Saturn in Sagittarius Square Neptune In Pisces (Advice For Virgo’s Worried Mind)

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The aspect between Saturn and Neptune will dominate the sky through 2016.  If you have planets in the mutable signs, you’re going to be hit hard by this and likely thrown for a loop.

Virgo and Gemini in particular, don’t mix well with Neptune….fogging the brain and all.

This a vast topic, but here’s some small advice that can help you in a big way. I wrote it for a client:

“…You have a responsibility (Saturn) to rest (Neptune) and recharge yourself. Remember worry stems from a lack of faith. And let’s say you have a responsibility to do the best you can do. Aren’t you at your best if you get some rest?

This whole thing is about having choices and making them. You have multiple choices as far as what to do with your time. You have the age and experience to choose wisely. It’s almost strategic…a game.

You can get off work and fret, exercise, read, rest, clean, visit…see all the potentials / possibilities / choices? You just have to make good, smart choices, based on wise experience rather than fear. If you do this, your growth and success are pretty much guaranteed.”

Anticipating that people would struggle mightily with this transit, I held a workshop on this specific topic.  If you find yourself coming unglued, it will help you – Staying Stable As Reality Morphs.

11 thoughts on “Saturn in Sagittarius Square Neptune In Pisces (Advice For Virgo’s Worried Mind)”

      1. I appreciate the amount of thought and attention he puts into meeting his responsibilities, don’t get me wrong, but his worrying has almost become a responsibility!

  1. Good call, Elsa. Fatigue is a major part of this transit, particularly for those in their 40’s who also have Saturn transiting over Neptune in early Sag, late Scorpio. Plus I think “scattered mind” is a big issue for anyone with Neptune in the 3rd House, or anyone who has Uranus triggering personal planets at the same time this Saturn-Neptune transit is going on. If you have all of this operating, you will have to streamline your life even if your Virgo is normally on steroids!

    1. Yay Neptune square! (Not) Seriously, though, thanks for the reminder on fatigue.

      General reply: I don’t have much Virgo but I have an abundance of Gem/Sag and this hits on my axes as well. So it’s … let’s call it exciting.

  2. Saturn is already hitting my IC/MC, I mention IC first, because this is in Scorpio, and it isn’t good. I’m exprience the worst side of working for a big company right now, communication getting lost between about half a dozen people. And since I have Virgo too – fortunately later in sign -, I haven’t been this pissed about work since… ever.

  3. Thanks for the perfectly timed advice. Hubby has lots of Virgo and Gemini attached to his Cancer Sun. So like Monica Miller wrote, he is often a Crab on Virgo’s steroids. This blog came just in time, I fed it to me in translation just before he went out the door to climb into his big truck. THANKS!!

    I need this reminder to rest responsibility as I prepare for long haul service like the little girl long long ago who learned to weave cedar baskets that carried water without leaking. Here’s the link to that story:

  4. Avatar

    My natal Neptune is 14 degrees Sagittarius 6th house but my Pisces house, where Neptune is transiting, is the 9th house? Though i have no planets in Pisces, Saturn is trine Neptune in my natal chart under 9 degree Leo 2nd house. I was under the impression Saturn trine Neptune in a natal chart meant they naturally are balanced but am not sure what the transit of Neptune in Pisces 9th square Saturn in Sagittarius 6th (right over my natal Neptune) is supposed to mean?

  5. Great advice! Neptune’s actually not currently hitting any of my Virgo planets, but Saturn sure is. Maybe with Saturn transiting my 5th house (my natal Saturn is there – 2nd Saturn return not until end of 2016) my responsibility is to play more. 🙂

  6. I have decided to cut the thinking and stay with inspiration and intuition. Me mars in pisces is very relieved with this idea. Jupiter in virgo finds great relief with this too.

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