Saturn Leaving My 12th House For My 1st – GOODBYE TO YOU!

smiling boySaturn will leave my 12th house for my first, next month. I’m possessively giddy and I am going to indulge myself.

I am so sick of these secret burdens.
I am so sick carrying this weight.

I have contacted a number of people over this last month… I realized this is my farewell tour.  I am “reaching out”, as they say these days but it will be the very last time.

I know when Saturn crosses my ascendant, I will begin a new life.  Oh! I can’t wait to put up boundaries.  I can’t wait to be in a position to stop the bleeding… the time wasting on people who lack integrity.

Shiftless people, backstabbers, lyin’ bastards, gaslighters… hidden enemies!

I have not been able to defend myself but this is about to change!

Here is my theme song… by my doppelgänger, Patty Smyth.

Yes, that’s a red dress for the ARIES ruled 1st house.

Oh my God. I can’t wait!

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    1. Hey Paul my 12th is ruled by Saturn as well. But a thing I can say say about this is hoo rah! Bc as long as we keep holding those 12th gates, the more soon our lives change too I believe it’s true. Let those out and remember why something allowed us to hold on to those gates. Love. Angels. Music. Baby. I believe Gwen Stefanie has a line called lamb like this, who cares let love in. It is impossible I know, sometimes. I think if we truly love it is always around just a floating For my dear friend Charlie who knew everybody cared deeply for his friends


      I miss you

  1. 🙂 1st time Saturn went over my Asc it was with Uranus. Quit the “Next local [Detroit] band mostly likely to make it big” rock band & got married & moved 500 miles away. Then I decided 23 was too old to be jumping around on stage & stopped playing rock & roll.
    Whole new world!
    I guess Saturn/Pluto over Asc must feel like emptying a bilge compartment.

  2. Congratulations Elsa!!
    You definitely deserve this break. Don’t know who this adorable singer is but yes she looks like you and I could imagine you jumping around your kitchen floor singing this fabulous song and shaking your beautiful hair! You go Girl?
    To 2020 new beginnings ??!!
    Aries Rising

  3. Hey Elsa, I *am* an Aries (Mars at 25 Gemini and Asc 26 Gemini as well. Someone told me this was like being a double Aries )..but this has been a theme for me…try at 3:33 time stamp ;). Patty Smyth as well (love her)…”The Warrior”

    I had Saturn in my 12th when I underwent three back surgeries. Yikes. It was a tough lonely time. A cheatin’ boyfriend to boot…Dis-compassionate, etc. But yes! Things got better when it exited and went into the 1st. I got the monetary settlement I was due. I got a better car, went to Hawaii…paid all my bills off, was in excellent shape.

    Someone told me that when Saturn enters a new house it usually gives you a gift for the house left behind..and all the hard work!

    Do you think so?

    1. Welcome, PJ. I have not heard that theory but I don’t agree with it. Saturn is not going give a person something they don’t deserve. That sounds a bit like everyone gets a trophy!

      1. Oh gee, my post is gone with Patty Smyth’s “The Warrior” link to You Tube…

        Anyway klara, if that had been to my post. Thank you.

  4. And you and Patty….both cute as buttons 🙂

    I used to go into Circle K a lot back when I had a bit of a drinking and gambling problem.

    Those are gone now but I’ve found you very wise and got a chuckle out of your title “Heaven…I mean Circle K”.

  5. Saturn will be entering my 12 and conjunctiing my Moon. It will also go thought both my daughter’s 12th (two of is Pisces risings one Aquarius). While Saturn is on my 12th house moon in about 1.5-2 years, Uranus will square it and conjunct my Saturn in Scorpio. ?

    I did look up when Saturn was last in my 12th, and it was the worst part of my childhood. Oddly, when Saturn conjuncted my moon (half way in my 12 house) and squares Saturn, things actually improved in my little kid life. Leading up to it I felt orphaned due to my family life circumstances at the time. Anyway, my Sun sextile my moon, so at least Saturn will be sextiling my Sun.

    Elsa, I’m very happy you are so close to being done with this transit. ?

    1. Thanks for this, i get the vibe that Saturn- moon can be tough as both such different energies, I’ve for Saturn just starting in my 12th but its empty bar lilith … I just feel tired atm!!!! Would be interested in any heads ups for managing Saturn in the 12th!!! Tu!!

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    the laughing goat

    “I can’t wait to be in a position to stop the bleeding… the time wasting on people who lack integrity. Shiftless people, backstabbers, lyin’ bastards, gaslighters… hidden enemies!”


    Yay for you Elsa!! Cannot wait to hear the positives coming your way. I am dealing with Saturn in 12H and will be until they all cross my ASC 14 degrees Aquarius for good in 2022. I am hoping (fingers crossed) that when Saturn goes into Aquarius the energy will change somewhat bcuz man oh man this has been one marathon of a sh*tshow.

    Congrats Elsa!

  7. Congrats, Elsa!!!

    I remember the exact same phase years ago: all four angular houses much more defined, lots of clarity and integrity and structure.

    A new chapter, yey!!

  8. Hear hear!

    I am so looking forward to this happening, but alas must wait a little longer bc my Ascendant is at 2 degrees Aquarius. And first it has to square my natal Libra 8H Saturn/Pluto conjunction. I expect A Relationship sh*t show of dimensionional proportions in 2020/2021.

    The 12th house transit has been offering:

    -Violence (a murder right outside my house)
    -Frenemies amongst my friends,
    -My mother cutting me off,
    -Nasty women in general (Saturn was squaring my Libra moon during 2018/19)
    – An (now ex) BF who was the most un-empathic person who put my life in potential danger
    – Unhealthy work environment and nasty female bosses who attack from behind (left the job at New Year)

    Sooo… I am really looking forward to more boundaries and take no crap period!

  9. Dear Elsa, I remember two years ago when I consulted you, (giving you very little to work on), you told me “My ascendant is just a little further on than yours. I have been there, and soon you will be here.”

    I am so overjoyed to hear that you feel your chains breaking. Any day now, any day now.

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    Angie from Florida

    It has been interesting to follow along this 12th house journey with you. My rising is 8 aqua and Venus 6 cap and it has been nice to have a constant companion. See you on the other side.

  11. Fabulous–and I feel you! My rising is 26′ 16″ Cap. The last time it was at that degree, and I do mean to the minute, I got married to my children’s father. Our long divorce was finalized when Saturn crossed my descendant. This transit through 12H has seen a split with two best girl friends, an absolute sh*tshow at work with female bosses making my life difficult, and just struggling to steer what felt like a massive, listing ship. I haven’t felt like I could do anything right! I hope you soon post something about what you are expecting from Saturn’s move from the 12th to the first. It’s GOTTA be better, right?! Come on Feb 10!!!!

  12. Gonna double post. OMG. I just looked, and with my intercepted (therefore massive) 1st house, Saturn is going to transit my first house for FOUR years! And I have my Sun, Mars, and Saturn all in the first as well, just to keep things interesting 🙂 All of the retrograding means I’ll have like 3 Saturn returns. Someone tell me this isn’t horrible. I love the idea of working out and getting serious and stable and all of that–I’m introverted so who needs a bunch of friends. Maybe it will be okay 🙂 To all of you coming up on an Asc/1st house Saturn tour, best of luck!!!

  13. When Saturn Asc. it started building momentum to becoming a good period of life. Hard work, but a positive time for sure. I don’t think I expected it or thought much about it at the time though.

  14. I have this. No clue where going. Saturn cross ascendent.. Except leaving behind. Is this normal. I feel should know where.

  15. There’s big relief and excitment right from the title so congratulations! Transit saturn in 1st house shows a greater evaluation and redefinition from the inside. A who are you? But not who are you to other people, a who are you to yourself.

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