Saturn Square Uranus: Snap Of It!

cocaine“Are you prepared to buy her cocaine, booze and other drugs?” I asked a client this morning. He’s a regular, I’ve worked with for years.

“No, I’m not buying her cocaine.”

“Well then she’s not interested in you because that’s what she wants…”

The woman is a predator in that wherever she goes, she scans for the man most likely to support her addiction.  This would hold true in any scenario. I understand this deeply because I want things too!  And when I want something, I want it and I hunt it!

If you find out what someone wants, their behavior is easy to understand.  But on topic, this was a Saturn Uranus consultation. Sort of a sudden dose of reality… but liberating.  Here’s the video version:

I wonder if you’ve run into anything like this.  If not, can you think of how you might benefit from this kind of wake-up call?


4 thoughts on “Saturn Square Uranus: Snap Of It!”

  1. My mother to a T! And my brother always gave her money being ignorant that she would buy booze . And she did. Everything she wanted she got. In a way my dad too, he gave her the reins on his income. Hardly paid bills or rent. She’d rather buy alcohol. And she was cruel in her behavior drunk or not. She had a big grin when she beated the crap out of me. To this day I still can’t understand how someone can be so cruel. But there you have it . Saturn square Uranus.

  2. The big slap in the face for me was the suicide. How did I miss that? Uranus moved into t-square with natal Saturn and Pluto midheaven. Everyone has stuff. How can I tell the severity when the S word is never spoken. I guess it would be the odd change in behavior the 3 months prior. It just felt like he was pushing me away, not readying for takeoff. Well he did not take me with him. That’s a plus. I think I came close to death on that one.

    1. The empty leg of the square of course fell in my 7th. Interesting. Will have to keep an eye on that Saturn square Pluto mh aspect of mine.

  3. I have Saturn (Libra 12 degrees) square Uranus (Cancer 13 degrees).2010 and 2011 were pivotal years of change in my life when Saturn was in Capricorn and triggering my natal planets. I suddenly wanted something different in my life and that something appeared, I didn’t even need to hunt it down. It took ten years to make what I desired a full reality. It took that long because I knew my actions affected the people I loved and I was willing to put in the time and effort to adjust for them.

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