Black Moon Lilith And Women

Did I do that?”
–Steve Urkel

Black Moon Lilith represents wild woman energy. It can be anything ranging from fun-freak-flag territory to full-on experience of the feminine as demonic. How you relate to this energy can vary widely along those lines, both by how it is aspected in your chart and what it kicks up by transit. For instance, women with Lilith aspecting Neptune may have dark or wild energy that operates in a stealthy or hidden manner, under the radar of others, or it may be that they are not conscious of their inner wild woman. They may also be mistaken for exhibiting this energy when they do not. By transit you get the same effect but only for the length of the transit.

A man with this aspect may find the women he’s interested in have a Lilith nature of this stripe. Alternately he may attract, on a subliminal level, Lilith-type attention from the women in his scope.

Natal Lilith by position and aspect shows how this energy asserts itself in your personality and in your life. Transiting Lilith moves through the zodiac challenging us to learn about this energy in myriad ways as it hits each house and aspects each planet.

How your natal Lilith is situated shows your general response to transiting Lilith energy. Oppositions and 7th house placement can predispose one to the possibility of projecting this energy when it is experienced: “It’s not me, it’s HER!”

Lilith just hit Taurus, right along with the Moon conjuncting Jupiter this week. People with early Scorpio likely saw some Lilith action, possibly from the other, or could it be projected onto the other?

Squares can be clashes. Trines tend to show up as recognizable challenges easily mastered or just a wild, fun time. Conjunctions to your natal Lilith are returns! It’s a chance to see how you’re doing within yourself in regard to this energy. It’s a chance to gain a new perspective and a new lease!

Got Lilith?

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63 thoughts on “Black Moon Lilith And Women”

  1. Important to know: When does the calculations, then not real or oscillating, but mean BML is chosen by standard. This option should be changed.

  2. huh. if it weren’t for lilith and juno, my jupiter’d have no aspects at all.
    as it is, lilith is conjunct jupiter on my midheaven. huh. never thought about myself that way, exactly. but. hm.

  3. My Black Moon Lilith fos an exact conjunction with my Descendant at 0 degrees Gemini and an exact square with my Jupiter at 0 degrees Virgo, a fact I’m not exactly happy about since my experience suggests that men tend to assume that I’m “easy” when I’m not. Since Neptune in my 12th House forms a conjunction with my Ascendant, wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am is not my style at all.

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