Saturn Transit The 10th House: Going from stupid to “up to speed”

bananasI’m pretty amazed I got control of my business and got this site fixed. It’s one of the biggest accomplishments of my life and damned near a miracle.

I am messing with my taxes now, trying to figure out just what the hell, while I continue to struggle to learn basic web stuff (like backing up the site, cloud storage and other things I pretty much loathe doing or even knowing about).

I can’t complain at this point. I’ve crested the top of the learning curve and while there is plenty more that I can and will learn, things are functioning both on the surface and behind the scenes…and it’s no longer on a hope and a prayer!

It’s definitely good to push to learn new things when you’re older. On that level, I’m grateful for these problems.

Next, I have to figure out what my family is going to do for insurance.  I also have to land my sister in Colorado and get her out of the 25-year-old contacts she’s wearing, along with the two pairs of reading glasses…maybe get her to the doctor for the first time since the early 1980’s.

After the hardship I’ve faced over the last year, I expect to sail by this other stuff. It’s personal and human, which is more in my realm.  How many error messages have I looked at this year? You don’t know want to know! They read like they’re written in Russian Pig Latin to me, so you can imagine the —– blank stare —–.

As for the astrology, Saturn is transiting my 10th house. I have to structure this stuff…my career and my family…so I’m doing it.

One thing about Saturn’s transit through the 10th is once it’s passed, it hits the 11th house next.  Wishes, hopes and dreams. I look forward to having those again. I won’t mind working on them!

What house is Saturn transiting in your chart? How’s it going?

And the graphic? That’s me describing my problems to technical people. 🙂

44 thoughts on “Saturn Transit The 10th House: Going from stupid to “up to speed””

  1. Well, it’s almost at the MC, so it will be transiting my 10th for a while. And my Sun conjunct Saturn, so I’ll have to think about my career, I guess. I was drawn out of my profession, due to circumstances, but I have an idea for a solo entrepreneur business, but I still have to plan. I’m Saturn’s child, so I always need a plan 🙂 But it’s also a drawback, because I’m hyper-aware of what might turn out badly. So I need to confront my fears (Saturn). You know, just that 😀

  2. In the 9th plus saturn return. I am delaying travel for half year now, because I am awaiting results from the university which are delayed.

  3. Mines transiting my 4th conjunct my natal neptune a double dose neptune hitting all my 7th house planets Chiron, Sun, Mars, Saturn, mercury … been laid up in bed for the past couple of days with flu …just feel drained and awful at the moment

  4. Just crossed into my 5th house a few days ago! I’m grateful that it is finally out of the 4th, but also a little nervous about what the 5th house might bring….

  5. In my 5th, too, for the last month. I feel like the 4th house transit took FOREVER and was tough on me emotionally. I had to confront a lot of unnecessary guilt, to say the least. So far the 5th house transit is okay; at the very start I felt pretty uninspired, but I feel a lot better now. Committing to my art, to my dancing, to structured fun.

    I really think you should be proud of yourself for all that you’ve accomplished here, Elsa. I am supposed to be super tech-savvy due to my relatively young age, but I’m actually not, and I admire anyone who can master this kind of stuff even if they dislike doing it and/or are intimidated by it. Reminds me that I can tackle things even if I’m intimidated by them. That’s always a good lesson. 🙂

    And that graphic absolutely cracked me up!!!!

  6. Saturn in the 10th. That was alot of work. Heavy heavy service. I get giddy thinking about saturn in the 11th. The 12th seems to be integrating while clearin out some old cobwebs.

  7. saturn is in my 5th house..I have felt very restricted during this time. my children are having various problems and I’m asked to help or get involved..but mostly feeling my movements are so restricted…fun is hard to come by..just work work work…no outlet to let loose.when saturn moves into sag it will be my 2nd saturn return…I’m thinking I will forget what the word fun even means by then.

  8. Saturn is going through my 10th as well. Thank you for putting a positive spin on this, Elsa. Since this is Saturn’s natural abode, I’m looking forward to making progress in my career.

  9. Saturn is transiting my 10th and your experiences with the blog and family mirror mine, so the banana description coulda come out of my mouth, too:) I get how sometimes he restructuring process is slow (and I have Leo squaring that Saturn natally … impatient old cat!) … nevermind “NO SHORTCUTS!” particularly at 66. So I love astrology for the huge picture and just keep eating curved yellow fruit.

    Love this angle, Ela! Will tie it into my menu.

    1. Mokihana, it’s like standing in front of the over and yelling, “Bake, motherfucker!” to a cake.

      Such a stupid thing to do, but it still crosses your mind. 🙂

  10. Saturn is in my 12th along with the stellium of sun, merc retrograde. I think the biggest pitfall is working too hard and taking myself so seriously, though I don’t know what choice I have. I know I need to lighten up, but…I’m in a serious phase right now, what can I say?

  11. Saturn is transiting my 11th. The last few days, reality regarding my hopes, wishes, and dreams hit me. No more pie in the sky. Seeing several things and also working in a non-pretentious but very successful place has changed my perspective.

    On the plus side, I am much more realistic in general, which helps a lot in determining what I want to do (since no more pie in the sky), and also, some of the nebulous fears have gone away.

  12. Saturn transiting the 8/9th cusp (scorpio) conjunct natal sun and mercury- pluto has been on top of my Capricorn venus for three years which also opposes my natal moon/saturn conjunction in cancer- a lot lonely, disilliuioned, a little battle worn, but in typical Scorpio fashion, I know this pile of ashes I have become will rise as the phoenix once again must to the chagrin of the haters in my life- I just can’t fucking stay dead and keep coming back stronger

  13. Transiting my 5th…..restructuring my life as I adjust (slowly over time) to being an empty-nester. Much to my surprise I am finding that I really do have a life of my own – something I kind of gave up when son #1 was born 25 years ago. And it’s fun!

  14. Sun , Saturn, Mercury and NN in the 10th house conjunct Mars and Saturn..
    I have not been recognized for anything or neither have I had a sun spark of energy in regards to my career but I am treading away with the same things I’ve been doing for years namely my invention, hobbies, now job, possibly going back to school for a Master’s, and music. I get so tired of marring my way through life. I have no car so I go virtually everywhere by foot and bus. Also, there are alot of restrictions that come with a lack of mobility and stable income. Does anyone have a clue as to what I should be doing? Not with life but I mean in aspects or regards to this natal and transits I have. Because I am just living day by day. Nothing too special. Well I have an opportunity to move out in December but I don’t want to take it bc of my local job, so we’ll see what happens.

    1. Everyone lives day to day or moment to moment, or so I think. You are just aware of it is all. Walkin and buses, you are makin me homesick for da citay.

  15. Almost done with my 2nd (just can’t wait for THAT day 😉 )! It’s been important for my self-esteem–I realize I’m more capable than I’d thought, it feels great. On the money front, though, it’s been hard: I do contracts, and for about 9 months this last year, there was nothing nothing nothing. I’ve been borrowing, which has felt awful. Still, it’s kicked my ass about being more grounded and realistic about money (2nd house Neptune too, Saturn just transited it). I’m psyched about Saturn going to my third soon, actually–I’m a writer who wants to write better.

  16. In my 10th. I would say it feels more like figuring out how it all works and actually it’s pretty simple. Not nice, not easy – but simple. I took years to realise this. The next question for me is, do you really want to be doing this once you’ve had your peep behind the curtain and seen the old man, (I suppose that’s Saturn), not the Wizard of Oz? Saturn really is a good teacher BTW – the sort who’ll tell you “You don’t belong in my classroom at all – there is something else you’re good at, and it’s not on my curriculum.”

  17. Mine, 8h, wavering on Saturn on top of my sun, nn & mercury for a couple of months now. Two months ago bought my first home and I am absolutely in love with it! Same day as escrow closed, walked in the office, on the feeling of above the clouds of new home ownership, to find everyone crying. While I had taken the morning off to sign papers, an out of the blue announcement was made that our office was closing in six months and we were all being transferred to the big city. Enter black cloud over my joy. Fast forward to two weeks ago, I put my resume out there and landed a new job within 20 min after interview. Close to my new home, no big city, black cloud poofed and shiny days back on my horizon. I am feeling very lucky to have two majors in my life work out in my favor in the same year. Just saying, a damn first for me, …ever….

  18. Right now, its’ transiting my 12th, but I’m one of those people with Saturn in the 10th, natally in Virgo. Career wise, it was always a struggle with brief periods of opportunity.

  19. Saturn in the 8th conjunct my natal moon in Scorpio. This is the worst I’v felt since my 1st saturn return. It’s pretty much emotional hell.

    1. Interesting . . . Frankenbrother’s moon in scorpio is conjunct my natal saturn. Emotional hell, yes. Good thing we said goodbye. Life don’t have to be that hard!

    2. oh dear, and his uranus is conjunct my moon in cancer. We were not meant to be. It comes in spades, he has a twin sibling. Ouch!! I get it now.

  20. 24 year old guy here
    with Aries Sun and Aqua rising

    Saturn going trough my 10th house right now. I’m realizing that I need a better paid job. I really like this one but I won’t be able to work it for much longer. I got offer for a better paid job so we shall see what will happen next. Saturn is currently making sextile to my natal Saturn(Capricorn). But it won’t reach my MC until it hits last degree of Scorpio where will experience a station. So this would be a very intense period for me. It will also opposite my natal moon in Taurus in the 4th house and I’m kinda worried about that. I hope that everything will turn out for the best. 🙂

  21. Saturn transiting my 10th: feels one of the worst transits ever.

    Saturn transited the 12th in my childhood was a very hard one, as was transit to 4th house when I was 18 and had a depression and suicidal thoughts.

    Now transiting the 10th, it’s like everything I do is blocked, restricted, frustated, depressed, nihilistic.

    All my hobbies are blocked through circuntances beyond me: can’t garden since i live in a place above the arctic circle, can’t hike since i have a chronic tendon problem, unhappy in my job and can’t do anything to change it because it’s in the hands of my superiors, can’t quit my job because of money problems, also my girlfriend wants to stay living here but she’s also unhappy but needs the money. Tried doing something new in my life like giving workshops, works fine but no money comes through. Also family problems back in my home country.

    Pluto conjuncting my natal Sun was not as worst, Saturn return was very peaceful too, why this one is so hard?

    No other terrible aspects. No transits of PLuto, Uranus or Neptune. No outer planets transiting angular houses. Why onlySaturn alone in the 10-4th house axis, feels so devastating and self-limiting?

  22. As soon as Saturn conjuncted Mid Heaven (and squared my Natal Saturn), I made a bunch of money, but my mom fell & was in the hospital, and my dad was in crisis with short term memory loss & his wife left him, so I had to go help him.

    It seems as if Saturn in the 10th house (for the second time), is coming into my power while my parents fade.

    1. Note to jezebelcrow – as long as you put your email address in the name field, your comments will go into moderation, rather than appearing on the site. I have to edit them manually, in order to post them…so if you’ll use just your name, that would be great. 🙂

      1. When saturn was transiting my 10th house it was conjuncting my pluto uranus conjunction and opposing my natal saurn in 4 th house. I experienced it like a saturn return. My experience is also related to another tread “have you lost 10 years of your life? When I look back my saturn return was so easy, I did not grow up. I did not realize how important my career for me. After 35 and having a baby I realized that I wasted my life. I started building a career. It was not bad only that I kept wishing I were at this point when I was 10 years younger. Since than I have been working so hard to build my carrer. Saturn is on my scorp stellium in 12th right now and very close to my ascendant. After the struggling of Last t two years I have a substantial career right now, but it could have been much better if I acted during my saturn return instead of waiting until saturn was in 10th. During my 11 th house I lost a lot of friends. Now I am much lonelier but seeking better intellectual fit friendships.

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