Pluto Transits: “The Roof, The Roof, The Roof Is On Fire”

forest fireThe idea of a Pluto transit can be scary. Personally I’ve got my eye on Pluto transiting my moon in the next few years. Let’s just say I’m not looking forward to it, but I’m starting to gain perspective on it. Pluto is transformation, regeneration. Pluto is power; Pluto can be pain. But Pluto also represents pain with a purpose. A metaphor for Pluto action is the bone that must be rebroken so it can heal properly; avoid that pain and you never walk again.

Pluto is the controlled burn of the universe. Some seeds require the intense heat of fire in order to be freed of their husk, enter the soil and germinate. Farmers burn their fields between crops when they start over for a new planting. It eliminates weed seeds that would compete for resources with the wanted plants. Firefighters use backburning and burn lines to protect. Small, regular forest fires are a part of nature and preventing them totally often leads to huge, out of control devastation in the long run.

Pain is a part of life. Avoidance of pain sets one up for bigger pain in the long run. To quote a seventies song, don’t fear The Reaper, man. Actually, if you want a more current Pluto song try this one. Warning: it has the curses. I’m hep like that.

Have you been through a Pluto transit? What good did you see come out of it?


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  1. I have 3 MORE saturn/pluto conjuncts direct hits this year. I for the 1st time in my life came to realize how powerful I truly am, with just a simple silent glance of my eyes, perhaps I should mention i possess a natal 28 degree scorpio moon, (looks that can kill?) LOL I just really have to laugh it all off cuz the 1st hit was in Dec. the exact same week I was brought to the threat assessment board at college and falsley accused of bullying and threatening several students and a teacher. For the life of me I did not utter one word OR action of threat to any1 at that entire school. I just got over my 1st saturn return, my pluto is transiting my 1st house, and i have saturn/pluto transiting my 8th .. among other things in my chart, I have SO much going on, in the depths inside of ME right now, excuse me people (school people) if the strength and depths of my fire and inner transformation exude in my eyes when I simply look at you, but come on~ must u really lie and falsley accuse me?

  2. Some days I truly feel overwhelmingly HAPPY to have all of this pluto/saturn/other stuff going on , to see the intense and incredible transformations I have made in these past couple years and am still thoroughly working’s like I feel I am climbing up a rainbow, and other times, like for the past days for whatever god forsaken reason it has been I feel an incredibly intense and OVERWHELMING urge to tell every1!! and everything!!! to kindly leave me alone and FUCK off. Thankfully, I have enough restraint of myself, to refrain from verbalizing it 🙂 I think my EYES may say enough BWAHAHAHAHAHA

  3. @libralicious: 4 your friend, had Pluto over Venus and Sun for the last six years – huuuuuh, turmoil. Hit everything I held dear so far, my home, my family, my marriage. Loads of pain for me and others. But – no desaster in the end. Renewed radically, not broken. Just pointing again and again to some hidden truth. And I did things, I’d never expected me to do or even like to do!

    @Satori: Now heading in Pluto on Eros. Any idea on this? My friend and I share this fabulous 0 deg Eros Psyche conj… next level of facing facts required here…? Ouch! ))0:

  4. Let me be frank.

    This transit was intensely difficult!

    Early Cap Sun square Libra Moon

    I’m not sure it was obvious to the “public” how much I was suffering. Sad/difficult things were happening in nearly every aspect of my life on pretty much a bi-weekly basis. I lost so many “friends” in a very harsh way. I was so isolated and really wondering how I could ever go on. today I know life is amazing and magical and don;t get me wrong I am still in recovery. It was so bad I’m not sure I could say I would do it again for the lessons learned. I am a totally new person.

    In terms of the specifics – here is what happened.

    Realized a tendency of mine for paranioa, Realized how destructive my parents relationship has been on my emotional life, consulted astrologers after studying in secret for 7 years, dealing with painful family secrets, Mother hospitalized in a traumatic way (kept from me in secret), sought emotional help from a zombie who kept me a secret from his current girlfriend i knew nothing about, started growing gray hair, accused of being a bad friend several times, keeping most of my family issues secret, suddenly broke up with boyfriend, feel in love with MUCH older Scorpio man who totally showed me who I actually am much to my joy/dismay, bone crushing depression, manic joy, countless confessions, pressure pressure pressure to keep going, killed several relationships – a few of which have been born again in 2011 with new conditions.

    Please note that due to the retrogrades this went on for quite some time. I would note March 2010 – Sept 2010 as the worst of it.

    My life did not stop – I did not lose my job. There were days/weeks when I was happy. Critical conditions became the new normal.
    Hysterics were just apart of life.

    I think the recovery phase started Jan 2011. Went to therapy – got back with original boyfriend (still with him) – started standing up for myself, getting clear about my life’s direction and taking myself seriously first and foremost. I had to get honest about the relationships that had died and transform myself out of the victim state. For me personally I found that I was never allowed to move forward or heal unless I acknowledged my role in ALL my resentments.

    I know this sounds terrible and it really was.

    Each and every single trauma that occurred during this time gave me the opportunity to be my true self. This process is ongoing. There is a lot of internal resistance to the “letting go” part of the transition. So far as I can tell so far…the person I was before was a reacting to the external stimulus. this person DOES NOT EXIST. The person I am starting to be now is my true self. It’s hard to describe how FREE this is.

    I think Pluto cleared the layers of debris associated with the mental state that comes with a difficult childhood.

    I might even say – given my experience that the more authentically you live…the more you operate from your own soul- the less slash and burn pluto has to do.

    If I could give myself advice for when this started I would say…1. FIND A WAY TO DEAL WITH THE ANXIETY. I was substantially better off during the few months I was doing consistent yoga. 2. Do not hold on to anything…I mean anything…”lost” an apartment that had huge emotional/aesthetic value for me. A year later this was replaces with something so much better i still can’t believe it. Lost long term friends suddenly etc. 3. Forgive and do it fast. 4. Keep asking questions and looking for answers. This is the part that makes the pluto transit worthwhile for me.

    I faced an identify crisis, isolation , loneliness…and now I am building! And its wonderful!!!

    I can’t believe how empowered (haha pluto!) I am. It’s unbelievable…its all about practicing what you learn. I am still working on this.
    Please do not give up.

    I am so sorry this is so long.

    1. I saw Pluto approaching Capricorn & 6th house where my sun in cap is. I was a realtor. Market died, my father died, my favorite brother almost died, I lost 50 lbs. With progressed moon on my Sun, breast Cancer diagnosis & beloved dog died. Honestly, I hardly remember that year…except for my pajamas!!! & Pluto wasn’t near Sun…it was transiting 3rd house moon in Libra. Now (7/4/2018) exactly on sun. I’m 68. I had major mechanical projects on my home, I’m practicing Astrology as a business…doing what I’ve wanted & prepared for ALL my life & reviewing my life, letting go of regrets, what doesn’t work that I put too much energy in & ruthlessly being myself!! So grateful to Pluto’s visit at this age. So much makes sense. Transits only work us over hard when we are WAY off our path.

  5. I was looking forward to Pluto going over my ASC at 5Cap24″. I thought change, transformation and power would be good. I ended up with Lyme disease and a very difficult year. But now I’m experiencing the power! I’ve lost the 24lbs + 10 more that I gained while I had Lyme. I joined a boot camp (I had never done that before… and I’m going back to school. It’s funny how it works out – I really did have an awful time with Pluto over my ASC but now it’s starting to trine my Virgo planets and I’m make it work for me. I’m going to enjoy it while I can!

  6. After my divorce I didn’t date at all for 13 years – in looking back, Pluto was transiting my 7th house. Almost as soon as it hit my 8th, I started dating someone. I don’t know how this escaped my notice for so long..

  7. The line about smiling through your tears is very inspiring. Pluto is transiting my first house and recently passed my ASC which is in Capricorn ruled by Pluto. I guess you can’t get more Pluto than that :-(. I see people I know not as emotional as I am and they are going through more than me. Seeing others like that makes me feel that I need to be stronger and less emotional for my own good. It’s tough but I think I am learning right now how to control my emotions and learn to be happier in tough situations.

    Thank you for your post.

  8. Pluto @ 9 Cap about to transit natal saturn @ 15 cap in second house and pluto about to oppose natal cancer sun at 15 cancer and venus @ 20 in 8th house. Theres more like natal vesta @ 9 cap and natal fortune i think at 12 can. What that all mean? Please advise

  9. I am 28 now. Pluto conjoined my Saturn and Venus when I was younger and there was a lot of grief in my family (natal Pluto attaches to Moon in the 3rd/4th).

    From about age 20 to now, I have had Pluto conjoin my South Node/Jupiter/Neptune/Sun stellium and it is about to conjoin my Mercury.

    The one thing I always say about Pluto transits is, “The wisdom and experience I gained is invaluable and I wouldn’t trade it for anything, but I’d never want to do it over.”

    Pluto – Moon. Oy. I hope, though, it is powerful and constructive for you.

    I have Pluto sq Mars/Moon due ~ 2016 and I just want to put my head in my hands and cry. But I am pretty sure that is Saturn speaking at the moment. I actually prefer Pluto transits over Saturn’s.

    1. It won’t go back to contact it again, only within 4 degrees. But the fallout still continues. Certain aspects of my life are destroyed. Some burnt out bits still have to be hauled away. I’m in a fallow spell, but I see signs of life ahead.

      This is life. Things fall apart. Things come back together. These Pluto transits are just more bang for your buck. It will be good. I see the the stirrings.

      But there are days…

      Just keep passing the open windows. That’s my best advice for anyone in this period.

      1. Thanks so much for getting back to me. My cousin has moon in Cap at 24 degrees and my sister has Cancer moon at 24 degrees. Found this post and thought it timely.


        1. Thanks Ann. I have seen others go through it too, and it’s not all the same. Some don’t have the same struggle I have had. They have things happen, but they don’t respond in the same way. I think how hard it ultimately feels is in relationship to how resistant one is to being taken apart.

  10. I hope things get better for you Satori!

    I still feel the same way as all those years ago. Massive amounts of suffering for what?

    1. I’ve really learned to embrace the concept that the resistance to what is happening is what causes suffering. I can only conclude the point is to give one massive lesson in letting go of resistance.

      I have this idea that it burns away whatever we’re focusing on that keeps us from focusing where need to. What stands between us and focusing on the things we came here to experience. It redirects us to the fasted path to growth if we’re dithering too long elsewhere. Uncomfortable. Painful. Necessary.

  11. Pluto has been hitting my Cardinal planets, starting with Jupiter and ending with Mars, for about a decade.

    I’ve gained and then lost so many things during that time.

    The only good I’ve seen coming out of them is that I’ve become really strong as a person. I’m not just saying this—family and friends have said this.

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