The Danger Every Sagittarius Needs to Avoid

wandererEveryone knows Sagittarius to be curious and open-minded, always looking over the next horizon. They seek and they search and they are always ready with a new question about what it all means. This can be both enlivening and frustrating, but it is also necessary. The real danger emerges when the seeking stops.

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter seeks to expand everything, including our mental walls and boundaries. It is Mercury that is in its detriment in Sagittarius. Sagittarius’s job is not to know. It is to seek to know. It is to keep asking questions and keep exploring to find the answers.

The greatest danger for any Sagittarius is dogma. It is the assumption that they already know the answer. That they have done the work, led the search, and returned home with the true key to life, the universe, and everything. When a Sagittarius ceases to search, the spark is lost. The fire dims, the wisdom fades, and they become some of the most tedious people in the world. Think of a zealot shouting on the street corner. How many answers to you think he really has?

Sagittarius rules the legs for a reason. Their job is to keep traveling. Keep walking, keep putting one foot in front of the other in the constant search for answers. Keep asking, keep learning, keep going and going. That is Sagittarius’s sacred duty. They go to the edges of the earth to find the treasures there, then come to report back to the rest of us. And once they’ve done that, it’s off to next great horizon.

Everyone has Jupiter and Sagittarius somewhere in their chart. And it’s this place that we all have to be content with not knowing, but instead always seeking. And for anyone with Sagittarius prominent in their chart, take this advice: Keep searched. Keep expanding. The joy of the question will also be greater than then joy any answer can bring.

So you have Sagittarius? What are you seeking?

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  1. So true! Being a Sadge sun myself, I’m at my best when I’m travelling, learning and sharing my knowledge with others…books have been my constant companions since I was a child. The worst thing in the world would be when there’s nothing else to seek or learn..,yikes! Thanks for the great post.

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    the laughing goat

    Sadge 10H with Venus. I get bored easily at work once I have it all “figured out”. I need to learn, be challenged, and be moving or else I get antsy – and want to split. And I have done that more than I care to admit!!

  3. Yes. Always asking questions and searching for answers:

    Why am I a Centaur? Am I like Chiron?
    Why half horse and not another animal?
    Why do I have only 1 arrow? Where are the other arrows?
    I don’t remember, but did I shoot Chiron?
    What am I aiming at?
    What if there’s something better to aim at?
    Cupid has wings, does that mean he can hit the target better?
    Actually, what is the target?
    What will happen when I hit it?
    What if I don’t like that target, can I get a refund of my arrow?
    Who gave me this arrow?
    Why is my bow not golden?
    Is the Sun in my face if I’m pointed to the sky?
    Can I see at night to shoot this arrow?
    How will I clean my hoofs if I’m holding the bow?
    And more ……


    1. Osiris Wife: “What if I don’t like that target, can I get a refund of my arrow?” – lol

      And who decides whether or not a refund should be provided?

      For Sagittarians, the questions are endless…and there is never an adequate answer :).

    2. Osiris Wife: “What if I don’t like that target, can I get a refund of my arrow?”

      This one jumped right off the page at me lol.

  4. Man, this post is cool. All of my Sagittarian friends are very anti dogmatism. Even if they are sweet and doormat like in other ways, dogmatism is one way to ruin their friendship and send them packing.

    I wonder.. do Sagittarians leave home and travel forever? Do they do it out of aversion to where they come from? Or some deep hole or confusion? ‘Not all those who wander are lost.’ But many are.

    1. Your questions remind me of Joanne Harris’s early novels—Chocolat, The Girl with No Shadow, BlackBerry Wine: all with the Sag themes of seeker, lost and found, always stirred by the wind.
      I’m rereading those books after nearly 20 yrs & with Sag Natally home to my Venus & Jupiter? I know seeking is long term AND changeable like wind.

  5. I have to say I always thought Gemini’s function was petty and annoying.. to collect and distribute information like a postman.. but the idea of just walking around looking for knowledge compulsively.. one delivers mail interminably the other walks interminably.. if I think like that, what even are the exciting signs? It’s sad that sometimes as people we have scabs we pick interminably. Like a Virgo never able to find perfection and like themselves. A Scorpio never able to heal and trust. Of course they do and that comes with time. A cancer never able to stop suckling babies and eating cookies 🙁 that’s a self loathing joke.

  6. I am a mother to a little Sagittarius. He is 5. When I was pregnant with him, we saw him moving his legs as if running on the ultrasound screen, without a break. It was amusing and sweet. Today, he loves to run. Just runs and runs and runs for the pleasure of it. He is focused and fast when running and exploring. Always wants to take the lead when we go on hikes, get super far ahead of us, and then report back what he finds. He likes to know all about it.

    He’s very curious. Notices things and asks questions that help me see how he is always thinking and wondering about what’s going on. He may be quiet, but there’s a lot going on in his mind. His Sun and Mercury are conjunct in the sign with Venus nearby. He loves a bubbly personality in others, loves how they make him laugh. He seeks these people out and doesn’t want to deal with quiet or mopey people. Sometimes he will literally roll his eyes at me when he has to be around them ?

    Sag influence my chart – Jupiter in the 5th, trining my Aries Ascendant. I love art that depicts roads through vast landscapes or towards horizons. It’s energizing and relaxing at the same time, somehow.

    Currently all the Capricorn planets have been cruising through my 9th house and to say I’ve gone through an awakening in the past years is an understatement – classic “everything I used to believe is wrong and this new information has made me question it!” Truthfully I am a bit dogmatic about my new beliefs because of how tricked I felt. It was during this time I made my way back to my faith, and to get to that point cements some things. Still I try to remain open!

    My Moon-Jupiter sextile is huge as well. I need movement and am always restless for what’s next. It also helps keep me from falling into pits of despair for prolonged lengths of time. “Somehow I’ll always get through, and there are always silver linings.”

      1. He has a Cancer Moon, conjunct my Cancer Moon! Isn’t that so funny? So his problem as he grows up is that he can dish it but he can’t take it. But on the positive side, his sensitivity makes him extra loving towards others – he loves to help and nurture as well.

        All his Sag. planets are in the 8th house too. So he’s a deep thinker. We also both have Aries rising. So he and I have a lot in common in spite of being out of element! And of course there’s more, but specifically to Cancer raising a Sag…I find him energizing at this point because he’s still under my wing. I think my answer might be different when he’s older and independent and probably traveling with all that Sag and a 3rd house Moon. Or trying to tell me what’s what 😉

    1. I had a weird revelation reading what you wrote about moon Jupiter.. (of course only about my own chart)
      My faith (Jupiter in Pisces in the 2nd) tends to make me complacent and just hope I’ll get what I want in the future without working for it.. it was also expectation that totally ruined me with hope (hard to explain).. Pluto and Saturn Neptune transits attacked the idea that I’d land on my feet and Neptune is erasing any idea of whats going on other than the present moment.. I suppose it’s meant to create true faith but idk really.. idk wtf is up and with Venus Jupiter square Uranus I used to have a clue

      1. Neptune transits are hard for me too. I’ve got it sq. my Venus right now and it’s been rough. When I realized, “oh I have a Neptune thing going on!” I took a step back for a little while. I literally needed to disappear MYSELF from a situation. And that’s made a difference. I don’t know it that applies to what you’re going through, but maybe!

        I think you could be right about your transit creating true faith. Over time, sometimes, we have no choice. Every single day these days is an exercise in faith for me. But it’s hard to remember it when we’re in the thick of something. Especially when we’re waiting with expectation – I’ve been there more than once. In that situation I’ve worked to focus elsewhere. Sometimes it worked, other times not so much.

        1. Yeah for real.. one thing Neptune is showing me when hitting my sun is my privilege.. something I can’t ignore.. and where I came from.. but mars Pluto don’t give a fuck about that.. I really wanted to get rid of my personality that seems to be something that doesn’t mind failing and tries to tell me it’s not so bad or can’t do this and won’t do that.. but I just projected a bunch of people that could do it and still didn’t do it.. so I guess I have one last chance to fix my mars

  7. This explains a LOT. I have Jupiter in Libra in the 11th House. I am constantly joining up with seekers of one kind or another and have worked at a Law Firm for over 30 years! My Mercury and Saturn are in Sag and I nearly always take the side of the Devil’s Advocate, asking questions or stating what I don’t know, but THINK I know. Bad habit!! A better use of this energy would be to study subjects that would expand my understanding of the big questions in life and let others teach me what they know to be true.

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    James Slattery

    Maybe it’s because I’m a Gemini with a Sag Moon but this really describes me! If I follow the same routine for too long I DO feel dull and consciously stir my own pot to switch things up. It gives me a boost of energy and health to experience a new horizon awaiting! Still, it does grate on my Cancer Mercury and Capricorn Saturn. Haha.

  9. I do 🙂 I have a Sag moon in the first house w/Sag on the Asc and the north node in in Sag’s natural 9th house. It’s a quest beyond this point there be dragons rabbithole of a adventure. Jupiter is in the third house so my daily mind gets flooded with the big picture alot. I have Mercury/Saturn in Cap to help me dissect and go deep and then it starts all over again.

  10. With Saturn in Sagittarius, the youth of Sagittarius is a learned behavior for me and hard won.. I had to crack open and stay open..
    I can be naturally close minded and clingy.. it’s a process and I don’t need people shitting on it and telling me I need to behave a different way.. it took time to open up and it is taking lots more time

  11. I have natal sun & Venus in Sag. But that covers part of my 12th house. So in addition to seeking and exploring, I need to feel grounded and my Cap ascendant helps with that. I also have my moon in Scorpio which ensures that I go deep:)

  12. Aqua w/ Sag rising trine moon Aries. Jupiter in 9th house and north node Leo in 9th house. Life has been like a collection of movies. Have met so many people. Excited about future life adventures. Happiest on road trips, out in nature, surrounded by mountains and trees. I also have Uranus in the 12 so I have interesting dreams. Once I had a powerful dream of a white long haired horse running thorough grassy plains surrounded by a foggy grey sky, I feel it meant a yearning for “Freedom”.
    Hurray for the Sagittarius energy and the ever pursuit of experience.
    A couple favorite movies , legends of the fall and motorcycle diaries.

  13. I love Sagittarius. I think it was on this site someone described it as (was it you Midara?) I don’t remember, but as intelligent fire, elegant use of fire. I can’t say if it was the wording or if it was the metaphors, but it stuck in my mind. My godson is a sag, and there is no one in my life I have more faith in ( i know he is growing up to be a great person.) I have Jupiter in the 8th house, and what feels relevant to me is that I’m very much into why we are here. It makes me read things about philosophy and science way above my intelligence levels. I’m usually deterred by not feeling competent. Still, when it comes to themes of reality and philosphy, I can swim in the abyss for ages.

  14. Messiah complex is strong with the Sag. We bring the fire & brimstone.
    Even if you learn “the Secret” that Robert Frost and others spoke of, you still constantly learn from others and experience earth life with love and compassion. Why else would you still be here?
    (Stellium in Sagittarius)

  15. When I was in high school I started running around with the artist, the freaks, weirdos. It seemed a welcome reprieve from the sorority I was in and keeping up with the Jones’. Of course my friends wondered wth happened to me and why in the world would I do anything ‘with them’ I loved it. Living life big seeing the world in a different way making (to this day) some of the most touching connections I would make in my life. A girlfriend of mine were both into astrology (her Leo me Sagittarius) and she pointed out that a lot of us in ‘the circle’? were Sagittarius’. In fact the amount of sags in the circle were far greater than any other (Sun)sign. I keep up with most via social media and me and the other Sagittarius’ are still unmarried, sought after, living here then there, and all of us have a true caring heart. The only other sign that reminds me of the Love of a sag is Leo. Not Aries even though fellow fire sign it’s just a vibe I get I reckon!

  16. I think my roots are illusory and simultaneously there.. my baggage.. that I bring to every interaction.. it’s weird.. some people are from places or situations that no longer exist. Even the country itself is continuously changing. I want to be Sagittarian not just act it. But it involves peeling my skin off again. And actually doing something with it. I realized today that I need to get rid of my personality in order to not believe that I’ll never achieve anything do to it or whatever I secretly want.. who I am and what I want are not the same.. I don’t care if my wants are coming from a dark or inauthentic place.

    Sorry to ramble. Just full of doubts all the time and they keep spilling out (Neptune transit yooo..) but if I sit here and don’t do anything.. then the pain will just always be below the surface.. sorry I’m such a baby.. I’m rooted anywhere.. I’m trying to work on what the fuck is wrong with me

  17. I have a stellium in Sag.
    Uranus, Sun, Juipter, Neptune. My Sun and Jupiter are on my MC along with the South node. With Jupiter conjunct Sun on the MC opposite the South node, my soul purpose is Gemini about 4 degrees from my IC. When you hear the phase, “I don’t know” or “there is more information” etc. I think of Gemini. My nodal return is coming up at 15 degrees Gemini, so this is really relevant.

    I will always be a mega Sag, but I try to embrace Gemini qualities for the sake of balance so I don’t become this dogmatic ego-maniac. The pandemic has actually help by restricting me to my house, neighborhood, and town. I try to look at what is going on under my nose and in the moment rather than just working toward the next adventure. I try to recognize when I’m basing something off a belief or personal antidote from my own experiences rather than objective information.

    Aside from my job, I will be my kids teachers this Fall, and so I am taking a break from my masters program. Teaching my kids at home during a pandemic and putting my schooling that is supposed to help me with a career change to me sounds very North node 4 degrees from IC (the the 3rd house side) opposite Sun/Jupiter on the MC to me. You can make this stuff, up and not in a million years did I plan it.

    1. What is it like doing a master with kids? Is it normal to take breaks from it? Is it remote or on site? Are you able to work as well?

      Sorry for all the questions.

  18. I’ll also mention, all the places I’ve lived, I don’t put pictures up on the walls until I’m going to sell the house. I realized its a subconscious effort to be “ready to go” and not committed to one place. I plan to get pictures up on my walls this fall and make our home really cozy.

    Also, Sags can be really terrible listeners. I speak from a place of being this person. In the last year and a half I have put lots of effort into trying to be a better listener for the sake of my relationships. In the past I would get so excited I was bursting at the seams to share and give my point of view. I also gave advise before people asked for it. Gemini’s are good listeners. That is why they are suited well with Mercury and Sags aren’t, because listening is 50% of communicating. Sag’s tend to use 100% of the communicating space to talk.
    When people talk about “making space” for other people, Sag’s need to work on this. Like a Leo, they can fill up a room.

  19. I’ve always gotten along very well w/ Sag’s. I can think of 4 right off the bat that I’ve known pretty well. I like their broad mindedness.

  20. I recently got a new take on the sadge thing. She’s very young and has been very ill and under the microscope this year. The kind of rare sick where the medical experts want to write her off as ‘it’s all in your head.’ She persevered. And now, no, it is not all in her head. As a student activity director at her college there were lots of friends, but when she fell ill, they all disappeared. Her mention of this during her stop over at mine on one of her good days, she first said people don’t know how to handle illness. But then she said something I understood, if you want it, you have to be willing to go after it. It does not just come by itself. And of course now, that is not possible for her. She too, is a sun jupiter conjunct. It has left me thinking about sadge’s need to go get it for themselves because it is not delivered on it’s own. I am not sure about the luck thing associated with Jupiter, it is maybe more making opportunities for oneself.

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