Venus And The Ascendant: Improving Your Ability to Attract

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”
–Lao Tsu

I just read Elsa’s post on “Playing To Your Strengths To Attract A Man“. One bit of advice I give in regard to all different kinds of projects is “take baby steps.” Don’t try to eat the elephant in one sitting. Just start with the first plateful. So my advice, and a great first “baby step” in this area, is to do one thing today, just one thing to make yourself more appealing. Out of all the many things you could do, how about this: Look at your rising sign and your Venus sign and think of one thing you could do to your appearance today that will blend these energies and make you more attractive.

Your rising sign shows your appearance, and your Venus describes your aesthetic nature. For instance, my rising sign is Leo, dramatic, fiery, fun. My Venus sign is Aries, the head, sporty and simple. I’m going to put on some makeup and do my hair today in a way that is fiery, fun, sporty and simple! How easy is that! Just the act (the ascendant is Mars-ruled) of focusing on making your appearance (rising) more pleasant (Venus) will enhance your general energy of attractiveness. Focusing your own energy on yourself, valuing yourself, goes a long way in making yourself more attractive to others. I’m not going to say that physical attractiveness is the most important thing in this area, but I do think that taking care of yourself whether it’s physical or internal is a great boost to capitalize on what makes you special. Doing something positive for yourself in any way radiates outward and enhances your appeal!

What one thing, however small, can you do today to enhance your appeal and boost your energy? Where is your own rising and Venus?

35 thoughts on “Venus And The Ascendant: Improving Your Ability to Attract”

  1. I’m going to wear that lippie today (Clinque Black Honey). It isn’t as dark as it looks in the tube when it’s on the lips. It is a fiery Leo color on me but with the Aries sportiness of being more like a lip balm than a lipstick. Best of both worlds. πŸ™‚

  2. Hey Satori…
    I also have Leo Rising, but have Venus in Taurus…I like to look at things (catalogs,magazines etc) that look sensual but authoritative esp in Reds (Mars,Mercury, Sun in Aries) but am gun shy. Thoughts?

  3. I have my rising in cancer and venus in Leo. Let’s say that I look the best when looking feminine and when my hair is wavy and poofy :). Let’s just say that the fads over the years – goth/all black, total hippie with 1,000 layers, etc… don’t work for me!

    Keeping it simple and feminine works best for me :).

  4. Scorpio Rising, Cappy Venus = sexy boardroom biyatch? It’s not a role I’m necessarily comfortable playing at work and Sadge likes to wear comfy stuff when not at the office. Conundrum…

    I used to love Black Honey, wore it all the time! I thought it was discontinued?!

  5. Mine are both Aquarius. I already look unique. My son’s pediatrician told me yesterday that I should be an artist (she didn’t know why she thought I was one already).

    If I choose to put on makeup at all, I like smokey eyes and a dark lip color. I like sparkly earrings and bracelets. I like to wear gypsy skirts.

    I wear pigtails when I go out in the Summer that’s pretty weird for a 48-year-old). I think I’m unusual enough as it is!

  6. Avatar

    Saturn conj asc in Gemini Venus in aries

    Thanks satori you helped me decide on my hair style to see a guy I haven’t seen in months, tomorrow night when moon conj my Venus. Gonna straighten the curls (Saturn) and pull up in pig tail (Aries Venus) will prob wear all black as both aspect my Pluto in libra and moon at 29 scorp πŸ™‚

  7. Both Taurus (Venus conj Taurus ASC)
    I’m doing brown, smokey eyes today, a brown-ish newsboy cap and darker-toned clothes. I think they’re all pretty reminiscent of chocolate-ness so I guess I will be appealing to the sensual food-side of all my Taurus πŸ™‚

    Being pregnant has also doubled my already curvy figure, so the voluptuousness factor is in full-effect:-) I’ll prob eat some chocolate too!!!!

  8. I did just this today. I went shopping to get ready for my new job. I bought two new bras cause I need a solid foundation when I am crawling around under a bed. So my cappy moon was happy. I bought one from VS cause I do have mars in scorpio in h8. I also bought two pairs of pants for work also, got them from JCP in a pastel color for spring, one is aqua and one is light green, cheerful for my Sag sun. Plus JCP pleases my cappy moon as in they have traditional clothing that has been around for a long time. As far as my Pisces well the color are found at the beach and the undies, well you never know what lies under still water.
    My solar return has leo on my MC, you bet I walked out of there with my head held high, smiling as walked away with my arms full.

  9. Oh yes, reading @Sam’s post got me thinking: to add to my above comment, the cancer asc, leo venus means clothes that enhance the boobs/waist/curves = perfecto.

    Loose baggy bohemian manly sporty unfeminine styles = nah uh. It’s sad but what’s tested and true for me is…. the feminine stuff. Tehe.

  10. Hmm… I’m intrigued. Taurus rising with Venus in Leo. I think I dress too conservativly with comfort and practicality in mind (stellium in Virgo?). I wear a lot of clean, straight lines in black and white and straighten my hair. (n the advice of a friend, last week I wore something khaki green and frilly/romantic with big curls and reddish lips… and got so many compliments. Must try to break out of style rut this Spring!

  11. Blue_rose

    Me too, saggy asc Virgo Venus

    I seem to veer either one way or the other…messy wild and free or uptight ms perfect

    Wild but perfectionistic lol

    I have crazy wild hair but perfectly groomed nails.
    I wear chic sports gear

  12. But @virgovixen, simple, white and black works so well for Virgos! Why change? πŸ™‚

    Although… with venus in Leo, I’d have thought you mastered the big, show-offy Leo hair by now!!! πŸ˜›

  13. Ahaha, Elemis I second that! But Elsa’s sister used to do fashion posts for the signs (like what colours or clothes work best for which signs) – perhaps we can ask her to bring those back? I loved reading those!

  14. ASC Taurus w/ Venus Pisces… I’m doing the whole dusty pink lace thing… i have super dark hair too that is super super long, and i’m 5’10” so i’m 6’2 in heels… the super romantic look makes me really happy these days… πŸ™‚

  15. My Cancer rising and Aries Venus don’t seem very compatible. Sometimes I get it so wrong and other times I strike a nice balance between soft and strong.

  16. Aries rising and Venus in Capricorn. Cherry lips and golden hair πŸ™‚ I was getting bored with that look but it still seems to work πŸ™‚

  17. I have Taurus rising and Venus in Pisces as well. I think that recommends me for a romantic look but I really don’t like it – I have this image of hollier than Pope and I can’t stomach it – I am also blonde…my need for more danger in my look seems to contradict the Venus in my chart.

  18. Any suggestions for a guy? I have Gemini rising and Venus conjunct Neptune and Mercury in Scorpio/5th house. Thanks for any input.

  19. @Ms_East, I’d imagine that would make you look good in a combination of flowy, feminine clothes, with perhaps a touch of black (for Scorpio?) Does your Venus aspect your Pisces rising?

  20. Just today I dyed my hair much darker than I`m used to (Cappy Venus)and as I`m rising Libra I spent a sort “day of beauty” by myself including face-masks etc. Also I took some time in front of mirror thinking how to change my hair style a bit more sensual..

  21. I have pisces venus, with gemini rising. Gemini- Young, Sporty, Bright, Trends. Pisces- Ethereal, Otherworldly, Flowing, Light Fabrics, Soft. Will have to try to match these up πŸ™‚

  22. I am a Cap ASC and Cap Venus. I come across as very conservative at first… love the classic look.. pearl earrings, lots of eyelashes (nothing too dramatic or too much makeup) and I seem to really dig lace.

  23. My Libra Venus squares my Cancer Asc. Dang. *laughs*
    But I’ll take the advice that never fails: have pretty (Libra) boobs (Cancer) on display! *snorts all the way to the bank*

  24. Venus in Leo, Scorpio ascendant. How about sex kitten? Hah! I wish. Well, I do have rather dramatic eyes and nice hair, so playing those two up works pretty well for me. And I wear a lot of black and red, feminine, classy, but not frilly.

  25. Funny, I don’t think my Sag venus has ever influenced my appearance, just my adventures. Appearance seems to be based more on Libra ascendant and Capricorn moon — i.e. classic look, sensual fabrics and only fine jewelry — with sun sign contributing to the black and white look. And if I could change something immediately, I’d love to lose 10 pounds today in a healthy way!

  26. Venus in Leo and Asc in Gemini. So loves to talk, flirt, flaunt her hair and other assets πŸ™‚ responds well to anything visual, beauty and art. Loves writing and express emotions through words. Oh yeah… it’s all sounds like me. hehe

  27. I have venus in scorpio; ascendant in libra. I like to wear whites and bold colors. Maybe a brown or soft pink eyeshadow. I don`t lile TO mich make-up but a little makeup goes a long way. I also look nice in pinks, purples, greens, and blues. The colder colors. Imagine me wearing brown? No not me. Goth. Nope not that either but i`m not an ultra girly girl either. I just like playing to my strengths. Any advice. I`d love to have some πŸ™‚

  28. Nice post. One might argue there’s nothing appealing about Cancer Asc blending with Virgo Venus! Mother Hen much? O_o
    I have noticed, however, that the caring ways I usually have (Cancer) and my skills/knowledge (Virgo)tend to appeal to men.

  29. Avatar

    I love this post. Some Blade Runner\~David Bowie makeup Aw rising

    And Venus in Libra a soll nightgown dress black of course..I’m still Scorpio. Can I throw on some silver bangles n give props to my Gemini Moon.

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