More About The Mars Return

mars headYour Mars return occurs approximately once every two years.

Mars represents raw, male, energy. It wants, it drives, it fights, it strives, it pushes, it asserts…itself to the front of the line. Mars also represents courage and heroism. It acts.

Yesterday, someone left a comment on an post on this topic from 2017…

What Is A Mars Return?

Mars returnThis prompted me to check my current Mars return which is coming up, shortly. I was shocked by what I found…

This is my Mars return. I have Mars conjunct Mercury in Libra, natally. I think I’m in trouble!  Or that I’m going to make trouble.

I don’t know what to say outside of I don’t think I like this at all.  And there, the problem is illustrated. I can’t decide what I think!  And then my ego is tied up in it? Greeeat!

Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto are tweaking that stellium. I don’t like mosh pits. I think I better retire.

Do you pay attention to your Mars return?

25 thoughts on “More About The Mars Return”

  1. I do because Mars is the ruler of my chart, but the last one went by unnoticed. Now when I think about it, I will take a closer look at that chart because I lost all energy and will for the last year and a half…

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    ramona von moritz

    It might help to clearly state that there are many…many!…fora for vaccine discussions. This is an astrology blog, not a vaxxing blog. I would definitely draw the line as to what can be allowed in a discussion on YOUR blog! People are becoming so inconsiderate, confusing freedom with intrusive, obnoxious behavior! And they must and need to be called out for it. As an old shaman taught me, one of the most importatn things to learn in this world is courtesy, and that if we stop practicing it and stop teaching and modeling it, it will become extinct. As a society, we are already close to that outcome. But I believe that if we continue to practice and model it, wherever and however we can, we can keep it from becoming entirely a thing of the past.

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      Hildegarde's Apprentice

      I 100% agree. . And I think its understandable to be more assertive after something like an epidemic.
      Ive become more assertive myself. But theres assertive and then theres downright aggressive disrespect.The one thing we need to be reminded of is humility. I feel thats the crux of everything. Because if it is practiced, it would or should make people realize that their opinion is limited even if its shared. Understanding that their opinion(based on their perception,knowledge(hopefully), and experience)is their opinion/perception.
      And they’re entitled to have it. But so do the 7.5 billion we live with. Humility should remind us that our opinion is only powerful when we are around. Once we’re dead, its gone.
      So when expressing it, I feel its better to always be aware of that fact. It just might or hopefully keep at least a few people in check.

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    ramona von moritz

    Another thought…part of the many lessons of courtesy is respecting our own and the other’s boundaries…Jan. 6th was the epitome of disrespecting boundaries. It became the model for behavior we absolutely do not want to see in our country or in the world…I know we have a long way to go, and that the earth is a schoolhouse for learning our lessons, but we also have the obligation to do whatever we can to maintain our healthy boundaries. Another good thing to practice and model for others.

  4. I guess another way to look at the grouping of planets is to use them in their most fortunate benefit. For example, use this time to pracice
    learning (Jupiter) how to channel huge raw energy (mars) in order to change (Uranus) patterns of behavior and transform (Pluto) our way in the world.
    Just a thought

  5. I have absolutely no problem with you regulating your site. My comments have been axed more than once and I have no problem whatsoever with that. Only submit this because earlier comments allude to the recent kerfuffle. And my mars returns come and go as other planetary returns. I don’t know that my astrological understanding is that acute yet. I am slow if you have not noticed. Everything has to be experienced for me to get it.

  6. I hope it is not as negative as you portend@Elsa. Being in Libra will the issue be they are opposite Aries? Ultimately, you are in control. I think if you stay conscious of the fact that you could go off, and if the energies build, don’t react right away. Just sit with them. Maybe it will help cool the urgency to act in or the desire to verbalize what you may not intend. It’s happened to me too! Stepping back can help : )

    1. But of course I do understand if confronted rudely or aggressively you do have the right to guard the door of your site as you see fit. Folks can push things out there to get reactions on purpose and they are not here to engage thoughtfully or to learn.

  7. I have not paid much attention to Mars returns. But I can’t help but notice that the mars-mercury-sun mash up will fall in my 3rd house, and oppose my Jupiter in Aries on the day that I go to get my (big) head examined. Ha! That is funny to me.

  8. So funny, I was just looking at my Mars return for next May. I decided to get my head outta Mars and check out your blog. And there he is again. Mars is conjunct Jupiter at 3 degrees aries in the twelfth house with a 25 degree aries ascendant for my Mars return. Mars rules my natal fifth house. Had a late miscarriage last month so I am investigating what is going on beyond just Chiron making his way through my fifth house. I have a Jupiter Uranus conjunction in my first house so big fast changes are a part of my life. The loss of my child also happened during the transiting 9 degree Sagittarius south node on my Jupiter Uranus conjunction. When Jupiter transits my chart it’s not just BIG(Jupiter), it’s CRAZY BIG(Jupiter Uranus). Not sure how Jupiter on my Mars during my Mars return will end up. Really good or really bad.

  9. Yes definitely regulate your comments. You have the right, it’s your site.

    I have not looked at my Mars Return but I’m having a Uranus Return and so is a “friend” of over 30+ years who decided to unfriend me on Facebook because I tried to set some boundaries. It’s been interesting.

  10. Please don’t retire yet unless you feel your health and wellbeing is at stake. You provide such a valuable service to the astrologically inclined. All good wishes.

  11. Hi Elsa,

    I don’t understand completely why you think this is bad; could it not be a great energy used to communicate…(write?). Or am I misunderstanding everything? 🙂

    1. Hi, Mimmi. It’s not actually “bad”. This is my personal, individual reaction to seeing this. And then someone emailed me to note that this is the same day that Saturn turns direct.

  12. I see 3 x 16’s, makes me think of a Saturn return, I fixate on numbers , I add multiply maybe you had 2 Sat returns, phew, I have still in an afterglow; I
    Can’t help but remember my Dad
    “ the dealer stands at 16” ,(he was talking blackjack)
    So stand tall, cards are in your hand,
    Wait it out,your eyes can do your talking . Bet you got 17.

  13. I never paid attention to this, but suddenly realize my Mars return is October 16th.
    I hope this will give me a boost ’cause my n Mars is such an avoidant. And in 12th House is, like, sort of, somewhat… vague? Poking through fog.

  14. Boundaries my dear. This is your site. It is an astrology blog. Anything outside of that needs to find another place for expression. Otherwise it opens up Pandora’s Box to all kinds of other “stuff.” I have had to block unwanted ventures into politics from my FB page because people ignored my warning: “Keep your political views to yourself or find another place to vent. They are NOT welcome here!”

    1. I am not liking the term ‘cancel culture’. I feel like it tells me I have to put up with abuse. Like I don’t have a choice. I think the message of the so called cancelling is that individual’s are responsible for their behavior. The accountability factor. That’s not a bad thing. It’s a hard fact of life. For most of us anyway.

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