Sun Pluto Conjunction vs Mars Pluto Conjunction

Pluto roman god“Can you please explain the difference between Pluto conjunct sun and Pluto conjunct mars in the natal chart?”

If Pluto is conjunct a personal planet in your natal chart, you’re doing to have some intensity about you. This is what these two positions have in common.

Outside of that, the personal planet involved tells the rest of the story, along with the house placement of the conjunction and the aspects involved.

Isolating just the energy of these conjunctions, Sun Pluto is about the ego, the vocation, and the character and creativity of the person.  These Sun-ruled functions will be affected by Pluto.

A person may be empowered or overpowering.  Your ego may be harmed or even devastated by abuse of power but there is also a regenerative ability with this combination.  Dead, then back from the ashes, basically. What I can “hard to kill”.  Their life will be imbued by Pluto. Passionate and probably melodramatic.

In contrast, Mars conjunct Pluto is concerned with what a person wants. Again, there are a lot of possibilities. Over the course of your lifetime, you will probably experience or encounter most if not all of these things over and over, if not in yourself than in the other:

  • Wanting power
  • Obsession
  • Coiled-up serpent power
  • Willing things into being
  • Focused effort
  • Destructive anger
  • Profound effectiveness
  • Ruthlessness
  • Driven by your subconscious
  • Able to sense danger and nefarious motive
  • Paranoia

Do you have one of these conjunctions? How’s it play?

9 thoughts on “Sun Pluto Conjunction vs Mars Pluto Conjunction”

  1. I’ve always thought conjunction, whatever the planet, created the most intensity of both planets involved.

    I don’t have pluto conjunctions, but I am blessed with a (Virgo) Sun sextile a (Scorpio) Pluto.

    I feel like the sextile create a “friendship” between the two planets, although work and self- reflection is involved.

  2. My husband has Mars conj Pluto in the 10H. He has Uranus conj NN in the 9H. He is an inventor. He has worked towards this since high school/college. He is one of those people who embody their calling. I believe it is supported very well by Saturn in 2H.

    Mars Pluto is very hard. Very. But I think the years have a way of opening someone if they are receptive. He has Sag rising.

  3. Sun/Pluto conjunction 1 degree apart in Virgo. Yes, I am intense about everything. I have come to realize, that Pluto standing before my Sun, means everything has to pass through my shadow (Pluto) before it gets to my Sun. My Mars is in Virgo but not aspecting my Pluto by degrees. But, when I want something, I want it three years ago.

    A lot of death happens around me and a lot of crises happen in my sphere. I am going thru a heartbreaking experience right now and it feels like my soul is breaking. But, I eventually will realize things have their purpose no matter what they are.

    Pluto does represent rebirth and the phoenix rising from the ashes. It is born, lives, ages, dies, and is reborn over and over and that is a theme in my life.

  4. Sun conjunct Pluto
    Mars conjunct Pluto
    Sun conjunct Mars

    All three form a 6H Scorpio stellium

    I’d be lying if I said I weren’t very proud of that, I have intense eyes, and although I’m only 5’9” I command a lot of respect without trying, my presence has an effect on people, usually makes ppl a little intimidated. I have a really kind easy way with ppl, im not rude and arrogant, but I’m basically unapproachable I feel like

  5. I literally have sun 16, Pluto 19 and mars 16in 11th house conjunct. In the sign Scorpio.

    Let’s just say, it has been a ride.

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