Retrograde Planets In The Natal Chart

dandelion“The easiest thing to be in the world is you. The most difficult thing to be is what other people want you to be. Don’t let them put you in that position.”
–Leo Buscaglia

The energy of the planets that are retrograde at the time of our birth is forever crystalized in the imprint of our natal charts. When a planet appears to retrograde in the sky it goes back over ground it has recently covered. It’s a period of readdressing whatever area of life it represents. When you’re born with a retrograde planet the expression of that energy is not backward but more internally oriented.

People with natal Mercury retrograde often express themselves more clearly in writing as it gives an opportunity for self-editing before the communication turns outward. People with Venus retrograde may put more thought into their outward aesthetic before making a change in their appearance. Whether they constantly change their style or never do there are generally more internal machinations behind their decisions than those who have Venus direct. They may also be more concerned with inner beauty and style. Jupiter retrograde in the chart can result in someone who is reticent in their outer enthusiasm, makes their own luck, and is continually readdressing their personal philosophy based on personal rather than external events.

Mars retrograde natives often allow an energy to build up before it is expressed as external action. Those with Saturn retrograde can internalize rules as a personal motivator rather than waiting on an external authority to pin them down. Sometimes there is a feeling of inadequacy and a propensity to hide one’s fears from others.

I remember reading somewhere about counting up your number of retrograde planets. There was a type given for each number a person had in their chart. What stuck with me was looking at the description for my number and internalizing the idea of “you’re probably not very huggy.” With Mercury and Jupiter retrograde in my chart I’m constantly remembering and rethinking this philosophy, which is laughable. That one little comment by someone who may or may not have been right has caused me to give more hugs that I might have otherwise hung back from.

Pluto, Neptune and Uranus are all retrograde right now but they’re retrograde about half the time anyway. More timely is Mercury’s retrograde; time to rethink. Mars is direct. Time to act externally. I’ve heard it said that retrograde planets don’t work well, but I don’t think that’s the case. I think they just work more internally, and that’s not bad, just different. In any case you work with what you’ve got. I think I’ll hug someone today.

Do you have retrograde planets in your chart? How do they express for you?

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  1. All of the outer planets, Saturn, and Mercury for me.

    Mercury retrograde doesn’t bother me. I apparently don’t have the problems that the rest of y’all do during times like this 🙂 And yeah, I prefer writing it out to having a crying hysterical conversation over the phone any time!

    Saturn retrograde is pretty nasty though, it’s just screaming in your head that you suck all the time.

    Beats me on the other three, but it’s generational there.

    1. You’re so right. I have Saturn retrograde too and that’s in my 6th house. It makes me feel at pressure all the time and I feel I can’t even work to my fullest because of that. I wish I knew something that could ease this pressure.

    2. My natal retrograde: Saturn 11house Sag ; Chiron 1st house Aquarius ; nibiru 3house Taurus – right now it is exact conjunction transiting nibiru. I’m feel like this is a karma clearing lifetime.

  2. What you said for Venus & Jupiter are right on for me Satori. I also really like that you said that rx planets are sometimes said to not work well, but instead you see it as they work internally (differently). I’ve been going with that same idea, especially since my two rx planets are venus & jupiter.

  3. With Jupiter retrograde conjunct my Ascendant I find that other people actually consider me extremely lucky. When you make your own luck and you have inside knowledge as to when it will strike.

  4. right on with MercRx.. and i’ve said it before, i can put into print anything i want, where as i’ve been fumbling over my spoken words my whole life; suppressing a mild stutter and never quite saying what i mean to say.

    any thoughts on chiron (or other asteroids) retrograde? i already think of him as an internal thing (your inner wound), so how would that play out? he holds the string on my kite (5th house, everything else between my 9th and 12th). i know he is important.. but he’s been one of the hardest influences for me to really pin down…

  5. Satori, I have Neptune and my true node retrograde with Saturn stationary. More info on that would be great. 🙂

  6. I only recently noticed Saturn (gemini) retro in my natal chart. But your description hit it dead on!
    My oldest son has Uranus, Neptune, Pluto in retro. Can’t say I’ve noticed the effects of that.

    The youngest has Merc (Aqua) and Mars (Leo) in retro. He holds stuff in and has trouble talking about things. He has a beautiful writing voice. Has since he was very young. I often try to encourage that. However, he didn’t learn to speak until he was nearly 3 and at that had to have some pretty intensive speech training. We called him the Alien, because that’s how he sounded! He is also an Aquarian Sun, which makes that nickname even more fitting…lol. But as for the Leo Mars, that’s interesting because he internalizes a lot and I’ve always said, if he doesn’t learn a healthy expression of his emotions he is going to explode or implode. We’ve been working pretty intensely on that since youth, however, through sports etc. At 16, he does recognize the problem, which is great. But it’s very interesting to see how the Merc retro and Mars retro contribute to that..for sure

    Excellent information Satori. Thanks!

  7. Rantares, I recently had a thing for a guy with a Neptune retrograde (husband and I were getting a divorce, I mean, it was a done deal and thankfully, we pulled it back…at least for now), and to boot, Saturn in the 12th conjunct the ascendant, yet he has very strong verbal intelligence. Very unfortunate for him. I spoke to him once on the phone and he seemed slightly stuttered, very stiff and extremely uncomfortable. I thought he just didn’t want to talk to me. I mean, I still do, but I wonder if this had more to do with it than I thought. And he’s got Venus and Mars in the fifth too…he could have such game if it weren’t for that placement.

  8. Rantares, I misspoke. My brain is going in too many directions at once. I meant the guy had a Mercury retrograde, not a Neptune retrograde.

  9. I have Saturn Rx in my 6th house, where it opposes Mercury (12th), and squares Neptune (3rd), quincunx Venus. Rx Saturn is a troublemaker in my chart, for sure.

  10. What about retrograde planets in the progressed chart? It’s not something I’ve studied much. Seems like it would be the same as in the natal chart, only temporary rather than life long…is that correct?


  11. @Nikkie.. i hate talking on the phone. only if it is a business conversation for which i can pretty much draw up a script in my head before hand.. or if it is someone i am extremely comfortable with in person. even then, i still get flustered.

  12. I understand, Rantares. 🙂

    So now I’m traumatized over here. Apparently I was born with Saturn direct and am living through a life-long progressed Saturn retrograde. Do I interpret that the same way as if I were born with one? Can anyone tell me? Thanks.

  13. 2 retrograde planets natally – same as satori – Mercury and Jupiter. Meh! I think they’re both great in my natal chart.

  14. whew, NikkiE! I wouldn’t worry too much about it. probably the most likely effect you’ll get about your progressed saturn is that you’re worried about it!

    progressed planets can progress into retrograde and retrograde planets can progress into direct motion. I have direct Scorpio Mars natally but it went retrograde soon after my birth so I have progressed retrograde Libra Mars. I will have that for the rest of my life unless I live a lot longer than I expect to. oh well, it’s just an added flavor to my mars. I have a harder time making decisions with the Libra flavor added to my scorpio. I can live with that.

    I mention it because it might give you an idea of how progressed planets deal with retrograde periods.

  15. I have a progressed retrograde Mars in Virgo that will be that way for the rest of my life too. Not much I can do about it! It’s my chart, my life, so I just deal with it.

  16. Satori, it was that lifelong Saturn retrograde thing that had me so wigged out. Fortunately, someone here under another thread convinced me that this is an area where one should really not let impersonal planets into the equation. I feel better now. 🙂

  17. “Mercury retrograde doesn’t bother me. I apparently don’t have the problems that the rest of y’all do during times like this.”

    Me neither. Instead, I end up fixing other people’s Mercury Retro problems. I wonder if Mercury Rx people would be overpresented among technicians, mechanics and such ?

  18. I have Mars retrograde (s.r.) aquarius and in 5th house, and it will retrograde (also in progressed chart) all my lifetime…

    I’m not sure , what this means…
    – maybe this:
    I don’t like sport too much, but I need exercising and try to workout anyway…

  19. I have venus retrograde, and your description fits. I would add that I am very concerned with internal health as a precursor to beauty–finding and maintaining internal balance both physically and emotionally, which then manifests externally as an easier creative flow.

    A professional strongsuit is as a creative thinker and instigator- I come up with the big, new ideas that others then implement. Being able to internalize a whole creative organism and really feel its parts definitely feels like retrograde venus (in 3rd house aquarius), whether it’s cooking, marketing, or advice to a friend.

  20. well for those who wish to have a test ‘subject’ or chart for this retrograde discussion..look no further than mine..i ve had 2 detailed astrologers give it a glance and not yield much on retro or what the synthesis of all mine means so alas 4/28/82 2:50 am MST SF, NM USA.. now intriguing enough ..i must say Satori all analysis was spot i have Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and a few other astro bodies like asteroids for a round of like 9…so needless to say I’m an internal mess or can create Mud with my cancer Moon .. so walla.. Mr. Retrograde haha

  21. Venus rx in Scorpio. I have absolutely no interest in bling, don’t get what they hype is about. I have it conjunct Sun – I tend to dress down to avoid men drooling at me like a piece of meat. I’m trying to change this, to accept the compliments.

  22. Natally, I have merc rx, and mars rx. I’ve got the progressed Saturn rx too. It kinda stood out to me too. meh.

  23. venus. but dang if i know. it’s aspecting a mess of things, so much i have a hard time seeing it with all the the heavyweights leaning on it. three of whom are retrograde, too…

  24. i’ve never been very big on girlienss or ruffles or coquettishness or whatever… but my venus is retro in aries.
    sort of a long slow exploration of what feels right about attracting what i want. and applying the force of venus… as in, but dang the girl can be manipulative. and the force is hard for me to rein, and does weird stuff all the time i never even noticed. and actively applying it i scary because i don’t want to feel like i’m… going to the dark side? it’s easy for venus to go to the dark side. just look at the trojan war…

  25. Avatar

    Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune are all retrograde in my Ascendant/1st house of Capricorn. Then Mercury is also retrograde in my Sun sign of Virgo.

    I’m 22 years old and I’ve had Shingles twice, Dr’s say it is caused by internal stress. Makes a whole lot of since when I put it that way.

    “People with natal Mercury retrograde often express themselves more clearly in writing as it gives an opportunity for self-editing before the communication turns outward.”

    I also have a minor in English and Journalism and a degree in Political Science. I am the poster child for Retrogrades and internalizing energy.

  26. I’ve had two people close to me recently who got shingles young. (((Katherine Bolinger))) it’s horribly painful! I’m so sorry!

  27. A good read, Satori. I too was taught the energy of Rx planets is internalized. Mercury and Jupiter Rx also in my chart. A chuckle at my Jupiter Rx — when I buy somebody a gift, of any type, I have to buy one for myself too.

  28. I have Uranus, pluto, Neptune & Venus retrograde in my birth chart. what does that say about me? I’ve read false statements on a few sites about this. thanks

  29. The more retrograde planets in a person’s chart generally points to an older soul at work within an incarnation! Why? Because older souls are more focused upon the internal work of dealing with “the self” as a necessary pretext to further soul evolution. These retrograde planets force a person to do inner development work in their lives, which isn’t easy the more planets that they have that are in retrograde.

    Newer or younger souls, in terms of their development and growth, are more fascinated still with the external lesson experiencies in the outer World that non-retrograde planets bring.

    1. Already the fourth (unless I forgot some) method, that I learn about and wants to determine old souls. Seems meanwhile quite arbitrarily to me. So I’d rather derive this from their opinions and actions than from their natal charts.

  30. Natal Mars RX in Pisces. It’s a very long story. It progressed direct years ago but it’s still a long story. I looked at it once and I think I will have to live to 96 to see Mars progress to Aries. That would be a hoot. A centurion on steroids.

  31. I have 6 planets retrograde (merc, mars, jup, nep, pluto, Uranus). I totally agree with Shane’s comment. I’m definitely an old soul and my entire life has been working on “self.” I’ve never partnered… even tho I’ve always wanted to. Wanted the relief/support that sharing your life can bring. The only people I can identify with are old souls as well. They’re fewer and far between. My journey has been one of struggle, pain – but I’ve been able to somehow channel that energy to achieve success beyond my wildest expectations. I’m deeply self aware. Love animals. Have many friends, but no one really knows me or has a clue of what I’ve been through. I hope this is my last physical experience.

  32. I have Rx Mars in Cancer, 4th House so that tends to amplify the Scorp Sun/Aqu Moon/Pis Rising dynamic.

    I have a bad habit of procrastination on projects, and I only favor direct confrontation when other options have been exhausted.

    I dislike acknowledging my feelings to others, especially those closest to me. (Due to the usual rough 4th house stuff)

    1. Aquarian Moon,I realized a few years ago that when Mars retrograded by transit that I actually felt like fixing things. Some of these were projects that had been on my mind but not placed at the top of my to-do list. Likewise, I schedule paper declutter for Mercury retro as I feel like going through old papers then. I wonder if Mars retro people have a knack for doing over what other people failed to do right the first time. If I found an appliance repair person who had that I would think of it as a plus.

  33. “People with natal Mercury retrograde often express themselves more clearly in writing as it gives an opportunity for self-editing before the communication turns outward.”

    True for me too. Although I had until now attributed it to my Saturn in Gemini and Three.

  34. I wonder if having a retrograde planet means that transits bring more internal than external effects? I have Saturn retro natally opposing my Sun and it seems like the returns and squares are storms of self-doubt. Like the challenge is to learn internal stability. Crises of confidence.

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