer the window seat so that I can lean against the window….I really don’t like people in my personal space or talking to me when on a flight.

    Now that you mention this though, I am normally the one who gets the door and holds it open most of the time, if I am walking with women, definitely, and with some men, definitely not with my husband or my sons though!

    I always defer to older people…I have a deep respect for them…must be my capricorn…

  14. How does one determine the ratio of yin/yang in one’s chart?

    Let’s say it’s 60% yang, 40% yin. Is there also a qualitative aspect that some yin/yang carries more weight i.e., is the Sun sign’s valence more important than another planet say…Mars or Jupiter/

  15. julianwinter, I don’t know that there is a formula because there are so many variations. For many this would be indeterminate. But if your sun, moon rising are in yin signs and your planets are mostly in yin houses…. well you’re going to be very yin with pockets of yang.

    I am like that. My writing / speech / thinking is very masculine but *I* am WAAAY yin..

  16. sun/moon pisces and 4 other yin planets…no matter the libra ascendent, i’m always scrunched on the plane, i wouldn’t even consider taking the arm rest!!

  17. Can go either way, nice to share or take turns – libra rising & I’d say 60 yin/40 yang I’ll easily defer specially if it’ll make the other happy. W/ someone persistently rude my Aries Mars will snap forward in a jiffy and I wont bulge (taurus) but I would really prefer to be nice!

  18. Aside from physical armrests… strumpers & ear chewers who can’t hear a polite firm message (eg nice chatting with you. I now want my time out while flying.) will get vibed with a silent freaky growl. I guess that would be the (passive) aggressive side Yin.

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