Saturn, Capricorn & Posture Challenge

Good postureI was talking to a gal this morning; she would like to fix relationship problems. She has Venus in Capricorn and has to work not to denigrate herself and to feel worthy of love. I know many relate.  She really wants to flush her old ways but how? Where does she start.

I had some ideas and some criteria to apply when evaluating romantic prospects but then I asked her, “Hey!  How is your posture? Are you going out there with you head down? Or do you stand up straight with your shoulders pulled back?  Is your chin up when you go out there?’

She said her head was down but it wasn’t always this way!  This infuriated me on some level. On the “I’m a mom” level, specifically.

I’m not mad a her! I’m mad at the conditions that have so many feeling bruised and beaten down. NO!!!!!

I am writing this for Saturn-types but everyone has Saturn somewhere.  If you are hunched over, staring at the ground and such, please, please pick you head up. Sit up straight. Walk tall. Look people in the eye. Set an example!

We’ve got a number of planets heading into Aries now. I am CHALLENGING you.

Who will take this challenge? Get out there and stand up straight on Monday. Live this way all day and then come back and tell us how your day went, with your chin up in any and every circumtance.

9 thoughts on “Saturn, Capricorn & Posture Challenge”

  1. that’s a great photo for venus capricorn ^^ that’s how i like to dress too, very simple and sometimes with flannel shirts and blue jeans with hair tied back in a bun or braid. lol
    i have this venus natally and i do notice that i do climb the mountain with every guy i was with, from my first husband to the one currently. My first husband died recently, few days ago, found on the street homeless and full of drugs and drink sadly. I always thought he would live out his life in prison so he can survive. Me and his mother and father did believe that if he stayed in prison he would be sober and not do drugs and actually live a long life in there. Once he got out, it was back on drugs heavily and he can’t stop. My 2nd husband was worse, because i wanted to learn my lesson from the first. Sure, i chose an ambitious man, but he was cruel, he died too later at least a decade before my Pisces ex husband. i think thats how i learn from climbing the mountain and being brave even if i chose bad men. And yes people will point and think how dumb of her to choose those men. Well, i like to be paired and to love someone and want to be loved; and i was also in love with the first. It doesn’t matter, as long as i had love to give. Although i would love to have Elizabeth Taylor’s venus, she had a lot of husbands/lovers, and lived a charmed life. well she had aries venus, i guess 1st house venus kind of counts. I also liked Bridget Bardot’s love life. she seems so invincible with her love life, always so brave and courageous even if she met some really bad flops. Now shes happy and living her life i think on the coast of france. she had venus in virgo 9th house.

    great post,elsa ^^ i hope many people will take the challenge and walk straight and tall. And see how life is beautiful even among hardships around us.

  2. Venus Capricorn, Saturn Taurus, Mutual reception here. Yes! Elsa! Thanks for reminding me to stand and sit up straight. Now if I could only convince my daughter, Capricorn is her 2nd house, to stand up straight. She’s 6 ft tall and has always been a sloucher. Other aspects involved but yes, she should value herself and the fact that she is tall instead of scrunching down to be at other people’s level.

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    libra rising

    I’m so glad you told her to stand tall. Abusers look for people with low self esteem, and posture is an indication of confidence or lack thereof. I know; I have Saturn square Venus! Wish my younger self had known when I was young.

  4. I can definitely relate to very low self-esteem and lack of confidence. I’ve suffered with it my entire life. My sun, mercury and venus in Virgo are all conjunct in the 1st house and make a square to saturn in Gemini in the 10th. I have no fire to help in my chart. Neptune in Sagittarius is a more generational influence rather than a personal one. It also didn’t help that I had a mother who degraded me every chance she had. If I’d been lucky enough to have good role models when I was young, who could have helped me gain self-confidence, my life would have turned out different. Now I’m 50 and it’s too late. I only hope that young people who have similiar planetary positions like mine see this post and seek help so they don’t have to suffer a fate like this.

  5. I can relate! I have Venus in Capricorn. My self esteem always has suffered and my mother said she could never hear me and I slouched. At one point in my teens I followed fashions from Vogue and any rock stars I admired, and felt it gave me confidence but once that phase passed, I slipped back into more earthy wear as the above picture illustrates .
    My mom also put me down a lot for being vain when I was just being a normal teen experimenting with make up. And when I finally got my driver’s license at 35 (!), she said “well…that will be good for emergencies dear.” That comment set me back 15 years! I stopped driving. I didn’t want to, I just couldn’t. It was like my psyche glitched up and my happiness about it, and my confidence died. She never learned to drive at all and was jealous. I also got teased a lot at school, never had a date in High School though people told me I could be a model. I guess I scared the boys off.
    After reading this post I caught myself in the mirror and noticed I have a poor posture. Going to work on that!

  6. Capricorn Rising, Saturn in Libra~ to my great delight, in my early teens, my father would frequently remind me to stand up straight. Many many years have passed and my father is no longer earth bound and yet those words ring sound and true to this day.

  7. I will take this challenge!! Too crunched up Capricorn Pisces posture, ugh!! Feels so liberating to stand proud!

  8. She has nice eyebrows 🥰 and the plaid shirt= relatable.
    As a cap rising with saturn in 1st I have a bit of a bad neck/ posture but I’m fixing it with some exercises. The key is to be consistent.

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