Saturn Square Pluto: Defend Your Psyche

brimstoneI thought of a new angle on the current Saturn Pluto square, I am calling it, defend (Saturn) your psyche (Pluto). While I didn’t mention it specifically, this came up in 2 of 3 charts in the astrology class I am working on and I caught on.

We have talked about this kind of thing on this blog quite a bit. The cock-blocking series comes to mind as does the numerous posts on gaslighting, on the both the blog and the boards. I did have a friend cop to playing games with men several years ago and I am going to pull those posts up because they offer an interesting angle on the topic.

Pluto in Capricorn suggests you take responsibility for your psyche and sure enough there is a discussion on the boards about astrology and psychotherapy but the square from Saturn in Libra suggests the need to defend against the other so I thought we take a look at this.

We’ve already started with the conversation about questioning a person’s motives when they tell you something nasty about another person (Vicious Meets Gullible). I think it is junk in -> junk out but what do you think?

Do you defend your psyche?



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  1. “Don’t whip with me with your rules. While your playing with the rules, the meter is ticking on my life” I know how incredibly busy your are Elsa but if you have time watch “Nuts” with Barbra Streisand and Richard Dreyfuss it is amazing with all its dynamics.

    Saturn Pluto all over it. Lots of 8th house Venus stuff too.

  2. I think I do a good enough job from outside sources, but I will cop to self-sabotage.

    I know I’m strange. I am not normal and I don’t respond/react like most people. So every once in a while I start feeling bad or guilty about that. Even though it’s what works for me and keeps me happy, I start wondering if maybe I should make an effort to move closer to center. So I spend some time pondering and feeling repulsive and wrong before I metaphorically smack myself on the back of the head and remind myself that I shouldn’t have to sacrifice my happiness to make others comfortable.

    I don’t know what would cause this astrologically, but I’m going to point a finger at sun-Saturn trined Neptune.

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    Scorp in a Suit

    This reminds me of something…

    When I was younger (pre-kindergarten) I remember being bullied by an older relative (old enough to know better). Probably for his own amusement, and probably out of absent-minded habit. I started to cry. When he (let’s call him U) asked why, I said “you hurt my psyche!” I was too young to remember this, and only know from someone else.

    I respond differently now, usually in keeping with the offense. I figure if the other person can’t handle it, they didn’t deserve my company anyway.

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    Scorp in a Suit

    Heh, ONE last thing, then I’m done. The MO I’ve been playing with lately is that if you combine conscientious psyche-defense WITH conscientious lifting-up others (who reciprocate), you are destined for great company.

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    curious wanderer

    I like this topic. After spending a lot of my adult life allowing myself to be used as an emotional garbage can, I decided to put a stop to it. It’s been a process for a while, but it’s heavily on my mind right now. I’m just so tired of others trying to push their shit on me. I have my plate full dealing with my own shit, I don’t want nor need anyone else’s. So I’ve been trying to say that – deal with your issues.

    Interesting, because Pluto is actually trine my natal Saturn in Virgo right now.

  6. this is deadon at the moment. I have been attacked psychicaly for the last 2 months by this woman – work and our daughters who used to be friends, had a fall out and are now friends again. The girls are teenagers. This is what they do. But when the mother got involved and then proceeded to tell me off about the way I am with my kids I put the frreze on her. She is unable to leave it alone and last night again I was sent text messages teling me off about work stuff and how she is going to get me off site.
    It feels so primitive to me – like, surely you should know better than to mess with people like this – like, you should have more awareness.
    There is also another unbelievable story that has occurred recently involving a shark attack, but the couple of times I have tried to share it, it has been eaten, like the person in the shark’s mouth.
    I have been doing daily energy work especially working with grounding and protection. Me and my kids are really shining despite all the garbage being thrown our way. My daughter whose sun is at 4 degrees Cap is having a safe passage with Pluto even though he is opening doorways to the underbelly of people and their ways of operating.

  7. Defend (saturn) your psyche (pluto)
    I refer this with the tragedy in Haiti. I have family there I was sooo touched by the international help and concern for my people.. and Haitian who have gone through soooo many trials and still stand with their heads high and we know there will be better days.. Even if it’s hard, sad and tragic, there WILL BE better days!! I personally have been through sooo many trials and I always believed that everything will okay eventually… maybe not now but be patient and you will see it! I have saturn-pluto conjunct in my 5th house and I had a terrible childhood but as an adult, it’s a bit better… I’m still young (did not do my 1st Saturn return yet!) but I’m hopeful… Hope is sooo important in my mind and it protects my psyche.. I have a lot of pisces and my sun is in the 9th house so I can’t stay down for too long… even when times are hard!
    I understand you diastella! I had girls who were like this when I was young but I always taught that “I know I can’t do anything about your actions towards me but one day you will understand on your own!” The girl who was soo mean to me as a kid now is feeling what she did to me… even if it’s close to 10 years later. I wouldn’t wish that on her (though I did then!!! but not now) The only thing you can control is your reaction to their actions. I love feeling how strong I am when I’m going through hard times though I don’t want to get used to it, it always seems to find me!!! It’s probably my saturn-pluto… Gotta love it! 😉

  8. OMG this is so timely! I woke up this morning thinking about posting something on the boards about this. For the last couple of months there has been a person at college, DOGGING me, all the time. She is in some game that I’m apparently supposed to play but have no idea why or what. It’s horrendous. She just tries to get at me and undermine me in any way she can. My solar return has an unaspected Mars in the seventh so I guess this is the year I have to get to grips with this type of behaviour.

    Saturn is currently in my 1st and Pluto in my 4th so defence of the psyche describes EXACTLY what I’m dealing with. However, this morning I realised the energy of Mars in Leo amping my natal Mars Leo, while probably attracting this kind of behaviour, since it’s loosely sextiling Saturn can also be used to overcome it. So I’ve now got to get my head around the correct use of the warrior energy, because if I don’t I’m just going to keep getting attacked. Hey ho. Life is so interesting!

  9. (((sweeetiez,family and friends)))) it has been so painful to see this news…hoping the best for your loved ones

    opal…i also have saturn on first and pluto at 4th now and this is also happening to me…BIG TIME….having to defend/protect my psyche
    i had consult w/elsa & great advice..i’m using daily…in my situation…warrior/confrontational energy needs to be redirected to more subtle strategies…which are NOT my forte…i like to be open/honest/direct and cannot…
    it’s very tough…but i’m hanging in there…
    good luck to you!

  10. Yeah, this resonates with me, but I am Scorpio rising and very Saturnine. I also feel completely within my element in the current crisis atmosphere. I’m much more comfortable than I was when Pluto was in Sag.

  11. Perfect timing for this post for me!At the moment I have to defend my daughter against the school district that I used to be so proud of, because they have decided to discriminate against her and me as a parent!

    This school district says that my children have to follow THEIR rules, before following the house hold rules of her parents when it comes to my childrens’ free time OUTSIDE OF SCHOOL, 365 a year! Yes, I know, I damn near fell off the deep end my self! This is a public school, that gets funding with MY tax payer dollars!

    I have a feeling they forgot they are a public school, and that they receive tax payers money. But I am having a great time getting my shit together at the moment to remind them of that fact. You might see this on the news folk, because I am truly one pissed off mama bear.

  12. Oh ya, I almost forgot to add , that all of this started on October 31st,of last year. It will be interesting to see what happens this week.

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