Synchronicity – Jupiter Trines To The 8th House Looks For Meaning

apocalypse now“Look,” I said to the soldier today. “It will be the last day of the year and here this will all be going down with my daughter. And where will you be? About 3 miles away? 3 miles! Can you believe that? How can the universe set something up like this?. What are the odds?” I asked.

“Sounds like par for the course to me. For us, anyway. If it were anyone else you’d notice but for us, it always happens like this.”

I remembered accidently landing at that wedding in a Catholic Church in St. Paul… a few hours after we met a truck stop with one of soldier’s songs blaring into the parking lot on outdoor speakers – Freda Payne’s Band Of Gold.

“Well I don’t know how to parse it. It always makes me think of Apocalypse Now (a movie we saw together when it was released). At the end of that movie they are killing… sacrificing that animal, well you know. There are these things going on all at once and you are left to figure out what it all means. I don’t know what it all means but it seems I should. Should something not be obvious?”

“Don’t know, P. I just know this is how it goes for us.”

Do you get more than your share of bizarre happenings like this? Why do you think that is? Anyone have a theory.

4 thoughts on “Synchronicity – Jupiter Trines To The 8th House Looks For Meaning”

  1. I have my share of bizarre happenings as well. I don’t know why, but I am sure that other people have them and are just not aware. I have noticed people who could stand knee deep in water and die of thirst. I notice the bizarre happenings and start asking questions, which leads to more questions. Maybe it is just how I learn and grow.

  2. ppht…to the point they ceased to be *happenings* and started to become the norm. I love it. Happy New Year, by the by!
    My 100% favorite holiday. I get out pots and pans and everything, which is super fun!

  3. Happy new year to you too kashmiri! I do have ‘happenings’ too but like tam says, i wonder if you just notice them more being aware. I’ve always noticed signs that other people dont always get. The last was on the way to the airport with my sis, i was telling her how i kept seeing 11:11, on clocks, til receipts, etc and had even found sites on the web dedicated to this. She rolled her eyes as if to say cuckoo and we laughed. When we got our boarding tickets they were both numbered 11 and i jokingly said , see 11:11. She rolled her eyes again, pah coincidence. On the flight back we were given exactly the same seats. Dont know about you but that has never happened to me before but still she denied and said everyone had been, even when i pointed out a couple who were on the other flight were not seated in the same place. So i noticed the coincidence but she just waved it off as nothing and it wouldnt have even registered with her unless i’d pointed it out. Course i may just be cuckoo and hell knows i have no idea what it means if anything but i get a little lift when i see it now whilst my sis just thinks i’m a whack job.

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