Voice Of Venus In Leo… Creativity Rules!

 “Well the whole blog is provocative,” I said. “There are several thousand posts I have written on this blog alone. Every single one of them is going to provoke or shock someone. Oh my God, how can she say that?!? The astrology alone is enough to make most flip their lid and what am I supposed to do?”

“Nothing. Do exactly what you do.”

“Yeah, so my blog is a topic of conversation? Well good. It is supposed to be something to talk about. Who doesn’t want something to talk about and you really can’t go wrong reading it. I mean it costs nothing and you get to be provoked and have something do discuss. Sounds good to me. I like to talk to my friends about things too and if I came across my blog, I would definitely be on the phone talking about it. I would appreciate the distraction enormously and come on. It’s my neck out there no one else s. I really don’t see how anyone can complain however it is okay if they do. If you need someone to complain about it, go ahead and make it me. That ought to get you far!” I snickered. “Yep, I am sure all your problems will be repaired doing that but really, there is something good to read on my blog every day and there has been for years… almost ten years. To say I am proud would be an understatement and if I provoke people, then I’m even prouder aren’t I?”

3 thoughts on “Voice Of Venus In Leo… Creativity Rules!”

  1. Well, I’m as proud of you as I am of anyone who follows their heart, Elsa! And I think everyone should embrace all that is evocative of the sign their Saturn resides in…mine’s in Leo, and thus I look to Leo for inspiration for positive manifestations of the house it’s in (5th–creativity). Revel in it. Love it. Good for you, and it’s good for al of us. 🙂

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