Thwarting The Flow Of The Universe – Saturn Square Neptune

Water flowing over rocks I am highly interested in the upcoming aspect between Saturn in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces.

I think it’s going to be HUGE. Seriously (Saturn) HUGE (Sagittarius).

This energy will express itself in an endless variety of ways, but awhile back I was thinking about the idea there is a universal plan, God’s plan, you could say; and then people – like us – come in and screw it up.

I know that some people think there are no errors in life. That’s fine. But I’ll give you an example of what I’m talking about.

I’m pretty sure that I was meant and made to be married to my husband.  We’re the right age. We were both born to Catholic families. We’re physically attracted to each other. We get along.

We  collided at an age (late teens), when we could have married and had a bunch of kids.  We’d have been one of those big Catholic families, you used to see a lot of.  We both feel this would have been deeply satisfying. So what happened? What went wrong?

We met. We were instantly attracted. We fell into our roles, within hours.

We went on to do all the things that young couple starting their life together would do. We pooled our money to pay our bills. We took out loans to build our credit. We balanced our work life with our personal life, with the time we spent alone or with friends…but we failed to marry!

When we got back together, twenty-five years later, we again merged our lives. Easily. Organically. Successfully. It’d be hard to argue, we’re not meant to be together. Especially when you consider that neither of us had much success trying to partner with others.

It starts to look as if there was a plan in place from the day we were born. We were meant to flow together, but the plan was disrupted.

It was my father who disrupted the plan. He knew right from wrong. But by his own free will, he decided to thwart me in every way he could possibly conceive of.

You may or may not have read my book (title story – Heaven I Mean Circle K).  As intense as it is, it only skims the surface of my relationship with my father.  But here’s something very few people know.

I called my father when I was dating my husband, as a teen. I told him the situation I was in. I told him that I wanted to get married.

I begged him to cooperate with this, but he refused. In fact, he promised to screw me up in every way possible. He vowed to embarrass me and destroy me and make me sorry I ever called him and asked him for this favor.

Based on my experience, I had no reason to doubt him. So much for God’s plan. A single individual was able to disrupt this flow, and jack up a whole bunch of people’s lives for years to come.

As bad as this is, it’s pales in comparison to a baby who is aborted.  My life may have been derailed, but I survived long enough to find my way to the person, I was meant to spend my life with. I was thwarted, not stopped, so I can hardly complain!

I’m writing this so people can think about the effect they have when they decide to disrupt or thwart the flow of  things.  It’s dramatically bad.

A woman should be able to walk down the street and not be beaten and raped by a horde of men. When a horde of men decide to put her through this ordeal, they are most definitely disrupting the flow of another person’s life, for their self-centered purpose(s).

I know I am way ahead of the curve here, but with Saturn fixing to square Neptune, it’s worth thinking about these things.

  • How often do you thwart another person’s flow?
  • What might be the consequences for this?
  • Do you deny there are consequences to yourself or others?
  • Are you cold and/or compassionately blocked in this regard?

I was very lucky to be exposed to my grandfather, Henry. He explicitly taught me that I should never interfere with the trajectory of another person’s life.

If you’ve not learned something similar, when Saturn in Sagittarius squares Neptune in Pisces, you’ll have your chance.

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    Diane Johnston

    I love that your grandfather told you “never to interfere with the trajectory of another person’s life’ Someone interfered with mine and of course it changed my life and inevitably theirs. That experience has also stopped me from interfering with the lives of others because you just never know how it will turn out. What could be thought of as love and protection could do irreparable harm as well.

    1. Good point, Diane. Here’s a story for you:

      I once broke up with my boyfriend. We were young, but it was serious relationship, of more then two years. We separated…and after a week or so, I started trying to reach him, but had no luck.

      I wrote a bunch of letters, sent them to his mother’s house. Turns out she intercepted them – threw them in the trash. Her son was 26, by the way.

      Distraught, over not hearing from me / the separation, he tried to kill himself!

      He survived…his mother was quite fortunate, you think?

      I didn’t find this out until 4-5 years later. He didn’t find out until then either. That’s how long it took me to locate him…

      “What letters?” he asked.

      When I told him I’d sent them to his mother…he assured me, she’d round-filed them.

      Anyway, this is another example or someone interfering…it’s just an awful, terrible thing to do, and more risky then you may think. Because sometimes this stuff comes back on you – HARD.

      My husband and I have been together now, close to ten years. I am still routinely shaken and amazed at the price we (and many others) have paid, for the choices my father made.

      I feel the least I can do is mention this to people. I have endless stories I could tell, but I’m hoping I made my point.

  2. I don’t think I’ve ever knowingly thwarted someone’s trajectory. But it’s possible I’ve done so without knowing it. I don’t always know what someone’s trajectory is.

    What if the trajectory is a negative one? I hear about people trying to get through to addicts, for example. Is it wrong to interfere? I agree that a lot of times, the person has to hit bottom, but I guess I can’t blame people for trying (once or twice, not repeatedly).

    1. I am talking about circumstances where a person knows, damned well they doing something they know they should not be doing…even if their surface mind tried to justify it.

      Like the situation above (comments), everyone knows, it’s wrong to intercept a personal letter. Can you imagine if that woman would have lost her son over that? She almost did.

  3. That’s a great post and something to think about. My mother always resented her father for disapproving of her first boyfriend. I don’t know how much he interfered (he had a HUGE somewhat overbearing personality) and how much she wanted his approval. So they never got married and she was very bitter towards him, her first husband and my father. Anyway, there was closure in that she reconnected and moved in with her first boyfriend (a very lovely man btw) a few years after my father died. He sadly also died within a couple years. My mother never really recovered from all the losses.

    1. To add, I think this post gives another perspective for me to think about in all this. Thank you, Elsa.

  4. yeah elsa…

    i agree that its a good practice to not interfere with another person’s life trajectory but i also don’t think that we can look back on any life lived and see a ‘wrong.’ whatever happened was ‘meant to be’ simply because it happened; nothing happens that does not have the potential to happen–right or wrong, good or bad.

    i think that when a lesson has been learned we can’t ever really say that there was a wrong choice or a missed opportunity or an interference that occurred. please don’t get me wrong, i don’t condone actions motivated by violence or hatred; i think its important to be aware of one’s own motivations and to offer peace and goodness to the world. i’m just saying that we live in a world that makes no sense on so many levels and its hard to know what ‘meant to be’ is. i mean, i could definitely look back and identify wrong choices, missed opportunities and misguided advice that led to my own experience of adversity and suffering (i have saturn opposite my sun, after all) but i tend to think that those things happened for a reason and that it is only when the lessons haven’t been learned that an opportunity has been missed. can’t the thing ‘meant to be’ actually be the loss, the absence, the missed thing?

    i’m a starting a career at 42 that i could have started earlier if i had made different choices. now i’m seemingly old to be learning languages and everything else required to do this work. but from another perspective, i have life experience (suffering, pain, struggle, maybe some wisdom to add to the mix) that will benefit my research. so i can regret and think i thwarted myself by giving power to my own insecurities (then and now) or by following someone else’s ill-conceived advice, but it benefits me more to recognize that my journey has been full and that i have learned important things as a consequence of the ‘poor’ choices that i’ve made, and to take responsibility for all the choices i’ve made (no matter whose bad advice i followed or how much i was not in control of the situation) and be grateful for the pain that has led me to be here and now, doing what i’m doing, which is where i’m definitely meant to be.

    saturn opposite neptune/sun conjunct in sag is the dynamic of my life, lived out by means of pluto, natally in the 4th and now hanging out on my descendant, about to dance with my progressed sun for the next 5-6 years. life is never easy, but wouldn’t it be boring if it were?

  5. I had this aspect but through synastry. I was the saturn while the other person was the neptune. Disrupted my disciplined straightforward saturn to epic proportions! Ive felt the dynamics of those two planets very personally

  6. This writing here is one reason why I love this blog. It’s profound and makes you think!

    As for interference and delays, some may call them derailments also. I think sometimes some derailments are karmic (Saturn). Saturn also delays and can be a pain in the butt.

    But I got to agree with Elsa on this one, some people want to thwart you for some reason, and that’s where the free will of that person and yours come into play.

  7. Thanks Elsa, luv your insights -always very timely for us all… as a Virgo rising native I can see Saturn is soon to be crossing into my 4th house around 6 sag and will then square Neptune sitting over on the Descendant … any ideas hear? (ill keep everyone posted as things do their thing)

  8. I agree completely with Henry and you that a person should not interfere with the trajectory of another’s life. We each have our paths and it is not for an outsider to dictate our course.

    For this reason I believe you fail to understand that when you interfere with a woman’s choice of abortion you are greatly interfering with her own path.

    Your religious beliefs are your own. I don’t share them and I don’t care to have your standards forced upon me.

      1. It may be this paragraph, “As bad as this is, it’s pales in comparison to a baby who is aborted. My life may have been derailed, but I survived long enough to find my way to the person, I was meant to spend my life with. I was thwarted, not stopped, so I can hardly complain!” that has Lakshmi responding to your with her comment. I have just read the post through once, and I reflected on a decision I made to have an abortion more than thirty-five years ago. The freedom of women in this country to have a ‘safe’ abortion allowed me to move with the decision. The myriad of consequences fill both, and all sides, of the issues of your post.

        I am living the second-half of life now and the Universal Plan is bigger and my mysterious than I could have imagined, and I have a large and spacious imagination. My mother was in many ways like your “Henry” Elsa. She did not interrupt flow (a mighty Pisces). But, she did have strong values that would show up as signposts during the decades of my life, long after she passed from body. Your questions are valid, and worthy of reflection. The answers for any of us will be unique and may or may not last as life-enduring solutions. The important part, I believe, is to value oneself as much as you value another and recognize our effect on people will matter.

        1. Well, I was trained from birth, not to interfere with other people, so if a woman wants to have an abortion, I see this as entirely her choice.

          I have never stood between a woman and *anything* she wanted to do – ever. Or a man, for that matter.

          This is not part of my makeup, so I’m a bit taken aback.

  9. This thread is one reason I like this blog: people are free to express themselves and agree to disagree.
    If women were not blocked from choosing if, when, and how to have children, I doubt there would be many who would choose abortion. Personally, I have yet to meet a woman who has not had to bear psychic repercussions for having to make the choice to abort a human life.
    Nowadays one reads/hears a lot about overpopulation, but the fact is that when women are free to choose how to configure their own families, they most often choose to have fewer children. (I concede that many might choose to have large families if ‘society’ did not also thwart them from exercising economic power over their own lives.)
    I think allowing other people to live their own lives as they best see fit is possibly one of the hardest lessons most of us may ever have to learn. Me included.
    Loveya, P!

    1. “This thread is one reason I like this blog: People are free to express themselves and agree to disagree”

      Ditto for me. I have a tattoo on my arm that says “everyone to his own taste” for heaven’s sake. *chuckle*

      I very very carefully do my best not to interfere – sometimes beyond the point where it’s clear the other person wants me to interfere! But that’s not who I want to be, so I put my efforts in the non-interference direction. I appreciate this quality very much in others as well. <3

  10. I brought up being Catholic, because I was baptized Catholic. I was on the path to being Catholic…my oldest sister went to Catholic school, for example. We were a Catholic family at the time I was born.

    But then something happened. And my father made choices, that took me off that path.

    What I mean to be saying, is that I clearly get along with my husband, then and now. And we believe that we were meant for each other.

    This makes sense in that were both Catholic…if there is a grand design and had it not been disrupted, we’d have met and easily merged as a couple. But someone did not want that.

    It might help you understand, if you knew that my father wanted to marry me. Yes. MARRY ME.

    I rejected his offer, lol. To say the least. And I got my ass out of the house at 15 years old.

    But can you see, how he would not wanted to give me away at the altar at a Catholic wedding?

    I think it’s blindingly clear. It’s blindingly clear, and I could make it even clearer. But my point in writing this is to say that *I* think in *my case, that my husband and I were made for each other, and we’d have had a much easier time, if this one person would have clutched it up and done the right thing, at the point when he decided to do the wrong thing.

    I am also suggesting, the repercussions of disrupting something like this are far-reaching (sadge) and long-lasting (Saturn).

    Last, I am suggesting this would be an opportune time to consider the questions I posed above.

    I realize that not everyone will find this interesting or helpful, or anything. I wrote it (and risked rejection) in the hope it helped someone…

    This is a saturn/neptune thing…again, brought to life, but the current class I am working on.

    1. I guess I forgot to make my point.

      This is about my flow being thwarted. It is not about thwarting YOUR flow, which is exactly what I stand against. 🙂

    2. OMG!!!! It’s the kind of thing that I want to think must be made up because it is so confused. I am speechless. That is indeed ‘Holy Crap’ Batman.

      And good point.

      1. I wrote this story on my blog circa 2002,I think. Or at least I got well into it.

        I wrote it so well, some high artist, writer chick thought it was funny.

        It was compliment really. I wrote the shit out of this, it’s a story like nothing you’ve ever heard in your life.

        But it pained me so much, laughing at my plight back then, which was…

        Well, I was 12 and my father wanted to marry me – wtf? What do you do with a problem like this in the middle of the desert, when you don’t have a phone? It’s a tough one, let me tell you. 🙂 And I was laughing at this in my story, because it’s just hysterical, really.

        Anyway, my father wanted to marry me, and he was willing to COMPETE with my high school boyfriend, to have this happen. So he did exactly that – in the most surreal way you could not imagine in a million years. And he failed of course.

        So now it’s some years later, and I want to get married. To a man who not him.

        Can you imagine this? Probably not.

        But I wanted to marry my husband so badly, I called him up about this. I thought he might do it. Delusion! I’ll tell you what I really thought, I thought I’d paid my dues! And he was married himself at this time. So he’s moved on????

        Anyway, he didn’t go for it, obviously. There was no way he was going to give me to another man – just NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.

        I tried to find a way around this and I mean, I TRIED. But I could not find a way, so in the end, I could not stand in my husband’s way. He wanted to get married and have kids, see?

        So by my own philosophy, if I was not going to marry him, I had to get out of the way of his trajectory, which is exactly what I did.

        And since I didn’t want to tell him any of this, I told him I would not marry him for this nonsense reason – it was a commercial jingle from back then.

        “Why don’t you want to get married? Why won’t you marry me?” he asked.
        “Because, Tucson is an Estes Hometown,” I said.

        And that was all I said.

        This was not his problem, at least I didn’t think it was.

        Anyway we got married, decades later…and we got married a second time in a Catholic church, so it just goes to show, put down, is not necessarily put out.

  11. I do enough of it just by existing. It’s hard to accept that I have an effect just by being on the planet. But when it comes to people’s personal life decisions, I would rather not get involved any further than them running it by me to sort it out. Really just don’t want that responsibility. And it can take alot to do what is right for me at the time, when there are alot of naysayers.

    The teenage marriage thing is hard because the parent has to sign and are responsible. My parents said signing for my brother and his pregnant girlfriend, and then wife, was the biggest mistake they ever made. But threatening to mess you up? I can’t imagine that. For all his strictness and growl, my cancer stellium dad could not stand to see his kids suffer. How different people parent, or don’t, ca-razy. but like Mr Rogers says, we are all different.

    My thwartedness is just different.

  12. Almost the same exact thing happened to my Mother. She started dating a man in her late teens (17), fell in love…She got pregnant and my grandparents made her go to a home and have the baby only to force her to put it up for adoption. They then told her they spent her college money on the home/ pregnancy and refused to pay her to college. She watched them pay for all my Aunt’s education. She is now a Psych nurse practitioner… Needless to say that’s a lot of education. They ruined her relationship with the guy and they never got together again. It was her first love. This event has effected her immensely. She feels a lot of guilt and shame from the incident. I am so sorry you had to go through something like that Elsa! That’s a terrible thing for your own family to do to you.. Were you ever able to find peace with the situation? Because my mother still struggles with it..

    1. Yes, I am at peace with it and I have been for many years.

      As I wrote above, I’ve quite fortunate. I did end up where I belong. And my husband and I have everything now, that was promised, originally, so to speak.

  13. What a wonderful post, Elsa. Thank you so much. I was raped and sodomized by my father from age 3 to age 14. My life has been a continual journey toward spiritual, emotional, and physical health. I am grateful for an internal strength that kept me going and changed my life from victim to thriver.

  14. Wow Elsa, that really is an incredible story! I cannot imagine dealing with that and its amazing that you have. I truly believe that everything happens in its own time for a reason. Like you had to have things spaced out so that you could be here today and tell us how after all the waiting, you got to have the happiness with your husband because that was truly meant for you. The stuff in between happened maybe cuz it taught you things that you otherwise wouldn’t have been able to learn. That’s how I see it anyway.

    Lol I thought it was interesting that you used a jingle to communicate to your husband. A boy dumped me once “because [I] liked statistics.” It hurt, confused, and enraged me that he wouldn’t just give me a real answer but I guess he thought it was none of my business. My virgo rising/ 3rd pluto will always resent non-answers but oh well. He isn’t husband material. Never was. never will be but I thought he was and that derailed me. Later his very malicious attempt to gaslight me just for his own amusement derailed me. I had a trajectory, I was on a good path and then WHAM! I was hit and I changed everything. He openly admits he had no reason aside from finding emotional people disgusting. I wonder what derailed him because he wasn’t always a cruel person, he chose it.

    Anyway, I’m glad he hit me. Before that I never believed that he really was as evil or dangerous as he purported himself to be. I didn’t know that my radar needed work. I’m glad because I think when I finally put myself together I’ll be someone much more equipped to help others.

    1. “Lol I thought it was interesting that you used a jingle to communicate to your husband.”

      I was obfuscating. I tried so hard to marry him – he had no idea.

      I still don’t think he comprehends the situation back then. I don’t think anyone comprehends the situation, but me.

      1. Yeah I get that. I can see that I’ve done that in situations where nothing I said would’ve made anything clearer.

        You were in an unbelieveable situation. Clarity might be overrated.

        I’m so glad things worked out for you. Its nice for me to see that good things happen in this world and people can come together in love.

  15. It is a funny story, for this reason: I am a funny chick.

    And the day my father told me that he had this scheme, well my mind was racing. Like you have got to be kidding me!

    But he was not kidding. He told me that I could have one child. And he apologized, that we could not get married a church.

    “We won’t be able to get married in a church, but you can have one baby. Will that be enough to make you happy? I think I am too old for you to have more than one.”

    Oh my God, he’s serious! What am I going to do? It was a new level of “trouble”, okay?

    From there it got really got strange, and strangely interesting.

    I do understand, people have other philosophies, but I am telling you, this is something my husband and I both know – we were meant to marry. Born to meet and marry. And I was most definitely derailed.

    This was okay with my mother, by the way. You must be wondering.

    1. (((Elsa))). Yes, how does a person even really explain to another what it’s like to be dealing with that.
      I’m so glad for you that you two came together again.

  16. Damn. I wonder what the impetus behind interfering is? That desire to throw the letters in the trash or give advice you know will be heeded seriously, it must be wholly selfish or narcissistic or insecure. But isn’t the blockage part of the path whether it intends to be or not? An maybe being that is someone else’s path and your life impairs theirs. I dunno, there’s a big steak dinner of thoughts to digest here.

  17. This kind of encompasses my whole philosophy on living. I’ve been thinking about America lately. It always comes down to the ideal of what liberty is. I love that word. Being free isn’t just about being able to make choices for oneself; it’s also about allowing others the same freedom. You can’t call yourself free if you are trying to control someone.

    How can one protect themselves from being thwarted? Is it possible? I’d like to think there is some way.

  18. This has happened to me numerous times in the past 5 years alone. My father, my bosses and roommies/friends have blocked my professional/social growth and hampered my overall life direction repeatedly and when i point it out all I ever get to hear is you shouldn’t have listened/reacted to us. So is this on me solely??
    Sometimes I wonder if this block has also blocked romantic progress and overall happiness in my life for good.
    This seems to have already happened Elsa – can’t imagine more coming up, maybe it’s now mutable signs who will get a taste of it

    1. My only defender (that’s how it feels anyway) my mom passed away in 2005, my sister hates my existence and couldn’t care less – and I wouldn’t let her near me even if I was mortally wounded. My father has managed to isolate himself due to his controlling behavior and rudeness – people just perceive him as weird — and now I’m also isolated due to association and sympathy for his position.
      So maybe I am after-all really to blame – for not just brazening it out.
      Now that I think of it this is a huge reason why I try not to ever interfere in other people’s lives and wish I was left alone to my own devices too. People have made fun of this too – calling it an obsession with freedom

  19. Whoa! Elsa, that is a truly profound post. Thank you for sharing your story. It’s food for thought. Usually, synchronous events feature in my daily life: I had been reading a wittily documented book by Frank Swinnerton called a Galaxy of Fathers, which is essentially about the way fathers had thwarted and interfered in the lives of their children through the centuries, taken from the biographies of leading lights of literature…your own account is extraordinary.

    It’s easy to construct scenarios in hindsight, like – say, if you had run away together and married in secret? But you are together, and you are both happy.

    Hopefully, I continue to apply the principle of respecting the free will of others.

  20. “It’s easy to construct scenarios in hindsight, like – say, if you had run away together and married in secret? ”

    See, my husband was (and is) what you call, “a good Catholic boy”. He is from a good family.

    So when he meets a girl, that means he has to go to her father and ask to marry her…and then the father as to act like a non-asshole, which in this case, was not possible.

    My husband did meet my father – a whole other story. But he was clueless to all of this, and I was not about to tell him.

    Anyway, what I am saying in this post, is that there is a natural way that Catholics marry, traditionally speaking. You don’t go run off, that’s for sure! So to marry my husband, I thought at the time, I needed parents…to match his parents. I didn’t have them. So I tried to get some hologram parents to stand in, so I could marry him, but I failed.

    So I let him go. I had to! Because I could not make it on to his trajectory. And thwarting him / preventing him from having what he wanted, was unthinkable to me.

    It’s like I had to be 5’2″ to ride…I was 4’7″! You just can’t hide this kind of thing…that’s what I realized.

    But then you think of this story, without my father’s interference – well it seems so obvious.

    My husband and I know, we’d have come together, been attracted at any age that we met. He thinks of me like, Anne of Green Gables. He’s Gilbert.

    So if he’s Catholic, I would be Catholic, and I was (baptized), but then taken off track. We match, see? But then a force came in (and chose) to mess with the normal course of things.

  21. Catholics, and I’ve had all the programming, often fail to realize they subscribe to a Christian based religion, and resort to old testament cruelty. However, that same type of catholic, never fails to ‘preach’ like we are told the Christ did. They want to save me. Ergo they are telling me there is something wrong with me. That’s my problem with some Catholics (and I am surrounded). Day was, religion was a personal matter. It wasn’t political. Something went askew in the 90s with Neptune in Capricorn and the fusing of religious beliefs and politics. Seems to justify about anything. I don’t see the integration of Christian principles in that kind of mean nasty sadistic people. So the talk of “I am a this” or “I am a that” as a reason to take me down or to torture people exhausts me. Perhaps, they just ain’t really been saved yet? Own it. Do it. Or as Frank Zappa said, “shut up and play yer guitar.”

  22. I suspect I mostly thwart my own flow.
    But sometimes work feels like a constant thwarting of the flow of others. It’s that kind of job. The consequences of that are…feeling permanently corrupted.

  23. I have Saturn conjunct Neptune both squaring my chart ruler. Plus Saturn is at it’s degree of exaltation in Libra. I have found Saturn can aid in the manifestation of the universal messages I receive, like daydreams and what if’s… Sometimes I wish I was more able to have better boundaries around the whole thing because I think I can manifest too much and it’s a lot of work. I guess in the end we all have to try to be as authentic as we can and have the strength and courage to stand up for ourselves when others take on that stern fatherly Saturn role in our life. Not easy.

  24. Avatar
    Warped by Wuthering Heights

    (((Elsa))) Wow. Wondering if your early life was some past life karma playing out, perhaps you and your husband had been a couple in a past life, destined to be reunited but only after such a lengthy test for some reason. And your father, what in his past could’ve warped him so? Reminded of some others — Elizabeth Barrett and Robert Browning, Tristan and Isolde, Abelard and Heloise — similarly thwarted by father figures. Thank heaven in your case love has triumphed and prevailed! Bless you for all you do!

    1. yeah…now people can see why I chose Saint Dymphna as my Patron Saint! Her father was into her, the son of a bitch! And mental duress – ya think?

      Anyway, I like talking about this, of all things. Because I have so much to say.

  25. Elsa, do you have Saturn square Neptune in your birth chart? If not, what would it mean if you do? (me) Thank you for all of the posts!! 🙂

    1. No, I don’t have Saturn sq Neptune.
      As for interpretation, that’s what the workshop is about. I’m like fifty pages into writing about it, so what I have to say won’t fit in a comment box! 🙂

  26. *Bumping this one up*

    A good post that makes me think. I have always been one to believe that everything that happens has a purpose of some kind, even if it is the most horrible thing to happen to a person.

    As far as trying to interfere with someone else’s life, I have tried to talk my brother into getting off of alcohol and drugs but that doesn’t work.

    And I had to have our Mother put into a mental home and now, she is in a nursing home due to breaking her hip last month. Mom wants to give up on life. She has been unhappy since her Mother died in January of 2008. I can’t change anyone’s life but my own. If she wants to give up, I can’t make her change her mind.

    I am trying in every way to prepare for this Saturn transit.

  27. Goosebumps. I wonder why so many people are against love. Why do people thwart love? The only explanation must be that they were once thwarted themselves. They’re so bitter, they don’t want to see anyone else have what they feel was robbed from them. As if there’s not enough love in the universe to go around.

  28. I wouldn’t be suprised, Elsa, if my love life doesn’t follow a similar course to yours. I know about how it feels to be separated from your true love.

  29. Great post. I am really really intrested to read further post of yours on this subject- especilly how will saturn opposite neptune work in synastry? how can you transform it?
    Thank you Elsa!!

  30. Just reread this post and thread. WOW. You do continue to work that ‘second track’ and if your goal of maintaining this blog still remains in tact you serve a world of community for 10 more years. Thank you.

  31. First, I am sorry that happened in your life Elsa! Did you guys think of just getting married anyway and having Henry give you away?
    This is mind opening Elsa. Even at my age looking back, how I was thwarted over and over again at work l, (by my Superiors or by my mother who wanted me to do this or that), up to my retirement, (though at that point I found my niche and was left alone), I just thought it was me, or the bumps and knocks of life. Everyone has them! But looking at it as an *interference*….wow. That makes sense because had first, my mother not tried to persuade me so hard to learn to type, so I could get a good office job (practical advice on the one hand), I would have gone to Art or Music School if it were made available to me. And Art School was put almost as a tease “we can’t afford that but you can take a Summer class”(which I did and got a good grade in). I know they could afford it. My parents just wanted to travel Europe instead. In hindsight I should have worked my ass off to save money to go to Art or Music Schools but I was absolutely clueless on that account. So I spent my life doing a job that was not me, but expresses itself in my Chart, Pluto in Virgo conj my MC. Undying service as a Receptionist, later wearing many hats and ultimately ending up in IT! Not my passion but I enjoyed it none the less.

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