Saturn Neptune in Real Life Redux

goddess writes on Saturn Neptune in real life:

Interesting observation. Not sure how it translates from the written word, but I read your stuff for several years before I consistently felt like I understood the majority of what you wrote, and I am not exactly “dim.”

goddess, I think there is a combination of things.  There is a lot of fog, stories you have never heard before told in a way you’re not used to about a person the likes of whom you have never met.

If you don’t realize this can happen (which most people do not) you are going to spend some time seeing various things that are distorted or more commonly, completely detached from reality.

Every once in a blue Moon I meet someone who catches on right away and I am mean every once a decade.. ::laughs::

In fact, I can name them right now:

Jim G who played surrogate dad to me when I was 15. He helped me get a drivers license and a start in life in general with no sexualizing whatsoever in the equation. He was 37.

NBA star and basketball coach, Tom Heinsohn in my 20’s.

Arie, the ex SF soldier and 30 years inspector with the San Francisco PD in my 40’s.

Everyone else I have ever met in my life has had a job on their hands and it’s not because of anything I do because by God, my language is plain.

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    I think your language IS plain Elsa – I just think there is only so much of it (god almighty girl there is a bunch of it though) and we all come from different realities so some of it does appear code until we later fill in some of the blanks ourselves. Thing is to learn to pencil it in, because later we may find out the Z we stuck in there to complete the picture? well, Z is all wrong and not at all Elsa P., so the Z has to be erased and a G put in it’s spot. We are working a puzzle out here, decoding, simply because we are interested, and it takes a bit of time to put the pieces together into a cohesive likeness of the RealLife Elsa P.

  2. Yesterday someone was telling me of what people might think or would think of something I did.

    I told her, I could understand that but if they took even one minute to check their conclusion they would find out it was wrong. In other words (when it comes to me) the evidence is out there.

    I mean, say you read my twitter which I don’t often post to. If you conclude I have little to say, is this *my* problem?

    It is my problem when I am constantly harangued for not being the person someone thought I was.

  3. If you get someone’s story through a kaleidoscope of different blog stories someone’s bound to misunderstand something anyway.

  4. It seems that you are the projection screen for other poeples expectations. I like reading your stories and I learn a lot from them in all areas not just astrology. My learning takes stages and if I don’t “get it” right away it gradually creeps into my conciousness until I become aware of the “ahh haa”.

    Sometimes I have a hard time putting my thoughts and feelings into words here in the comments, and that makes me realize what a giant feat writing this blog is and I am gratefull for it. Thank you!!

  5. you’re world seems a bit deeper than a lot of people feel comfortable admitting is possible. even (or especially) unconsciously.

    and you have a lot of those “stranger than fiction” stories. but that happens in real life often enough. tom clancy (i’m pretty sure it was him) once noted that, as opposed to reality “fiction has to be plausible.”

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