2023 Neurosis? Well, Yeah – Especially If You’re Normal

neuroticAre you feeling crazy? If so, not only do you have a lot of company, this probably means you’re healthy.

Outside of Mars and Neptune, aggravating most everyone, most everywhere, we all know our world has been turned upside down, inside out or both! But do you know that neurosis is a healthy response to these conditions?  It certainly is.

I’m writing this, hoping that if you read it, it will take your anxiety down a notch.  Just think of how crazy you would have to be to not be crazy in such a crazy time.

If you’re normal or normal enough, you can find a path through this, get on it, stay on it and help others stay on it as well.  This way, we can all look back someday, and hey!  I made it through Nutso Storm 2023!  We should get T-shirts!

29 thoughts on “2023 Neurosis? Well, Yeah – Especially If You’re Normal”

  1. Fun posts Elsa..I can’t keep up with all of them but i go back and read and reread. Just saw this post as I sat with coffee and want to add.

    The Sun…

    Lot’s going on there with our star, it’s not astrology more sciency but still fitting. Restlessness, agitation, anxiety and all sots of crazy feelings can be felt while she revs up and spits out fireballs (CME’S and solar flares). It affects the earth and our bodies as well. Another one coming just shy of being an Xflare. We had northern lights here in the mid latitudes YAY!
    Maybe someone will read this and want to understand more
    cheers! 😉

  2. Restless, irritable and discontent. I dreaded Saturn @ 29 with Pluto @ 29. Idk why but this too shall pass I hope before I officially lose it.

    1. PS I did look back when Pluto was at O deg Sag and Pluto at 0 deg Cap and it was change (mostly good) so I cannot wait for Pluto into Acq on the 23rd even if it’s only 90 days. 🙏

  3. I kinda can’t believe I’m functioning as well as I am, but I think it has to do with starting a daily diary almost a month ago. It’s helping me get in tune with my body’s rhythms and take better care of myself. See how certain foods, conditions, sleep, movement, whatever affects me and it’s resulting in better decisions I never even intended to make.
    It’s not even March and I can’t wait for March to be over. At least Saturn in pisces will leave my first house, trine my Pluto and sextile my Mars right off the bat. As sad as Saturn in pisces COULD be, Saturn leaving the Saturn-y signs feels like a break or even a balm. A sad kumbaya lol.

    Ps: These teas have helped a lot~ oat straw tea, linden tea, passion flower, St John’s Wort, lavender. Subtle but powerful

  4. I’m a neurotic person anyways but recently my neurosis has been through the roof, I’ve especially noticed it today, random bouts of anxiety, OCD kicking in, random feelings of dread or negative thoughts, driving me barmy, can’t wait for mars to get out of Gemini tbh.

  5. Saturn in Aquarius is directly on my ascendant btw and squaring my moon, with mars in Gemini, which has been conjunct the moon, also on my ic.

    1. I hear you Chloe! I’ve got my own version (Pluto opp Sun, Saturn square Saturn and opp Pluto)
      Fear, dread, anxiety.

      And then, moments of Grace, courtesy of Venus Neptune, and now Venus Jupiter. There’s always a silver lining.:)

  6. My natal sun in Sagittarius is opposite my natal Saturn in Gemini – which is a major drag – and Saturn in Pisces will square both. SIGH I’m not looking forward to this.

  7. I interrupted an attempted larceny of my catalytic converter on Saturday night, right outside my 2nd floor window which I leave open at night. I heard clanking and thought my husband was up setting the table for breakfast, and sat up, saying “Jesus Christ” because I had been out cold. It was actually only 1:50am, and upon my calling upon my lord and savior, I heard some scrambling and two cars started up and took off, one with a noted lack of a muffler.
    I went back to bed, once I looked at the time, but in the car we noticed the jiggling and scraping of something wrong down there, and when I swung by the muffler shop, they took it off, repaired it, and soldered it on firmly for 60 bucks, cash.
    Unfortunately, I haven’t slept well since.

      1. Oh, I am so happy I caught them in the act! I am keeping a jug of water by the window to really get them if they ever come back!

        1. I had my catalytic converter stolen right in front of my house sitting right under a street light at 4 am one day last summer. My neighbor had a security camera that captured the caper. It took all of 4 minutes. Car sounded like a tractor! I took the car to my Prius specialist and he told me of people who had 3 converters stolen and their insurance refused to pay for the third theft. Fixing it would be estimated $2 to 3,000. Because the car was a 2004, paid off long ago, I decided to ask him what he’d give me for it. I took his $1500 offer and jumped in my husband’s car for the ride home. He recently retired at age 71 so there was no real reason we needed two vehicles. For me, this was further evidence that Covid was a lesson in “essential” and “non-essential.” I have been maintaining my equilibrium (mostly) by chanting, (I’m an SGI Buddhist.), and cleaning out my house, gardening, reading and taking care of family.

  8. It’s a jangly time. I got “put back together” yesterday in a kinesiology session, body work helps my cap ascendant. The biggest blessing was having her little healer doggie lay on my belly the entire session.
    Learning to strengthen my internal scaffolding, & not crumple under outside pressures.

  9. I am cranky and everything is grey with drizzle today.

    I feel dark.

    Merc. Sq. Jupt.is setting off Grand Sq.and Nept. which has been in the 1st all this time is getting near my 2nd hse cusp…all the secrets are coming out now…l had an uncomfortable sense–all this time, but pushed it away. And having no where else to go they
    turned into drawings, that l sent to certain ones…and if l say ‘they came true’ with all that 12th hse activity…well they did. Now ‘certain ones’ arent feeling so smug and clever. Lucky l live at this time not so easy to have me burnt.

    All ‘realities’ and perceptions are being tested right now–blinkers will be torn off and certain certainties are going to be blown apart.

    There is a phrase that has always irritated me ‘Beyond imagination’ often used by people without any…boy will they be surprised.!!

  10. Thank you Elsa. I needed this post. Was waking up every morning at 1am unable to go to sleep till 4am since last Sunday. My social worker – first visit was Wednesday – told me to make no decisions until I was this last round. Big bad blow up with Sister in Law yesterday on the way to treatment, so she is in cahoots with this whole estate thing. Dollar signs in eyes you know. The whole zillow crap was probably her idea. Saturn in Pisces? Conjunct my south node in Pisces in the 8th house. I expect the veil to drop with my “Family Members” and I am hoping for more clarity on what is really going on. I do not plan to buy dad’s house now. Let them learn their hard lessons. I am looking for a path forward. My best friend in the neighborhood was diagnosed with a heart blockage and has to get a stent put in likely. She is one month older than me. “61” we are saying, 62? We are saying what in the heck happens.

    There has been Gaslighting going on here. It has been awful. My NC family is very Uranian, and I spoke to my cousin’s wife (who I think the world of) on Wednesday. She was a mortgage broker for 8 years, and is now a real estate agent and a very good one. She was talking some sense and clarity into me about the reality of my situation and letting go of nostalgia for this old place. It helped.

    Thank you for letting me vent. You know I usually do not do that publicly. Pluto is on my natal Saturn at the moment.

  11. Mars is dancing on my Ascendant, but rather than enjoying the lift and vim, the energy has been scattered thanks to it squaring Neptune! There’s been lots of false starts and things just drag like a broken muffler (to add to the catalytic converter scenario)! This Mars transit has been a bummer!

  12. This post was very supportive and I appreciate it.Am backtracking and reading a few older posts, on this day March 4. Am feeling antsy from this Mars Cancer on the way— a Mars return for me. Overall, I see things in my chart supporting the new writing work I am taking on..health and science writing.. I received my first contract this past week..but on the day to day, life is..precarious,crabby.irritable, and unpredictable.I FEEL (PISCES RISING HERE) such shifts on this planet I can barely hang on and am so grateful for GRAVITY right now or I would certainly float away. I do believe these monumental shifts are necessary, personal and political, and I also believe we will survive and thrive,individually, and collectively.We will.

  13. Helpful to re read this today. The therapist I see, weekly or biweekly depending on my anxiety level, is working with me using somatic therapy. Learning to calm my autonomic nervous system. And Not to judge myself for being disregulated (easy to think: gawd! You’re so undeveloped) I’m very attuned to Neptune this morning. What is the beneficence of Neptune through all this crazy? Softening us up, blurring the boundaries to engage a whole-r understanding, eventually, and perhaps with Uranus in Taurus and the ‘body’, the Earth, all of a sudden!?

  14. love this post, dunno how I’ve missed it until now … me and a close other feeling the 2023 unease – let’s get the T’shirt indeed! … perhaps more unease than 2022! and is ‘cognitive dissonance’ the phrase that also fits ‘beyond imagination’ ???…’you look at something but the reality is not the reality you imagined to see’ quoting Diane M and Elsa above… and yes, good to know ‘burning’ is off the agenda this lifetime!!! [hopefully!!!! :0) … surely!!!??? :0)]

  15. Yes !! I see it too! Many I see are simply were not ready or aware or something I guess. Of course I am 63 and have so much of that crazy energy any way! 7/26/1959 12:27 AM around Detroit, Mich. SOO much more aware of distractions now and really getting into these times as a metamorphosis for the world! My subtle energy sensitivity is so powerful and attuned now. And through all my spiritual journeys and life experiences and challenges, I can honestly say I was born for these times!! My chart says this also for sure!! I am finally ready for being the energy healer and authority about certain things that I am!!! Hope to help many if they want it!! Love this post!! Thank you!! I have been feeling a little lonely and there are many kindred spirits here to share and converse with !! Awesome!!

    1. ’59 rocks … two people in my life from ’57 & a year the other side (can’t remember off top of head!) have been shining lights for me in these crazy times!

  16. Eksa
    Thank god you said this. U have been quite concerned at the ways I feel quite anxious and a bit sort of unhinged!. My mind is jumping around and things seem sirt if surreal, but they are so not.
    Plus mi d mi d keeps clicking g back into my past inthe mistdudturbing way….these were NOT happy times!. Are they co.i g up yo be healed? Thanks Elsa x

    1. they might be coming up to be healed … think some people talk about that as an ongoing theme, also mercury retrograde atm in Taurus 15- 5 deg (that may have scrambled your typing! lol!) … might also be causing a ‘re-visit’… think there’s a mars square chiron still on the go which can be bringing up unhealed stuff for healing – think mars is mid-cancer & chiron mid-Aries, around 16 deg … the feeling of things ‘being surreal but not’ might be linked to saturn in pisces … heard some people talking about this ‘messing/ blurring'[pisces?] with time [saturn] … I had a bizarre ‘time slippage’ thing the other day when my alarm went off twice, except it couldn’t have done as the second time was the actual time by the wall clock & the mobile (not 5mins later – as I’d have expected it to be if I’d have accidently hit snooze’ the first time – if that makes sense! … if this is ‘a thing’ & people don’t know about it – it’s enough to think you are going mad! lol!!) … for info – I wasn’t sleepy – it was a daytime alarm! lol!

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