What You Are On The Surface vs What You Exude

“You may appear on the surface to be aloof but as far as what you are exuding, it’s something much deeper. Like pheromones. A woman who wants to procreate. A woman with a voracious sex drive and possibly a shadow…”

I wrote that for a client, while reading her solar return chart. Hey! It takes one to know one.

Do people see you the way you see you, or want them to see you?  What might  people sense about you, that may not be part of your press kit?

14 thoughts on “What You Are On The Surface vs What You Exude”

  1. On the surface – aloof, distant, friendly, “perfect”

    Everything else is the very raw and real self which people pick up on but throws them into a strange dissonance. I’m better off that way anyway, keeps me interesting. 😀

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    I don’t think people see me for me most of the time. Most people see my nervous ticks and pride. I don’t think they see that I care more than they could ever know and that I would jump into burning buildings to save them.. That is me, that is who I am. I go outof my way to make people feel good and always feel bad for slighting others. That soundsso arrogant I know but it is my truth.

  3. Last night I told my friend of something I do–a way I operate as a means to gather information on a situation, and as I talked, I realized exactly this, that ‘something people sense in me that isn’t part of my press kit.’

    I have a far greater understanding of the motivations of others that many people give me credit for. This, I think, is what people sense. They sense the wheels turning, and if they’re paranoid they think I’m out to get them. In truth I don’t have strong feelings about most people, just the ones who fuck with me.

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    aries/taurus cusp ascendant
    venus in taurus
    sun, mars, mercury in cancer
    moon in virgo

    although these natal placements work well for me in public or around friends..it takes a while for people to trust me usually… my Saturn/Pluto in Scorpio stingers & antenna pop out from under my venus, mars, moon, mercury & sun placements almost every time im talking with anyone..
    Saturn & Pluto in Scorpio sniff out bullshit in anything & anyone like a dog on a bone. But sometimes i wish i could cut the antenna & stingers off me..& be the sweet Venusian Moon child i know i can be.

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    i sometimes pick up vibes that i certainly dont want in my press kit..but sometimes people are annoyingly persistant.

    self projection can be a fucker.

  6. My closest friends through the years have always told me things about myself that surprised me. As I get to know myself better, I understand what they are saying.

    I am fairly low profile now so when I open up and share my life experiences people are often amazed.

    I’ve been critiqued in the biz world as being able to do biz and have a good time interacting as well and that is unusual. It is most likely my seemingly carefree aura that makes me appear weak and knifeable. But the people who know me well . . . they don’t fuck with me. They know better. ‘Eatin their own gun’ comes to mind because I just can’t do it for them to justify their egomaniacalness.

  7. Do I have to have a press kit? I’m so mutable. People often tell me that I’m talented at so many things. What the hell are they talking about? I have no talent at all. I have a diverse lifestyle. My only real talent is survival. And that’s not a talent at all.

  8. Is this about an Asc being very different to say your Sun or Moon, is this what would cause the discrepancy between your core and what people perceive/see?

  9. Yup, as far as others are concerned, I am whatever you think I am.

    I am not sure but it could be my first house saturn in scorpio squared by pluto . . . People I don’t know sometimes get in my face. I am sure they are convinced I am the person they think I am. Like their sister, mother, ex-girlfriend or whatever. And no Elsa, I am not about to laugh at these freaks. They are in derangement mode. Or from another lifetime or something. The weirdest one was in the middle of a restaurant in Santa Monica. I was dining with 2 friends and this guy came up and went on and on about what a jewish bitch I was for the whole restaurant to hear. All I could say when he finished his tirade was ‘but I am not jewish.’ At least those 2 friends didn’t get up and leave. Usually when that happens the people I am with are like whoa and walk away leaving me standing there. There have been men that I’ve dated that treat me like I am somebody else that I don’t recognize. I feel like I am expected to pay off debts or provide favors for somebody else who hurt them or loved them. I am not trained in all that transference stuff. But I am not going to laugh at them, but let em drop in their own crap. To piss them off, well I’ve only narrowly escaped death a few times too many.

  10. I think people sense my shadow even when I try to hide it. I have a lovely, shiny exterior but my 8th house planets look into people. People sometimes get uncomfortable when the first meet me. My quietness sometimes freaks people out. I’m always smiling at people so they don’t feel uncomfortable. I flash them a little smile, then they seem okay. Then they usually tell me all about themselves…

  11. Scorpioandproud

    Most people take me for a Cancer and I would think this is because of the nurturing work I do and because my life has been mostly about my kids/family…and do have a Cancer Asc…

    I am nothing like a Cancer sun. I love them but I am not like the ones I know. I have some very good Cancer sun friends that when hurt hide …. this is not me…I bother no one. But if you come for me you better pack a lunch!

    When they do come for me and from time to time some have….I give it back like a (fill in the blank to keep it clean) and they are shocked and horrified….

    Sorry I gave you the impression that I will mother you, even though you just stuck me with a knife….

    (and everything Kashmiri said too)

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