Saturn in Scorpio Transiting The 4th House

Lately, I’ve been working with a stream of people whoΒ  have Saturn in Scorpio transiting their fourth house.Β  Saturn in the 4th is a difficult transit. It marks an emotional low. It’s common people become depressed when Saturn transits their fourth, at least to some degree.

People with Scorpio in their 4th seem to be faring better than average. It might be courtesy the mutual reception from Pluto in Capricorn, but it might also be that people with Scorpio in the 4th are innately sophisticated when it comes to their emotions, their roots, and their inheritance from (or to) their families. Whatever it is, this is a great group, with courage that’s admirable.

Do you have Saturn in Scorpio transiting your fourth house? How’s it going?

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  1. Saturn’s been transiting my 4th house in Scorpio and it’s definitely depressing. Maybe I’m faring worse because it’s transiting my progressed Sun and progressed Venus. My pJupiter and pSun are nearly conjoined right now, but that’s not even doing much good! Anyway, I’m glad you posted this this morning, Elsa – I’d forgotten where the depression was coming from. Maybe I can do something Saturny to help it – work, discipline, nose to the old grindstone…

  2. This isn’t a fun transit. It’s in my 4th and conjunct my natal moon. When it goes forward it will cross my Neptune. When Saturn first crossed my IC and moon an old root canal failed and I had to have it retreated. Sitting in that chair for an hour and a half felt like visiting hell. On a good note, my twin nephews were born. Their Saturn is exactly conjunct my moon.

    I am fascinated by how true to their nature these transits are. The 4th house is family, history, ancestors. This week tradtion vs. reality is a major issue in my home and we had to make a painful decision about something cultural and it’s been so emotional for me. Saturn is making me take a second look at things I blindly accepted all my life!

  3. Yes to both.

    Emotionally stressful, but doing OK, specially compared to some of the horror stories I’m hearing out there.

  4. Saturn in Scorpio is in my 4th house as well.
    I’m not really struggling, I know things could be moving faster (to get to where I want to go) or they could be going in the totally opposite direction. I’ll take slow and steady over the wrong way anyday. Then again, the consults I had with Elsa when saturn was in my 3rd really helped me get the right focus to deal with what was coming and ‘batten down the hatches’ per say. It’s paying off in spades, plus the peace of mind that knowing my direction brings is just so priceless πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  5. Scorpioandproud

    I have way too many planets in H4. I have lost an Aunt, Uncle, Dog, g-daughter missing for two days, son going through a divorce, mothers health is hanging by a thread, Fathers health hanging by a thread too, both sons lost good jobs but are back to work now…its emotionally exhausting and its only been 6 months.

    I don’t want to leave the house some days and I am more worried about my family than I have been in years. I am not usually a person who cries…but I have been crying… and very worried.

    I am somewhat worried about this full moon coming…its going to crash all over me and my oldest son and I am not sure we are standing on solid ground. I don’t like to sit in a place of fear but what choice do I have right now…because look at all that has happened in a short time.

  6. Yeah, Saturn transit to Pluto in the 4th for me. The depression is taking some form in my life, it’s really hard to wake up and get out of the house. I’d like to get out more, but I feel like there’s so much to work on at home. And I love my home. The best part is bonding with my mom. She also has Pluto in her 4th. I also have pMoon in Scorp/4th house. The themes are written all over everything for me right now, I am quite patient, have plenty of work to do, it all seems to be going just fine.

  7. My 5th house starts at 10 Scorpio, so Saturn’s move through Scorpio started out in my 4th, and will Rx back into it. The first 4th house transit was tough–very busy. I was negotiating with family about how to best take care of my mother while she recovered from an injury and a few other minor illnesses. I was able to get some support from them, however, which was nice.

    During the Rx period I would like to pay some attention to my physical home, which needs some TLC.

  8. Another 4ther here.

    Eeeyuck is what I must say. Depression is at an-all time high. So much to be done so little energy to get it all down pat.


  9. I think that you are right on the money. It is easy for those of us with scorpio in the 4th. I have jupiter and neptune in scorpio in my 4th house. My second daughter has pluto in scorpio in her 4th house. Not to mention we are both pisces.

  10. I’m sorry to hear the bad news for everyone. I can’t say the same for myself, but I wish you all the best and to hang in there and continue to look forward.

    A lot of good fortune has come my way. I recently got a job that pays WAY more than expected, hence, the AF can kiss my grits, & my tax return is nice. Plus I’ve had some personal growth.

    I’ve also managed to let go of some bad strings and I’ve been able to focus on important stuff: ME!

    Perhaps it’s due to my natal Saturn, Mars, and Pluto in Scorpio, all in the 4th house.

    1. Hi, i have the same aspects in my fourth house of scorpio, with natal mars,pluto and saturn there. my astrologer advised me to be very cautious and beware of mental disorders, mentioning some bad karma and curse. as i read your comment I got impression that you do just well. those aspects , she was telling about, are for 2014. which is my 30th birthday and as well as last moment of first cycle of saturn in my natal. do you know anything about that? thank you

  11. Saturn in Scorpio transiting my progressed Sun and my Pluto in my 4th House. It was rough but I’m finally seeing the Light and I’m stronger than I’ve ever been. Saturn + 4th House = I hardly keep any contact with my family anymore (and I’m okay with it).

  12. 10 Scorpio on the IC. I have never really had much family — those who are still alive are exemplars of depraved indifference. Surviving them has taken fortitude and steely determination (if I say so myself).

    I am trying to deal as I wish I had in the past –I’m staying focused on my work, on what I can do, because too much of my life and time and energy have been stolen by my family of origin. So…I’m just going to keep on painting, and damn the torpedoes.

  13. hm.. saturn transiting 3rd house now. 4th house starts in scorp but natal saturn is in early degrees of sag near ic, juno’s right on it too, uranus and neptune share the house. luckily 5th starts in cap -.- let’s just say I’m not looking forward to saturn return and all that jazz. this will oppose my stellium in gemini. I just hope I’m ready for it, when it all goes down

  14. IC at 8.53 Scorpio here – north node at 23.45. Feeling it as I’ve just had my first baby and am spending most of my time at home caring for her. Last month had to have bathroom repaired, water leak. Very scorpio 4th house stuff. Just making sure I am attending to all home / family / emotional matters as required! πŸ™‚

  15. I have Saturn transiting my 4th house at the moment. I moved in with my parents a few years back when I had problems with my finances(Saturn transiting 2nd)and dad was sick. What was supposed be temporary turned into 5 years! Dad is better now and I’m working full time ..perhaps time to get my shit sorted and find my own place? Hmmm,YES! Stalling but ..have become way too comfortable;)

  16. Saturn transiting my 4th house where I have natal Moon at 14 Scorpio squeezed between Saturn and the transiting North Node.

    I feel strong and crave for solitude. Not a happy or lighthearted time but not too bad either.

    Maybe it is the familiarity with Scorpio energies thanks to natal Moon?

  17. Ic at 9 degrees scorp. Im sorry for everyone else’s troubles right now. I feel a little depressed, but I feel as though I’m becoming so ‘solid’. But I have natal Saturn conj. Ic as well. This is making me evaluate *everything* about how to feel secure. So I can feel ‘ at home’ within myself. I can literally *feel* my foundation transforming. I feel like I’m becoming stronger within than I ever thought possible. It’s very exciting…but at the same time, I know I still have work to do, and its not easy…

  18. Last time I experienced this transit I left home. Now it feels more like a major renovation -going down to the foundation- replacing old materials that no longer support the structure.

  19. Just want to thank all the folks here who shared stories – especially of getting through this transit and being stronger for it! It’s both good to feel not alone in struggling with it and also know that it gets better (and how it gets better – good ideas for where to look).

  20. This helps, though my Scorp Sun is in 5th, not 4th. I do have Venus Libra in 4th and when Saturn was in Libra…it was BRUTAL.

    You said it for me with this – “Saturn in the 4th is a difficult transit. It marks an emotional low. It’s common people become depressed when Saturn transits their fourth, at least to some degree.” – it was exactly like that. It was horrid. I’m doing much better the further Saturn moves into my 5th house.

  21. Yes, Saturn is going through my 4th, where i have my natal Pluto. It was ok, but now it’s really hard. So many things are happening, but I feel like I am stuck in the process, and the result will come at some point, but it’s hard to know what.

    I have always been such an aries, so positive, such a go-getter, and now I don’t even have that much energy to work out, which I love. I feel low, especially today. I am being gentle with myself, and working as hard as I can to give my best. It’s hard.

  22. Wow how interesting. Saturn’s transiting my natal moon and pluto in the 4th, and I’ve been experiencing some deep emotional excavations. But it feels cathartic in a way, releasing these stagnant emotions and patterns that I have been carrying around with me my whole life, that actually really are inherited.

  23. I agree Rachel, a lot of it is about family and I’m not surprised that its time to change things I’ve inherited or have been the same way since childhood.

  24. Avatar
    Thomas The Twin

    Saturn’s transiting my natal 4th house/scorpio (Saturn return wuz @ 0 deg. ) — My scorpio friend at work tells me that I seem like the happiest person in the world. THat may be the case, but I am real, too: I’m no stranger to melancholy; I know it enough to respect it with encouragement to convalescence and/or to leave it alone.

  25. Raising hand…yep, that’s me. I had my cat of 16 years die, my mother died, and my husband left and got a job in another state. I have to move, but I do get a small inheritance….I have to say that none of it was unexpected. Just that it happened in the span of less than 6 months is a tad much. I got a new cat, my job changed significantly, am looking forward to my move and also forward to being single again. So, yeah, it has affected me a lot.

  26. Wow, thank you all so much for sharing your stories. This is the first and most opening moment that I have had seeking a release from my Saturn return.

    My natal Saturn is 11′ Scorpio in the forth house (IC 21′ Libra). Within the past 6 months so much of my life has died and transformed.

    My lover of 2 1/2 years passed away in a car crash coming home from Camp Bisco, I lost my job and home at the same time, feeling the crushing debt of student loans tightening and tied in with my parents as cosigners, a complete detachment of emotional communication with my family, and at this moment wondering how much more I can fall apart…

  27. Actually, does this apply if in my natal chart…I have saturn in the fourth house in Scorpio. Sun is scorpio, Asc is Leo and Moon is Sag.

  28. I have N Neptune in Scorpio 4th house. I have been struggling since June 2010 with a corrupt immigration department which has refused to give me my greencard so I can establish permanent resience in the EU country I am in. I thought I was to come here and get a new start after many years of struggle. I want(ed) to estaboish residence and buy an apartment for my retirement. Since Tr Sat in LIibra 3rd house I have been dealing with this holding up of my greencard through the use of illegal and criminal tactics. They simply will nt pick upmy application and stamp approved on it despite the fact that I already met the requiremens in 2010. They even put me in prison illegally for a time and then released me, as a harassment tactic to make me give up my application.

    Tr Saturn is not near my N Neptune in Scorpio yet (15 degrees Scorpio), but I am just….depressed and tired and today, not far into the Tr Saturn in Scorpio transit, I want to give up. I donot know where I will go as I have no family member to live with more than a week, no job and no more savings. I feel hopeless and today contemplated how death wouldbe better than this continued struggle to have a HOME. I have no HOME and no FAMILY and have not really ever had one. I am nearing my Chiron return and I am…I cannot live like this anymore. It is not a life. Maybe at my Chiron Return in 2014 I can just die and leave this earth plane. I am isolated and alone, never married, no children, and never in my life have I had a place to call home and relax. My gut is worn out as is my mind. My soul is burned out. I thought Saturn in Scorpio wouldfinally mean I would get a home of my own.

    But it appears the universe has played a cruel, cruel trick on me. I cannot take anymore.

  29. Sun in Scorpio 9 degrees 42 minutes where it is now. Lost home of 28 years, still seeking permanent residence, job. Saturn on cusp in 4th/5th house. Looking for better days! When? It will be back late September to these exact coordinates. By October gone! Saturn return, Saturn in my Sun, pain cycle, took home, job, a son, a daughter, a grandson, extended family and friends, also had a fire. Blessed to survive. Looking to recover.

  30. I am a Natal Sag. I have Leo ascending with Scorpio 4th House. Scorpio is my Natal 12th House. It is not a nice place to have a Saturn transit from the emotional point of view.
    To make things more challenging, Jupiter is in Gemini, 11th Asc house (opposite my natal sign) and 7th natal house. I have Jupiter in Capricorn in my natal chart, 2nd natal house. Jupiter will be soon in Cancer and it is its exaltation, I believe (but my 12th house asc). But wait a minute: I have Pluto in Capricorn! Pluto transits this 2nd house natal and now while Pluto-Saturn-Jupiter form this Yod I have found new ways to limit my professional life, being ostracized by friends and family, communication is misunderstood and expanded, and all things I neglected in the past 7 years come to challenge me in it own karmic way. I personally have this bad notion about Scorpio influences and having Saturn in there just freaks me out. I have Saturn in Gemini, 11th house asc, in my Natal chart. This is not a very good place to have Saturn when dealing with certain people. The past 6 months have been Hell in terms of building and maintaining relationships. If I was not experiencing it myself I’d be laughing at myself with self-pity.

  31. I have Scorpio 4th house, Pluto in Scorpio and Sun in Taurus 10th house. This transit has been so apparent since day one pretty much. I found out I was pregnant as soon as Saturn moved into Scorpio and a lonely emotional roller coaster is what has transpired. Family is there for me but starting to realize I need to be my own source of happiness. Trying to distance myself from my evident emotional hang ups about family. Sometimes I feel like I need to run away from everything and start over all alone, but ya right! Not going to happen anytime soon. Hoping to find a balance between the depression and also rebuild confidence in my ability to “get things done.” Also thinking about if I want my baby to endure the same type of emotionally charged family environment I grew up around. Surely things have changed but I still feel the need to be cautious in this area. Tears. I love my family though. My heart feels like its getting some deep pains followed by emotional release.

  32. It feels like the challenge with Saturn in Scorpio 4th house is that one must be patient and tolerant. Does not matter how we try to get things done cos time has slowed down. What I feel is that with Saturn in Scorpio 4th house, it is not your relationship with your family that’s been challenged, but your Values about family. This feeling about family being distant or not understanding us, it is because they don’t really see or understand the challenges we are going through. It is almost like Saturn asking ‘what values you have about family’ and ‘what value family represents to you’? Perhaps Saturn ask us to take sometime and evaluate our relationship with our family members, that ask so much emotionally from us, but don;t understand when we ask the same thing! Trying to avoid depression by finding healthy way to stay positive is really important. In my case, I have avoided alcohol and found positive mood in books and literature, that helps me to take my time and empower me to rebuild self-confidence. Let’s us all stay positive!No more emotional tears of sadness!

  33. Beaten Woman

    Thank you. I cannot say things have changed. I don’t mean for the above to mean I am suicidal, as I am not. I just do not want to live anymore as/if life is just this. It has no value for me.

    I fail to understand the cosmic joke of me not having a home adfamily of my own and my family of origin being so unreliable and elusive.

    But I put massive amounts of energy everyday into being posiive, smiling, focusing on the good things in my life nad in life i general from teh moment I awaken until I go to sleep.
    But, for example, today, I have no rent money, no food money, no transportation money (take public transport), the Internet will be shut off tomorrow as will my phone. I got 4 job rejections today via emailand am still unemployed since January 2009. I find it hard to jump for joy about all that, nor to find anything positive about it. Maybe tomorrow will be better….Maybe!

  34. 4th natal house is sun-merc-neptune-ceres-in scorpio…venus in sagg…sun is natal sq sat conjunct nept….leo moon-asc 1st house…saturn hitting the planets in 4th soon….wish me luck…so far as of jan-lost toxic job(good) but am unemplyd…and also having now structural (foundation) apartment(co-op) issues..also single mother no family support………any viewpoints on what will happen when saturn really touches 4th house planets.??

  35. i was struck by the sense of isolation and incongruity – waiting for status etc that you expressed so well. i have also been feeling like taking the nearest exit. i HAD some “things” to contend with but recently had my personality diminished by personal trauma. i feel so disadvantaged by this as now i cannot engage others adequately or feel/express properly. i hope your home/relationship deficiencies resolve promptly.

  36. Holy cow, venus, beaten woman, newlife…I feel like a mix of all of your stories somewhat. So I am young born 91 and have pluto natally in my 4th house scorpio, apparently the mean node is transitting this house too-wonder what that meansanyway . I am pregnant the guy now my ex and I have no contact atm, I hhardlly have anything to do with my family coz the either dont understand me or dont support me or are just downright f****d up. Also I live in a counrty I dont feel anything but disconent for. I have no connection to these people and miss the country my mother took me from when I was 7 but I can’t go back. I am caught between cultures with no solid qualifications and no extra money. I feel like I have to stay here.

  37. Plus its opposite my natal moon in my 10th house oruled by taurus and i’ll have to ceck its conjunction to my natal pluto in scorpio 4th…

  38. Fourth house 10 deg scorpio,saturn back and forth over third and fourth houses… third house finally got rid of abusive telecom company. Abusive as in abusive marriage, beaten up psychologically and then promised the moon…like watching a movie…can these people be for real?!!! My mother and I had the same signature, both w/leo rising, both w/saturn conj uranus only hers was in 4th house and mine in 10th. Hers was far worse than mine and she would not budge as she was an aquarius. This was her destruction; I am a virgo and understand transience. I traveled into the bowels of hell almost 7 years ago knowing it could be either hell or heaven but turned out to be mostly hell. Ah well. A major decision and would have questioned my life if I had not made it. When all you see around you is sickness, and it is of your own kin and flesh, sometimes recovery takes extreme and severe measures. Surgery, remove infected parts,plenty of water.All scorpio. Can be physical or psychological or spiritual or all three.

  39. My natal moon, sun, Uranus, & north node are all in my fourth house. Just taking it day by day. Learning more & more about myself. I’ve directed my intentions towards making personal changes in my life. Going through several transformations slowwwly.

  40. Transiting Saturn crossed over my IC and we had to unexpectedly move and ended up buying a wonderful new home — pretty much getting everything we discussed as being ideal. Saturn has retrogaded back into the 3rd and will re-enter Sept 2013 but so far, this transit has made me really focused on making a career change. So, we shall see where that goes; I have been putting out my feelers. I am not experiencing melancholy or depression and kind of look forward to Saturn contributing to my being more solid. I was hoping folks may have other stories of changing careers for the better with this transit.

    1. Avatar

      Hi Rosie7 – you have nearly the same IC as me. Mine is at 12.00 Taurus.. and I also a Capricorn Sun so maybe that’s why I handle Saturn well.. he’s always with me! I also currently have T Jupiter conjunct Asc so I am also feeling pretty positive despite the fact my relationship has broken down, I am happy and realise for the first time in my life that I don’t need a relationship to be happy. I am so much happier with him gone. The only problem is that we are in business together and it is a very public business so I am expecting career changes. I have started property settlement proceedings and am guessing he will receive his first letter from the lawyer about the time T Saturn crosses my IC on 19 October.. or maybe that’s when he will finally move all his crap out of my garage. πŸ™‚

  41. Hello Elsa, first I want to say I’m dutch, so if you see strange words passing by, just guess what it can be.
    At the moment my Saturn is conjunct the IC 9 degrees in Scorpio. My Neptune is on 12 degrees in the forth house. In spring 2013 Saturn was already here. In that time they discovered a tumor in my right lung. Saturn is the ruler of my sixth house and was except for the IC also almost conjunct Neptune, de ruler of house eight.
    I had surgery and no treatment was further nescessary. I hope this is all for now. Like some others my feelings are depressed and I have more fear that the cancer returns now. Better is to keep up the good spirit. I do my best. I ‘ve had problems with my family all my life but now I have little intention to contact them. When Saturn moves through the forth house it going to aspect my grand cross (moon, zon, saturn ) OMG I don’t wanna know whats going to come from all this.

  42. Hey, I have Saturn transiting in the 4th atm and I’m more of a hermit than ever, NO energy…problems with the law (which I never had before). I also have natal Uranus in 4th in Scorpio, I’m not talking to my family, at all….maybe this will change in a year’s time…I lost my driver’s license….JUST A NIGHTMARE, ABSOLUTE NIGHTMARE….

  43. 4th house Libra IC intercepted by Scorpio with natal planet Uranus. Let’s see… my father died of cancer, my husbands affair was revealed which caused him to lose his job, and the structure of our home is literally falling apart. If it weren’t for all of this I wouldn’t have sought therapy and began to attend CoDA (codependency) meetings to get to the root of my own inner issues. So I guess I can say that I’m faring well. Thanks for asking.

  44. That earlier comment I made was stupid. Saturn was still in the 3rd for me then, but close to the IC…. This is nothing but depressing. I feel alone and isolated. Crushed by a heavy weight.

    1. I also feel as though I’m unsupported by my family, especially my mother. I texted my mom earlier saying I felt crushed and dissatisfied with my life… I felt I needed to reach out to her for whatever reason…she said she had been thinking about me and that she felt something was wrong… She wanted to talk to me on the phone but I couldn’t. I can’t bear any opposition because I feel too low already. She tends to go against everythinging I feel/ want. I feel completely, utterly alone… Had a good cry earlier though. My main focus has been about doing the right thing for my son and trying to figure out what that is. Do I throw away the past 5 years or not and what are the consequences. I feel like this is more of a Saturn return for me…its heavier and more concentrated than when Saturn was in the 3rd conj. Natal Scorpio Saturn, maybe because Scorpio is intercepted in the 3rd and close to the IC.

    1. What I wrote that didn’t print 3 times…..under this Tr Saturn in Scorpio (in which Tr Saturn and the Sun conjuncted my natal Neptune) I m doing a lot of writing. Just finished a non-fiction book on a Saturnian topic and am pre-selling it right now and planning to “soft” publish/launch it on November 12. I thought I might do a hard sell with booksignings in the Spring when Jupiter is direct. also am writing many blog articles, writing and scheduling tweets to advertise them, and preparing to write a second book in the (Saturnian) series.

      I am working hard (like 18-20 hurs a day) determined to get myself financially and professionally secure.

      There has been no family stuff until last night. Suddenly my Sun in Pisces sister (Neptune transiting my 8th house!) notifies me that she is in financial straits because of unpaid taxes. She did not ask me for money but today I wondered if she was hoping I would volunteer some money to her and her husband. I do not think they were trying to deceive me, but I am not offering any money. I have my thoughts as to how they have gotten into their financial situation and I do not want to be involved with it. They have borrowed money form a few family members and never paid them back. I think I would sabotage myself and my progress if I became a financial support for them.

    1. Sorry – your post went into the spam filter. It’s not personal – that thing has it’s own mind, hosted off-site (askimet). πŸ™‚

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