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hiking 1923Hi, Elsa.

Greetings from Texas.

How can a person increase their effectiveness and ability to solve problems? Is this Saturn driven?


Hi, Learning.  What a good question.

I associate “effectiveness” with Mars.  Saturn is concerned with discipline and perseverance.

A person who marries these energies together is going to be more effective then someone who uses them in isolation.

For example, Mars will initiate and action, but it’s Saturn that sustains an effort.

So there is that, but the most effective people use all their faculties. They think (Mercury). They imagine (Neptune). They believe (Jupiter). Etc.

So, no. Effectiveness is not Saturn driven. But without Saturn, a person not likely finish what they start. Because invariably, the going will get tough at some point.

Are you an effective person?

Update – I held a huge workshop to address this question.  It was terrific, you can get a transcript here – Using Astrology To Get What You Want

13 thoughts on “Astrology & Effective Problem Solving”

  1. 😀 😀 😀 Got me through downsizing more than once. People didn’t necessary like my methods or my grunt status, but more than once I made the cut because I was “effective.”

    I’ve got pluto on my mh so when I’m geared I’m geared to completion. But that means I also have to know what I am taking on and what’s the time frame. What’s the commitment. And then I have to understand that not everyone has that kind of dedication or should I say obsession 😀 to completion. I always liked that feeling of sailing over the hurdle. You know that moment when I am suspended in the air. It’s total freedom.

  2. Very effective. was not really aware of this, until I got to working with lots of different people. then I started realizing I’m much quicker thinker and worker, understanding problems and coming up with solutions before others.Looking at other people and the way they work I see so many ways to improve their effectiveness,but they’re usually not that interested in changing their ways. I learned that some people take twice as much time, and that’s just the way it is.
    Gemini Mars sextile Aries Jupiter in 6th house. Mercury Aquarius 3rd house oppose Cancer Saturn.

  3. i actually think that in a natal chart the mars saturn conjunction that is traditionally dubbed as malefic- is an excellent combination for effectivness, problem-solving, sustained effort, it is a signature in a family i know- my daughter has this as well, father, and grandfather… all in different signs and all in different house- but the conjunction and it plays out in this powerfully positive way. avid learns (they have to work at everything) but they bring true wisdom, are fantastic problem solvers, and have gobs of never-ending energy…

  4. Yep. Mercury conj Sun on my MC in Sag. I think, therefore I am, in trine to my Jupiter/Pluto conj. Not only do I think I am, I believe I am. Ruled by Neptune, I imagine that I am and that I think, back it up with a boat load of Saturn and Pluto and at times I am like the little train that could.

  5. Can Saturn square Mars help a person being effective even if its a square? Or just makes the person more prone to bolt when its too much trouble?

    That is not very saturnine… but I read somewhere that a square between those too can make a person rebellious, and resentful to have to discipline themselves into hard work.

    But… on the other hand, I also read that it doesn’t matter so much the kind of aspect, but if the planets are in aspect; stressful or easy aspects, its just the same, only, the stressful will bring struggle between the energies and a more extreme expression of them, but if the person is able to integrate the energies of the square, the result in the person’s personality will be very similar to the expression of the easy aspect between the same planets. The problems arise when it’s not integrated, and as very few people are aware individuals, it seldom is so. Am I being too simplistic?

    So… Capricorn ascendant, with Cap Jupiter in the 1st, 2nd house Mars square Saturn, that almost never follows through is an unicorn, lol?

    1. Yes, the energies can work together, but it’s generally a harshest process. My husband has the Mars Saturn square – he’s a retired green beret. His Mars skills are extremely disciplined and honed. If he targets you, you’re probably toast.

      As I always say, “energy is neutral until it’s directed.”

  6. Wasn’t sure about all this so had a discussion with a friend about it. There really isn’t a concept she can’t get her head around. What I came to realize that with my mercury in the 11th, I think in terms of group. The one thing we both understood is that effectiveness is not about self. It’s about giving oneself over to something else. We are together for a reason so let’s do it. What I have been doing without knowing it is assessing group situations. A group can be too dysfunctional for me to be effective. Many times a group rotates around the dysfunction or dysfunctional person. Everyone babysits the dysfunction, keeps feeding it. And I end up feeling like I’m living in an insane assylum. And with jobs, the pay is sometimes mighty dandy which is nice, but if it’s uber dysfunctional it’s not worth it.

  7. I can be! I’ve often written about my “underdeveloped” Mars in Libra. But then someone spotted two minor aspects between my Mars and other planets, namely a quintile to Saturn and biquintile to Jupiter. Quintiles are about finding and completing patterns and structures. I’ve discovered I truly am good at this! I can see when a practise just isn’t effective, and say why it’s wrong, even if it isn’t my field of speciality. This has mostly helped me, but with my current boss, this has gotten me into trouble too. He didn’t see my constructive criticism as such.

  8. I’m absolutely NOT effective, and I give up quickly. But if it’s something I want very bad, then I can go so far people call me resilient.

    Mercury in scorpio (deep thinking, way too much thinking, waste of energy and time thinking, it can be a blessing or a curse, depends on your point of view)

    Mars in a wide conjunction with sun in Sag. It’s not aspected by any other planet, so Mars not recieving any energy by any other planet in a fire sign, close to the the hot sun REALLY bugs me, I don’t understand all my procrastination.

    Saturn in 3rd house aquarius squaring moon, pluto, mercury and venus, quincunx midheaven.

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