Saturn in Sagittarius – School Of Hard Knocks

beanie babiesSaturn was in Taurus, fourteen years ago, when I started blogging.  There was a huge stellium in Taurus back then, and everyone was “collecting”.

Forty year old women were standing in line to buy Beanie Babies. Everyone bought everything they could lay their hands on and stored it in their garage. Taurus loves stuff!

I am Saturn-ruled. Every time Saturn changes signs, this blog shifts it’s focus. Soon we’ll be talking about Saturn in Sagittarius.

Sagittarius is associated with “higher education”.  When Saturn gets involved, we’re talking about the school of hard knocks. We’re talking about real education.

If you want to fare well over the next few years, I’d recommend that you embrace this idea, right away.  It’s the difference between going to school to learn and going to school to party.

Who’s ready for this?

25 thoughts on “Saturn in Sagittarius – School Of Hard Knocks”

  1. Hi Elsa, Saturn will transit my 4th House. It will trine my Natal Leo Moon & Leo Ascendant. This should be ok?
    Best wishes always John

    1. I didn’t find my saturn return hard. It was a time of big changes. First job after school, marriage, and first child, first home all occurred. It can all be positive life changes.

      1. Almost done with my first one. It has been psychological torment. But I also feel like a grown woman, able to discern fact from crap.

  2. Saturn in Sag’ will square the 1996-97 birth years’ natal Saturn in Pisces: my son and his peers entering their first and second years of college. My son, and 12 of his peers, are not returning this semester. This was breath-taking news earlier in the summer. Now, we take it in stride.

    He spoke to me at length yesterday about the variations on this theme, and his desire to return for spring semester. My first ah-hah thought was that Saturn would be in Sag’ as this has to be negotiated. I do “feel” however, that his return won’t be until the following autumn.

  3. I wonder if this will mean that being self-taught is no longer looked down upon? Seems like Saturn in Sadge could actually benefit those people (those who sought to learn for it’s own sake, not just for a piece of paper)…

    1. I hope so. As a 9th house Saturn person, I never could understand why anyone would go to college just for a degree (or to get a spouse, or be with their friends).

  4. As long as Saturn gets out from Scorpio and my 4th house where my Moon resides, I’m ready for anything, including my 2nd Saturn return (natal Saturn at 3 Sag).

    14 years ago with that stellium in Taurus and my 10th house my career came to a complete stop. His doing with maybe a little help from me I think.

  5. During last Saturn Sag transit I was in high school. When I saw the dates in your post I laughed remembering that my sophomore year which was fall 1985-spring/summer 1986 was the first time I was on the honor roll. I was on the honor roll because I decided I wanted to be prior to that I never cared about my grades. I have Sag rising 6 degrees

  6. Yay. More hard work. Okay. I have 8th house. I can jive with it. Get knocked down four times, get up five, ammirite?

  7. no more schooling for me…but trying to talk my 19 yr old daughter to continue college…I dont want her working as a server the rest of her life…I would like her to advance ,but cant talk her into it …hope saturn will do that .

  8. So Elsa, how do you anticipate the focus of your blog shifting? I follow you and Satori for insights and I’d like to politic for a greater emphasis on exchanging knowledge
    rather than just a forum for personal expression. Specifically, all of the responders that write, “I have this rising with that here and this there and…”, without much direct feedback, to be less informative than a more investigative assessment that might concentrating on, let me propose; one of these. Oh well, I guess it’s just my Virgo rising- ooops!

    1. There is always a wave of people who leave…and a new wave that come in.

      With a packed 8th and Venus sq Neptune, I am greatly impacted by the people around here so that’s one thing.

      But I’m also Saturn-ruled and I do move along. I graduate.

      For example, with Saturn in Virgo, I implored people to guard their mind. If you miss this stuff it hinders you in the future. So when Saturn leaves Scorpio, I won’t be going over that material anymore. Get the workshop –

      I don’t know how to describe it, but if you keep an eye on the site, you’re bound to see the shift.

  9. Avatar

    nice, 7th house, hits my neptoon. i like my fairly stable, fairly healthy marriage. i hope this isn’t too impossible of a transit.

  10. I think going back to finally have my degree (which is MA in The US system, when I studied, BA was just a formality), started with Saturn in Pisces (:-O, I know), is a possibility.

    Also, I found this site more or less when Saturn passed to my 1st house in Virgo. I lurked a lot, since I have Mercury late in Virgo. I didn’t register until Saturn passed to Libra, maybe because of this?

  11. As a 6th house Capricorn Sun, this doesn’t phase me a bit. My 6th house even starts at 14 Sag.

    Digging a bit deeper, I see that the last time Saturn was in Sagittarius I graduated from high school and started college.

  12. I have to say I am looking forward to it. Sag rules belief as well as education and I think this could have a very sobering effect on the crazy fundies out there. They really did take off when Jupiter was in Sag. So I am hoping this will bring them down with a bump.

  13. Well Sagittarius covers a little of my 2nd & 3rd houses. No planets in that sign thank God. So this past year I’ve learned how to save money & now I want to go back to school. I have my rainy day savings. I’m looking forward to a (true love) type of education. Loving school, taking it seriously, and getting strong self confidence that I too can really learn & empower myself.

  14. Hair standing up. I just noticed the last Saturn in Scorpio transit was a very creative and very stressful time for me – fabulous new friends, 90% fab work colleagues, fun, top creativity in an amazing city — but horrible political creepy workplace that damaged many. As soon as Saturn went in Sag, I got a job that was less creative in the “high energy/did that really happen, read about it in Vanity Fair” way but much more serious, more stable, much more lucrative and a true serious, hard work learning experience that i loved. I just realized the current Scorpio transit has been nearly identical for me this time around in so many respects!! Wow. So let’s hope the Saturn in Sag transit is similar too…serious and hard work and heavy family responsibility but more of a “grown up/growing” vibe and my Virgo stellium loved it.

  15. I have Saturn in the 5th house in Aries square Pluto in Scorpio, and Moon conjunct North Node in Sagittarius… What does this transit mean for me?

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