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  1. My natal chart has helped me tremendously,to understand my idiosyncrasies,quirks and difficulties.
    This understanding of why I made certain choices,took certain descions ,has given me a good insight.

    I ve realized both the strengths and the weaknesses of my natal chart.
    Having a strong ninth house with Mars, Mercury and Jupiter,has given me many educational degrees, including Law , medicine etc.
    My Leo rising with Uranus helps me think outside the box,but it also makes me appear like a weirdo ,due to the sudden changes of profession and countries and places.
    I ve learnt to live with it ,and stop explaining myself.
    On the weakness side.
    With North node sitting with Moon and Venus.
    In 11th house.
    Most of my relationship s have been with close friends,or friendship has led to the relationship.
    Rahu also makes me very obsessive,and delusional, looking at things with tininted glasses.

    But now that I m aware of it,I try to be more objective,and not so compulsive.
    Having a strong mars ,and sun in Taurus helps me stay firm and grounded.
    I love nature ,and my only wish now is to have my own land and grow my own food.
    Thank you

    1. Own your Uranus! I have Uranus conjunct my Pluto AC as well, but Rx, which makes me appear “normal” until I open my mouth and start talking; Sun Jupiter trine Uranus, Merc and Moon squares Uranus, Mars sextile Uranus.

      1. That’s great you know your own chart so we’ll. I read about aspects I my chart but have a hard time putting it all together but I guess you don’t have to. One aspect, placement or planet in a hose can speak volumes if you understand Astrology well enough.

  2. I’ve had to fight to really see and connect with people. I have the lights (Sun, Moon) and the personal planets (Mercury, Mars, Venus), Jupiter and Saturn bundled together in the first three houses. Going it alone is the default for me but it doesn’t really satisfy because my Sun/Mars/Venus trine Pluto and sextile Neptune so I really like relationship and am very loyal, and delusional (Neptune) lol.

    1. What a beautiful combo! There’s nothing wrong with being alone if that’s what keeps you happy most of the time. You can have relationships with people who are willing to give you the space. ?❤️

  3. yep, discovering Venus sq Neptune was a total game-changer for me as well.. I think you probably explain it better than any astrologer I’ve come across

    Pluto Rising was a big one for me too, when I first discovered “rising signs” and general at the beginning of my astrology journey, learning I was a Scorp Rising was the big aha- finally it all clicked. But then going deeper into the study with Pluto conjunct from the 12th opposite my Taurus Sun… explained so much and helped me evolve and become conscious to my own actions but also what I attracted

    1. Consciousness is its own gift, wouldn’t you say so? From my observation, every chart has contradictory things going on. ?

  4. Natal moon conjunct Neptune and Neptune conjunct Mercury has been a source of delusions. I need to move beyond illusions. This year will bring nodal return and hopefully lead to a more peace and grace for me

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    I’m so happy to see you making videos again, Elsa!! So many straight to the point nuggets of wisdom 😀

  6. It a great video but you already know that! ?

    I agree that our natal charts will teach all the things about astrology in general. I’ve observed that there’s some great contradiction in most charts.

    Eg. I have Uranus RX on the AC. I appear very approachable. I also have a lot of Leo so appear like someone who doesn’t take things too seriously. After all, Lions are big, fluffy, adorable creatures when not haunting down prey. ?

    But I have that cry-baby bastard Cancer Sun amplified by Jupiter. I used to overpay for most things. It squares my chart ruler Pluto. Over the past couple of years, I’ve realised just how Plutonian I can be. Turns out I have balls of steel after all! ?

    My husband is Virgo rising with 3 planets in his 12th and a Pisces Moon at the apex of a Yod. It’s like living with Mother Teresa. I’ve had to flex my Sun Pluto more and more like the bouncer of a nightclub, to keep away all the would-be users.

    Told him that I used to be a major sucker for a sob story but doing this job has turned me skeptical of most.

  7. Elsa, thanks for the concept of re-centering on the natal chart. I think a lot of us get lost or confused with so much information available. Much love and encouragement to you.
    By the way, I do so appreciate your honesty and your grit.

      1. I enjoyed the blog post on living your Sun and satisfying your Moon. It’s a gem!

        My Sun and Moon are in mutual reception. My Sun conjunct Jupiter in my 9th, so I am raising a family abroad. I enjoy learning, which I do every chance I get. It is trine Uranus, quincunx Neptune. Am eccentric, not a fan of fantasy. The square to Pluto gives me what my beloved Aqua Astro buddy calls “a backbone.”

        But if I had to choose, I would go with my Moon over my Sun. My Moon is feisty. She will charge out there to defend her Cubs, her domain! She is fearless, indomitable and she’s in the 10th. Part of a stellium that includes Merc near MC on one side (I talk a lot, which you must have gathered by now) and Venus and Saturn on the other side. She is sextile Pluto, trine Neptune, square Uranus.

        I would say that my life, the way I live it, satisfies my emotions. I’m glad I don’t cry as much anymore. Gotta leave childish things behind in childhood. ?

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    Love to see you making videos again! You are so wise! The last thing you said will stay with me, you are lucky when someone tells you the truth.

    1. Thank you. I’ve attended the school of hard knocks. Um… more than once!
      This may be because I’m a slow learner. But it may also be that I’m designed to go very deep, and hang there until I really understand.

  9. @RlsaSuch helpful direction! I see Mars/Mercury
    as having a courageous mind set. It doesn’t mean your argumentative or not willing to give in to others I don’t feel. You are just not easily afraid of what you must do! Am I off?

    1. Not off, really. I am not afraid. I don’t think I am exactly argumentative, like a person who picks fights. But I do challenge people and I also do the Libra thing, swinging over to counter a person or group when they stack on one side of an issue. I can also get quite pissed and I am opinionated – pointedly so. It’s really easy for me to be obnoxious. I’m sick of the consequences so I work hard to stay in my lane.

  10. I have the 7 sisters on my midheaven and I am a crybaby, especially when it comes to my health(SN in 6th)- like taking blood- and being abused and gaslit by my 5 cruel sisters(Ma, Mo, Me,Ne in the 3rd).

  11. so good the ‘see’ you again!
    i need to start digging into my neptune junk. it’s such a cluster. i’d like to be able to partner with someone who isn’t abusive, someday.

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