Saturn in Scorpio – Access To High Quality Energy

Recently I touched base with a Double Scorpio friend. Our charts synch up in such a way, we don’t have to talk that much. We easily access each other so doesn’t take a lot of words.

I don’t recall ever having to explain anything to him, or being misunderstood in the slightest. On the contrary, I know I’m understood. That’s why I don’t have to talk!

Recently we lost a woman in our lives who was deep, exotic and expansive. She was the antithesis of cheap veneer and superficial knowledge without basis in actual life experience.  Her presence altered the energy in room.  Today she’s gone and she leaves a void that cannot be filled.

It’s hard to find people with depth that is tangible.  It seems there is a true scarcity (Saturn) of high quality energy (Scorpio) out there and when those lights go out, it’s DARK.

Is there a soulful person in your life?  Where do you go when you want to get real?

14 thoughts on “Saturn in Scorpio – Access To High Quality Energy”

  1. When I want to get real, I cut off everyone and retreat in myself. I’m feeling the lack of depth as of late, too, and I find it disturbing, my progressed Scorpio Sun helps me making up for that.

  2. Like Aeterna, it’s me. (Funny that cause my progressed Sun is in Scorpio too – natal Venus/Saturn cjn.) 12th house Virgo Sun wishes she could be by the ocean.
    High quality aka haute Scorpios not easy to find: all that secrecy ;P

  3. I always turn to my friend/ ex fiancé who happens to be a Scorpio. He knows and understands me better than anyone else despite all we’ve been through.

  4. Currently going through that now. And like the first poster, I block everyone out and spend sometime alone. Soulful people are hard to come by.

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    I am very grateful to know quite a few soulful people; one is my sister, the rest are friends. I may not be able to connect/communicate with them as often as I’d like (distance, schedules, Skype blips), but they are there.

  6. I have a question. Not related to this topic. Although I do have a sister with sun Scorpio, who is a big hot mess, mentally questionable and otherwise a disaster.

    Why have so many people been complaining that over the last three days or more, their lives have been hellish? I can’t seem locate what has been going on in the planetary scheme of things…and would appreciate any input. Thank you!

  7. Your post really moved me. A year and a half ago, someone who had been a friend since college died. He had been one of my professors. He wore his erudition lightly, there was no pretentiousness, ever. He was a fine scholar, but even more remarkable as a human being. He had depth and character, and we just ‘got’ each other. Finest person I’ve ever known.

    Somehow, for me at least, it isn’t just soulfulness but integrity. The rare people who can see that others are just as real and deserving of consideration as they are, for starters.

  8. I like deep soulful people. My very spiritual Grandfather was that person until 2010 when de passed on at the age of 98. It was his time I guess but i still dream about him, miss his wisdom and the beautiful soul he was in my life. My best friend has also been that way with me many times. I have 5 planets in the 8th house, sun, moon, mercury, north node and saturn.

    Currently I have a scorpio friend with intuitive gifts who knows a whole lot more about me than I do at times. It’s really wild, that ability for insight, and connection to another human being, very surreal and beyond what I’ve known with most other people.

    I turn to her to get real, otherwise I often want to hear from astrologers who just tell it like it is rather than sugar-coating it or side-stepping it or minimizing it or otherwise just not dealing with it.

    Love your posts and videos Elsa! Keep it up. Thanks:)

  9. echoing scorpioandproud’ s thoughts. “feeling the genuine love”
    the “go to”person for people but not the other way around.

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