Saturn & Neptune In Pisces: Brain Melting – Cognitive Holocaust

mental holocaustI’ve was served this on Twitter. I’m not very familiar with the writer but I have to agree with him.  You can click that picture to enlarge it.

I remember when a person’s odds of getting dementia seemed remote. Alzheimer’s Disease International now reports, 80% of the general public fear this diagnosis.  Of course! We see it all around us.

I assume he’s talking about more than “memory problems”.  Attention spans are very short and legions of people lack the focus to read a book.  They’ve lost the ability and in some cases, they never acquired it.

I’m pretty sure people will want to comment,  can read a book.  That’s great, but you still live in this world he’s describing. You’re not an island.

I know I am not the only one thinking about this. “Brain supplements” have been selling well for years.  I doubt they’re effective.  If you spend your day, staring at a screen, it will harm you with or without pills of whatever type.  Never mind the side effects.

There’s no telling what we’ll see when those who grew up with a screen begin to age. We won’t have to wait long for an answer.  Current stress levels are very likely aging people prematurely.

There are two discussions in the forum on this topic.  This thread will take you to the other: Alzheimer’s , Dementia & Other Neurological Problems.

Also The Anosognosia Epidemic.

I haven’t even touched on the mental health aspect.

“Today’s world is a sort of particle accelerator for schizophrenia. A Large Hadron Collider, dedicated to the creation of entirely new forms of derangement. This is only possible due to pervasive disenchantment and artificially-raised levels of latent paranoia.” – Parafiction Press

Have you taken any action to protect your mental functioning?

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  1. As a psychologist I am thrilled science is delving into the root causes of schizophrenia, they’re finding prenatal markers are somewhat predictive, again early stages of research are promising

    Intuitively because of the studies the concern is after Covid and its effects on the brain, we may begin seeing higher rates of cognitive decline in a larger population due to viral infections etc.

    Not trying to be hyperbolic- I just find this fascinating

    1. yes i was thinking that with that balance. although i’m so familiar with lots of fire energy, and they burn out fast, and stress. sometimes too hotheaded and too adventurous and dangerous especially when they get going. dangerous in that they will get in trouble. I’m reminded of that sagittarius preacher, who ran to the island to stop the people there from killing and got killed himself. then i’ve been researching about Otto Warmbier, sagittarius stellium with aries moon. so much fire. so much heart. it made me sad thinking of it. its a delicate balance. the opposition need to balance eachother. they need air, as air needs fire.

      both needing lots of exercise and healing, especially being out in nature and positive thoughts.

  2. Science on Alz has come a long way since my paternal grandmother was diagnosed at age 69 in 1988. We now understand that the damage to the brain – the buildup of tau plaques- starts possibly 20 years earlier than overt symptoms are noticed and the answer is early prevention. My paternal aunt and my father both developed at the same age around 70. All are very healthy until symptom onset and than the craving for sweets went crazy. As someone earlier said, AD is now being a third type of diabetes as studies are showing that neurons in the brain are not responding to the insulin in the brain so low carb, keto diet has been proposed as a possible preventative step. I have inherited the APOE4 gene which gives you the highest risk of developing AD but not all who have the gene will get the disease.. we still don’t know why. I also have the double whammy of having the MTHFR mutation which means I have problems turning B12 and folate into a form the body can absorb. A marker for low B12 is homocysteine and we have seen correlation with high homocysteine and AD. Tracking your homocysteine (which insurance rarely will pay for the lab work) and supplementing with a good B- Complex( with methyl folate) is a a cheap, research based prevention step. The Alzheimer’s Research Centers are absolutely worthless in helping those at high familial risk in providing this type of education because there is NO MONEY to be made in this. Simple inexpensive steps you can take with what we know right now :1) Low carb/moderate keto, 2) Check homocysteine levels and take B complex,3) Physical exercises that require thinking and coordination( walking backwards, ballroom dancing, contra dance:), ping pong, ) , 4) puzzles, learning a new language, playing an instrument, 5)meditation… and Yes I am doing all of the above but most of these are not do able for someone already in the depths of the disease when the damage has already been done. WIth all this said, I plan to be DO NOT RESCUCITATE and no ARTIFICAL Feeding, antibiotics, if and /or when I get diagnosed have completed and had these convos with family . In the mean time I do what I can to try to prevent it! _ Rebecca

    1. Thank you for sharing Rebecca. All 100% true.

      I worked in the integrated healthcare industry for years and have mentioned a few times on this sight that all you need (or lack) that can contribute to mental health issues (including psychosis) – is a methylation issue.

      I do realize that neuroplasticity has its absolute place (learn something everyday and work with your hands)

      But, so many do not realize that be it by choice like diet (omitting meat (b12+), eggs choline etc), or genetic like the MTHFR mutation or an overtaxed liver (vaccines, medicines, pesticides etc) that this one simple pathway of the liver if not properly functioning can create absolute havoc throughout the body and brain.

      Proper methylation is so critical to brain health and it’s just one of several liver detoxification pathways albeit an important one.

      Cannot stress enough how supplements (a good program) can help on many levels for so many that are lacking in their diet or that struggle with nutritional deficiencies.

  3. I really worry about how the young brains of these toddlers who are growing up watching iphone screens is going to do to our actual evolvement as a species. We have seen what it is doing tothis younger generation- mental health challenges. And what it is doing to just the general population– so many apps that replace our brain from doing exercises.. something as simple as automated bill pay — we are missing the opportunity to use our brain.. Social isolation is so easy when you just order out, watch a movie at home.. But than again people probably said the same thing about the Industrial Revolution ??

  4. Protest yes in constant protest with the schools who like to label our children with some deficiency, cognitive impairment, individual education plans (IEP) autism,ADHD ??? yada yada yada, and then go onto feed them candy with consistency. tricks for treats it’s meant for puppies, not children We all know that the microbes in ones gut feed on sugar and they out number our Cells by 10 to one
    That means our gut is screaming. Feed me sugar louder than any other cell in the body 10 to one. to feed. A child sugar in school is perverse talk about a meltdown what’s gone wrong with the teachers? They are hell-bent on thinking and saying and telling little children sugar feeds their brain when it just feeds, the gut
    They refuse to admit they’ve been wrong they wrong our children daily. It’s for a federal grab of money. Parents need to tell them no thank you I want them in class. These special needs classes are built for children. Who need it not every other child protest. Yes, I protest daily.

  5. I find my exhausted and overthinking brain is just giving up lately. I mean, I COULD spend the next 2 hours analyzing variable options to escape a $10 fee on my IRA from a Corporation, but “Eh, I’m just going to let it go.”
    I know I am being “cheated” left and right by unfair systems, but my Will to THINK myself to victory is dissolving. Is this dementia or have I lost my appetite for mental battle?
    As Saturn and Neptune join forces, I find Neptune is giving Saturn permission to put down the sword in the name of Peace.

  6. If you think it’s bad now, wait until Jupiter enters Gemini!

    It’s in detriment in Gemini, so it doesn’t function all that well there and I believe mental illness will skyrocket. Especially when it squares Saturn Pisces as well.

    I have Jupiter Gemini natally so I know all too well what the pitfalls are, I’ve had moments where simply overthinking can spiral down a rabbit hole, and FAST. It’s VERY mentally nervous energy, and can succumb to anxiety if not careful, as there is no stop button (it’s JUPITER!).

    A metaphorical “never Google your symptoms” theme applies here. Even more so under Jupiter Gemini.

    Exercise and meditation are the best ways to manage this placement/transit, but it needs to be done very regularly, even daily, to keep the mind healthy and in check.

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    Victoria Salvucci

    I have definitely lost the patience to read a book. I used to read incessantly. But now I surf the internet. Still reading but it’s not the same.

    Honestly, I find it disturbing. I am attempting right now to put down the computer and read a book and not to surf the internet while I am eating. It’s a process.

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    Bob (in Australia)

    Great post Elsa!
    Definitely no lack of cognizance in these pages. You would wonder why we/they would deliberately poison ourselves/themselves in the pursuit of economic dominance, but that is indeed what may very well have been and still occurring.
    At least we have Astrology as a tool to question our trajectory and find the “healing” tools whether they be spiritual, physical or emotional, that we need for ourselves and our loved ones as a consequence. The application of the language of Astrology is in itself as a “problem solving” tool just as important as all the other practical suggestions in these pages to “heal” against the effects of our own self sabotage.
    I’ve been drawn over the years to the more esoteric interpretations of Astrology, particularly the use of Sabian symbols to dig really deep into the nuances of our Zeitgeist.
    We must remember that the “powers that be” are just as likely to have access to the power of the language of Astrology and use it accordingly to their own advantage.
    Just as an example, Capricorn 8 can be **”Birds in a house singing happily”**
    Are we really all just being “domesticated” for the 1% no matter what the consequences or can we “think outside the square” for our ultimate well being.
    On the other side of the coin Capricorn 8 (7° – 8°) represents the **happy acceptance of limitations**. 🐦✨
    In this symbol, birds singing joyously within a sunlit home remind us of the beautiful relationship between our higher and lower selves. The descent of spirit or intelligence occurs whether or not we consciously invoke it. Sometimes, we become aware of this uplifting energy when we find ourselves singing for no apparent reason. 🎶
    The essence here lies in **accepting life’s constraints**—the boundaries that limit personal freedom. By embracing these limitations, we can experience lasting joy. Just as domesticated birds sing happily within their confines, we too can find contentment by accepting the conditions of our earthly existence. 🌟
    Remember, our self-fulfillment is reflected in shaping our circumstances, and our outer situations mirror our inner world. So let your spirit soar within the boundaries you encounter, and perhaps you’ll find unexpected joy in the simplest moments. 🌞🙌


    1. This reminded me of my dear friend who passed in March at 91 after a dementia diagnosis about five years earlier. Her daughter told me that in her final months she was acclaimed by all at her memory care facility for her daily singing! She’d always been an amazingly happy person, a Ray of Sunshine to all who met her, despite many challenges in her later years. I’m so grateful that her inner joy was not extinguished by her cognitive decline.

  9. Hi everyone – I realize this blog is a couple days old. Was wondering…. does anyone have a relatively new HVAC (heating/air conditioner) system installed? I had a new rooftop AC installed last summer after having the company before this one REMOVE theirs from my roof. (They couldn’t fix the problem.) The humidity in the house was Extreme! New company now and believe it or not, I’m having opposite problems. It’s sooo dry in here, I’m running 2 evaporative cool mist humidifiers to try to make up for the humidity that’s being SUCKED up by new AC. I live in the desert- 100 degrees yesterday and running 2 humidifiers and AC. I am soo sick to my stomach. These new HVAC systems actually remove the moisture from the air (summer and winter) — Waaaay tooo much. So much so that it dehydrated me into 2 convulsive seizures! I do have a seizure disorder but never thought the air I am breathing was the cause of the seizures. The HVAC companies do not care. Period. They made their money, time to move on. I am disgusted! This may or may not have anything to do with this astro topic. Was wondering if anyone else is going thru this BS? And any suggestions. I’d love to leave this company too but it’s probably too late. Indoor air is horribly toxic esp with running 2 cool mist humidifiers too. Today is a different experiment of not using humidifiers. I feel sooo sick!

    Thanks for your response(s)

    1. Avatar
      Bob (in Australia)

      Any clues in this answer from

      To prevent new HVAC systems from removing too much moisture from the air, you can implement several strategies to maintain a balanced indoor humidity level. Here are some effective methods:

      ### 2. Adjust HVAC Settings
      – **Set the Fan to Auto**: Ensure that the HVAC fan is set to “Auto” rather than “On.” This setting allows the fan to run only when the system is actively cooling or heating, preventing it from continuously blowing dry air.

      – **Adjust Fan Speed**: Lowering the fan speed can help maintain higher humidity levels. A slower fan speed allows the air to spend more time in contact with the evaporator coils, which can help retain some moisture

      ### 3. Regular Maintenance
      – **Clean Coils and Filters**: Regularly clean the evaporator coils and replace air filters to ensure the system operates efficiently without over-drying the air. Dirty coils and filters can affect the system’s ability to manage humidity properly

      ### 4. Monitor and Control
      – **Use Humidity-Controlling Devices**: Invest in hygrometers and humidistats to monitor and control indoor humidity levels. These devices can help you maintain a specific humidity range by providing automated adjustments.

      – **Install a Whole-Home Humidifier**: For more comprehensive control, consider installing a whole-home humidifier that integrates with your HVAC system. This can help maintain consistent humidity levels throughout your home

      ### 5. Modify HVAC System
      – **Choose the Right HVAC Size**: Ensure that your HVAC system is appropriately sized for your home. An oversized system can cool the air too quickly, leading to lower humidity levels. Proper sizing helps maintain a balance between temperature and humidity

      ### 6. Seasonal Adjustments
      – **Adjust Humidity Levels Seasonally**: During winter, aim for a higher indoor humidity level (around 40-50%) to counteract the dry air. In summer, a lower humidity level (30-40%) is more comfortable and helps prevent the air from feeling too sticky.

      1. Thanks for this list, Bob. The only one I didn’t consider is the last one – Seasonal Adjustments. Unfortunately the HVAC company needs to make the adjustments but I can’t even get a call back! I’m disgusted and have been since last July. The manager is extremely narcissistic and PISSED that a roofing company made a video on how badly this company did installing my new HVAC. I don’t know which way to turn. I even called the owner last year who was supposed to email many pics and only sent one of the unit. So they all know something went bad and all are sticking up for one another :((

    2. Lack of Humidity certainly can contribute to dehydration, which can cause both physical and cognitive symptoms. Try to replenish your fluids and electrolytes, see about having your thyroid levels checked, and perhaps research alternative methods of cooling your space. Hope you feel better soon!

      1. “…alternative methods of cooling”. I’m thinking the same thing. 100 degrees is difficult to deal with and it’s only May.

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