Pluto In Aquarius Effects On Uranus In Scorpio Generation (1974-81)

live wireHow will Pluto in Aquarius affect the Uranus in Scorpio generation, given it creates a mutual reception of sorts?

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Uranus was in Scorpio between 1974-1981.  Whether you consider Scorpio to be ruled by Mars, Pluto or both, this is volatile, potentially explosive combination of energies.

You might view a person with Uranus in Scorpio as a live wire, lying about. But in general, I read Uranus in Scorpio as “intensely rebellious”.

There are probably dozens of songs from the era that embody this energy, but this is the one that first comes to mind.

So what if Pluto in Aquarius disturbs Uranus in Scorpio folks, enough to awaken this potential?

Rather than the Walking Dead Zombies we’ve been promised, we have a bunch of independent people going their own way?

The stimulation will come from the collective but then reaction to the stimulation is tied to the individual.  I’d say this is unpredictable but I don’t think it will be negative and I do think it will be interesting to watch.

Do you have Uranus in Scorpio? How do you feel about this placement?  How about the transit?

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  1. I have Uranus in Scorpio, conjunct Mars, so I’m a bit wary of this transit tbh. I’m hoping it will shake me up and light a fire under me rather than give me the shock of my life!

  2. Oh i am burning…burning up with absolute intensity!!

    I am continuously putting my efforts into how to use this fuel to become as independent, courageous and creative as possible to the best of my ability with what I have available to me in mind body and soul + resources. What can i deliver, how can i deliver and how can i make a difference to combat/flip over this insane evilness as just a grain in the sand of the larger picture. Some days i take a break :-0

  3. i have uranus in scorpio and in the 3rd house, in otherwords i like to spaceshift freely and describes myself as someone who is here on earth talking quantic matters with someone and the next moment i am on galaxy M83 draining some energy stone with my powers

    all the pluto transit in capricorn was awful for someone like me full of restriction and slow and block, can’t move freely because of governement with covid law, because of abuse of power of boss. So i welcome pluto in aquarius as is it in air sign and pluto in libra in a air sign rule my 3rd house scorpio so i can sense a freedom regeneration again but i dread a lot that the freedom restriction from boss from capricorn turn into restriction of freedom from group with pluto in aquarius…and it’s the case so i am suffering a lot. I think that those who are trapped like me can outgrow the group trapping by showing them you are locked and blocked but secretly working in progressing alone elsewhere in a new field (11th) it’s possible that will free you from the previous group. Progressing alone is important as you don’t want to be trapped in a new group in order to escape the former one. I think that once you gain freedom when pluto will be in aquarius it will last but you have to remain cautious to avoid any involvement with group or look carefully at all the terms before joining a group and find which one respect the most your own freedom space.

    1. I found what you described, your perspective, extremely helpful. It’s interesting to connect the theme of “abuse of the boss” (Pluto/Capricorn/10th) with “abuse of the group” (Pluto/Aquarius/11th), this abuse is/was the restriction of freedom of the soul – freedom of being and expression. Complicated by the fact that these are both external and internal dynamics as we have taken inside us an inner boss, and an inner group during our development within these relational systems (people say, conditioning or programming – same thing). So to change involves allowing the transformation of the inner system, to make new alignments with the soul. But in this process we meet the traumatic legacy of our abusive inner boss and abusive inner group (family, designated roles). Feelings/Moon (Cancer) and the heart/solar energy (Leo) are what we must reconnect with, and to discover, acknowledge, and release the trauma of becoming erroneously restricted. We were both encouraged and also we allowed this restriction, because the predominant material-based energies convinced/convince us that there is no “other way”. Yet “there is always a way”. With Pluto retrograding back to Capricorn a couple more times it seems we will have a chance to touch base further with how we’re getting on with transforming our corrupt inner boss and this will directly effect how we get on with transforming our role in our corrupt inner group, so as to align more and more with the frequency of our soul.

  4. I have Uranus at 2 Scorpio. I’m feeling the urge to be free of societal expectations, which is a pretty cyclical thing for me, as I have Sun and Mercury in Aquarius.

  5. I have Uranus in Scorpio 2 degr. (8th house). It sextiles my Sun and Merc in Capricorn.
    I think it gives me a sharp mind and tongue that mostly not express btw (Cap Sun, Taurus Moon, long for stability).
    The thing is, my Asc is 3 degr Aquarius. So this Uranus squares my personality/body. I think this explains a kind of friction between me and most people, and their impression of me can be the complete opposite of who I am. I am used to it and look for the few I do resonate with.
    Now, with transit Pluto coming close, I feel not ready for another Pluto confrontation. I had Pluto transiting 12th house for a long time and conjuncting Sun, Merc and Venus. This brought corrosion, and chronic illness. At this moment in my life I do have very little friends, am not happy where I live and can’t work because of my corroded back, so fear of poverty forever.
    I just hope the transit Pluto square my Uranus (long one, 3 times I think) will not be the final hit, but I am afraid of it. I have not had luck since Pluto went into Cap, haha! Everything was taken away (starting with the unexpected death of my father in 2008) and I am absolutely not familiar with this socalled ‘regeneration’ that Pluto would bring. I do am ready for the more positive sides of Pluto but I don’t dare to expect this square will bring that.
    Just sitting with my fingers crossed….

  6. Interesting question and take, Elsa.
    I’m just not sure we will be able to tell exactly what pertains to the pluto sq uranus in Sco natives as these folk/generation also have their uranus opposition going on, chiron return… etc. Guess will depend on individual charts as usual. thks for the heads up though. I’m dealing with a uranus sco person, it conjuncts my dc, and pluto 🙂

  7. Well. Pluto Cap was my 1st house and I sure went through it, developing an identity by the method of elimination. Everything that came through the meat grinder is authentic. I think cap might be like that. Restriction, grinding, etc. Now, it’s going into my 2nd house of values and all of a sudden I’m a single mom with a special needs kid and no job or friends to speak of, but my ex left the country, I got a house from an inheritance, the dept. of disability supports cover over 150 hours of care for my son, and I suddenly know what I want to be when I grow up and I’m heading back to school myself. Since march, when Pluto ingressed to Aquarius, I have begun to been able to feel the distinction between the satisfaction I’ve gotten in the past from approval, of feeling like I measure up, that is really a relief from an ambient anxiety or sense of shame instilled in me as a child, and the satisfaction I can get by living life, being in the moment, acting authentically, and from accomplishment on its own terms.

    I believe that this dialectic… between coping based on how well I fulfill into other people’s values, and coping based on mindfulness and authenticity and identifying my own values is going to be a theme. This implies processing the shame and pain around fulfilling expectations which has until now been my greatest motivation. I think a lot of that shame and pain revolves around my experiences of emotions themselves.

    Honestly the scorpion makes me think of the childhood trauma triggers that I’ve begun to be aware of. Where things are innocuous until suddenly i am uneasy and then like a bolt of lightning my most difficult emotions strike, drawing parallels my conscious mind would never pick up between benign interactions and the scars of where I grew up wrong.

    i think that works for my generation in general which makes sense because it’s not the bad things I went through that necessarily scarred me imo, but the expectation that life should be pain free since I was safe and healthy and had everything physically that my grandparents wanted for my parents and prospects to be anything I wanted in the future. My inability to reconcile that expectation of happiness and the real discomfort of growing up with covered up addiction in the family, not fitting in at school, all the pain and tragedies of the world that were suppressed and denied or handwaved as ‘the way it is’ by previous generations made me unable to handle difficult emotions, i felt a lot of very deep shame about any sadness or anger.

    I really feel like this experience is to some degree a shared one. The changes that the baby boomers went through, the hope that is associated with that generation for love and peace was not balanced by a realistic sense of what wouldn’t change in the human experience. There’s still going to be a loss and fear and it’s still going to hurt. Pain is one of the fundamental parts of growth and of life. I think in some ways Uranus in Scorpio, represents generation X’s difficult relationship with pain. Obviously, it’s not something that was the same for everyone, but there was a big emphasis in my childhood about how lucky I was to not have war, sickness or hunger and there was a tremendous effort from my parents to make sure I was happy. There was a myth of childhood I think that reflected the boomers own rosy recollections of their childhoods as innocent and carefree, or else the boomeresque hope and expectation that society could do better than in the past to deliver childhoods that were innocent and carefree. I think to a large extent maybe a Gen X was shoved in an innocent and carefree box, where they could not express their fear and pain without it, being something transgressive and extraordinary.

    I think Pluto and Aquarius might be about reconciling Gen X’s relationship to the pain of growth and change, to understand that it’s a tool and not a failure. To accept publicly and privately our difficult emotional experiences, and to put them in an appropriate context in our society, neither denying them, nor making such a big fuss about them that it’s disruptive given their ubiquity. I think until this work is done it will be difficult for many people to live authentically. And until we can as a culture, learn the proper role of pain and shame and take it seriously enough (but not too seriously), we won’t be able to create institutions that can heal people on a wider level. not to get ahead of myself, but Pluto and Pisces seems like it might reflect, addressing the pain of humanity on a more fundamental level, but will we be able to get there without acknowledging our individual and healthy pain and discomfort.

    I don’t necessarily think that Pluto in Aquarius would be about only pain overall, but that is my impression of its relationship with Uranus in Scorpio.

  8. Reading the above was very emotional for me. I’m a boomer and my kids were born in 76 and 78. We’ve lately had discussions about how they grew up, how their dad and I grew up and what we wanted for them in the future. We processed a lot…. Anger, grief, and the longing for love just as we are. I am grateful. The internal changes are important and absolutely worth it! Keep going guys because as Buddhists we believe that the people who suffer the most and keep going are going to have the greatest happiness of all! Allow yourself to Prove it to yourselves!

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